Sad to see this. Wishing peace to everyone who was a part of his life and to him.

Robert Downey Jr. Mourns Late Assistant Jimmy Rich: 'Supported Every Step of My Recovery'-

The gaslighting of got old quick the last 4 years.

Pres. Biden: "We have failed to properly invest in infrastructure for half a century."

"Last four years...I got so tired of hearing 'Infrastructure Week.' Nothing happened."

@Cindyjosaitis It's pretty easy to get a shot now, but just three weeks ago, people were still scrambling to get appointments in a lot of the country. So it's really not that surprising that people haven't caught up. If people got their first shot the first week that they were available to the general public in many states, they're not due for their second shot until next week. Or if they got Moderna, not until the week after. I was in a priority group and I still only got mine a few days before everyone in the country was eligible on April 19th. There's been a lot of confusion about who is eligible and what has been available, and if you crossed state lines, that changed. I could have traveled from Virginia to New Jersey in about three hours and my eligibility would have changed six times during that last week before April 19th. Or gone the other way, New Jersey to New Hampshire, hit five more states, and five more sets of rules.

Did someone let the former guy nab the RNC credit card?

Almost $44,000 in fraudulent charges made on Republican National Committee credit card-

@TonyStark Thank you for keeping us informed about things we can do! I appreciate it.

Today, voting rights are under attack nationally as Republican state legislators introduce and pass laws to put up barriers to participation in our elections.

We see it in the news every day. However, Americans are coming together to fight back. 

Sign up for a May 8 day of action to demand the passage of the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, D.C. Statehood, and to address one of the greatest obstacles to the passage of civil and voting rights – the filibuster.

Find an event near you or sign up for the virtual event. :CTA:

We know that the key to getting back to normal is getting most people vaccinated. As of today, about 44.7% of the total American population (55.6% of eligible Americans 16+) have been vaccinated.

Vaccine hesitancy isn't necessarily the problem. As this Vox author explains, the people who have already been vaccinated are the most enthusiastic. Lopez compares us (and users are overall excited about getting our ) to those who buy a new iPhone the day it comes out. But then the demand drops. Eventually other people buy one too, when they get around to it.

I signed up for a vaccine as soon as I could, and when my J&J shot was cancelled, went two counties away for the Pfizer I could get instead. A lot of people can't or won't go to that effort, but will get their shot if it's convenient. Vaccines need to be made convenient so we can save lives and return to normal.

Seeing high percentages of Americans vaccinated has been heartening, but always bittersweet because we don't live in an insular world. I live in a large cosmopolitan city where I know people from every continent who worry about family in their home countries. This instance is USA-based, but we have fediverse friends from all over and I am glad to see vaccination rates increasing elsewhere. Whether you worry about covid spread in other countries because you care about people you love, because you care about people in general, or because you care about variants coming to your own country, high vaccination rates in other parts of the world are good news.

@MariaHill @TonyStark If I may, knowing a bit about Collins and Maine, we’ll have to convince someone else. With her re-election, Susan knows she’s at the peak of her prestige and influence in Maine. She’ll run the malarkey below for years.

@TonyStark What would it take to get a Republican senator out of a seat in a state where a Democrat would appoint an interim senator? Does Susan Collins want to be an ambassador?

Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

The world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change: we’re all part of one big family.► Watch Marvel on Disney+:

It is un-American. It's also anti-democratic.

DeSantis is afraid that he can't win the governor's race in Florida (and therefore, lose his shot at President, 2024) so he has to suppress the vote of the majority which he suspects will not vote for him.

Republicans are intent on voter suppression because they have no agenda for the people. They would have to run against reducing child poverty and helping middle American families and other popular Democratic policy, so they are resorting to whatever means possible, democracy be damned.

Not only do we need to pass federal voter protection laws but we also need to track down every creator and supporter of these anti-voting bills and run and support candidates to remove every one from office.

Florida gov signs GOP voting law critics call 'un-American'-

DeSantis has said new restrictions are needed to shore up election security which isn't a problem and already exists. This is voter suppression.

This is their lie, which they repeat over and over again to justify their voter suppression. They make it sound as though there are no laws, nothing is being enforced and everyone is registering as Donald Duck and Mary Poppins in order to vote 20 times. It's ridiculous. They know they are losing and determined to change the rules in order to keep power. It won't work.

@TonyStark @AgentCarter_SSR
Old SSR Agent: “Better tell Agent Flynn to stay in his office today fellas!”

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