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Ever try to call your state, local or federal officials and get that dreaded busy signal? Are you a night owl who isn't awake and coherent during daytime business hours? Have social anxiety that makes phone calls difficult? Hard of hearing but still want to make your voice heard?

Try ResistBot! Just text RESIST to 50409, answer a few questions and the bot will pinpoint the official(s) you're trying to contact. Text as much or as little as you like to convey your message and ResistBot will send it as a fax that pops up right in your official's office!

You can send messages with ResistBot anytime, any place. On a noisy bus or train? In line at the store? Waiting in a doctor's office? You can still voice your opinions to your state, local and federal officials!

It's been a favourite tool of mine for many years!

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When things aren't crazy around here at DTown, we do occasionally like to talk Marvel& other fandoms. We do have a rule though for new movie/tv episode releases. Not everyone can watch a show/movie right off the bat when it releases. We ask that any posts on new fandom content be done with a CW(content warning) so those that want to enjoy spoiler free viewing can do so.
The general rule for CW posts is:

One week from release for new show episodes.
One month from release for new movies.

With all the new residents moving into DTown, and a Marvelous summer ahead, I thought it best to put out a reminder. Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to all the new faces in the neighbourhood here at Democracy Town!
I'm Peggy. I missed the initial influx of new accounts, but if I can help anyone get settled in, feel free to ask questions.

It's been mentioned a few times I think but two things I highly recommend:

  1. Follow our excellent Admin& Mod staff: Tony, Maria, Steve, Peter& MJ work hard to keep us all in the know, both about site news and activism.

  2. Take a few minutes to read
    It should give you an idea of who we are, what the instance is about, and our Code of Conduct

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Does your state offer ?

As of April 2021, 39 states and the District of Columbia permitted no excuse early voting. Another five states utilized all-mail voting systems, eliminating the need for early voting.

In-Person Early Voting has already started in many states! Avoid the crowds and find a time convenient for you!

Sorry, but Koch & cronies are going in to fund whoever is willing to cut corporate taxes, cut entitlement programs, cut green energy programs, increase big oil and gas corporate profits, and cut useful regulations.

Koch Network Vow to Wage a 2024 Fight Against Trump:

The Republicans use culture war propaganda as a distraction.

Without health insurance, most people would be bankrupt with a single hospitalization.

But that’s what Republicans want. One party is out to help most people. The other is dead set against them.

Opinion When Republicans rant about ‘socialism,’ remember the Affordable Care Act-

@TonyStark Of course that’s what Republicans want. Poor people will work for less money that way. Hope the Republican voters who apparently are relying on the ACA are paying attention.

@MJ @TonyStark But their racism is way more important to them than their healthcare or wages. It defines them.

@TonyStark @MJ To me the other key factor here is that the 1% - which is the Rs only true constituency - can pay for platinum healthcare out of pocket. They have no interest in affordable healthcare for all except in keeping it from denting their outsized wallets.

@TheRealBozoTClown @TonyStark No question. They only want good things for the top top and nobody else. Yet the people they take things from who vote for them mistakenly think they’re one tax cut from being in the 1%. The Republican Party has a real investment in never letting those people get there.


It's sad to say, but two of my siblings residing in Texas due to their age, and employment status - not being eligible for company health plans that require full time employment - have both had to live without any insurance at all. They're in that "in-between" age where they're beyond their prime working years, but not old enough for Medicare - and just can't afford it.

It's a bad situation, especially because this is when they likely need coverage the most.

My daughter on the other hand was able to qualify immediately for great coverage from WA state's expanded Medicaid program when she was working part time at minimum wages and barely able to make ends meet.

This is a good illustration of what Democrats can do when they're in charge. Republicans spend all their time talking down the very things that can help average people the most.

@KentNelson @TonyStark
I'm in that age group and will probably be losing my health coverage for my heart condition now since the red state I live in will curtail the medicaid expansion. The GOP is certainly NOT pro-life.


I don't have any personal friends who are Republicans, but over the years I've had colleagues who obviously do not share my political views and I end up networking with people from other parts of the country.

I'll never forget the people advising each other not to buy real insurance and instead to buy into some Christian scheme in Texas that was indeed a type of insurance (pool their money, pay for each other's care), just not one that had any oversight but its own or would have met government criteria for what coverage is.

No thanks, I'll go with the one where the feds or state tell them they have to cover my care, even if sometimes we have to fight them to actually get it covered. I'm guessing the Christian insurance isn't paying for full spectrum reproductive care.

@Meeche @TonyStark

@KentNelson @TonyStark

The VA saved my life, otherwise I would not be here.

Medicare for All is needed for everyone, not connected to insurance and jobs?

@Piousunyn @TonyStark

I have to agree. I think your story plays out every day. It's also the case in Texas that even getting on at the VA is tough, not to mention finding treatment; and sometimes otherwise eligible people who have served in the armed forces run into medical problems before or even while they're in the process of getting through all of the bureaucracy; leaving them in emergency rooms with no insurance and with doctors who may be reluctant to provide the care they need.

@TonyStark Here's one. This isn't an ACA plan. There's an early paragraph that's a bit misleading. It says that 1 in 7 claims are denied and then gives the figure of ACA plan denials that aren't appealed.

We need more socialized health care, not less.

The United States government funds the development of drugs, then the drug companies turn around and make huge profits on them. If they decide your treatment is too expensive, they can deny it and try to make you pay out of pocket like they did with Christopher McNaughton. He was facing nearly a million dollars of denied claims for his ulcerative colitis and a lapse in his care could have left him with no treatment that would have worked. UnitedHealthcare kept denying his claims and decided to pay for a drug that was four times the cost of the original one his doctors wanted because it matched their arcane rules.

Medicare for All won't solve everything but it would be an improvement.

@TonyStark and it has always been thus. Republicans railed against social security as socialism, Medicare as socialism, basically any advance for workers and the middle class-all of it was labeled socialism. Republicans brainwashed middle class Americans into thinking they were on their side when in reality they couldn’t give a damn about them…except as servants to support their lifestyle.

@Flag59 @TonyStark My daughter and her family live in #Wisconsin. The politics of that state are important to me, even though I live far away. #WisconsinElections


Looks like a good bill. Would like to see a lot more of this nationwide.


“In 2022, Democrats did not lose control of a single state legislative chamber, a huge feat in a midterm election year for the party occupying the White House. In addition, Democrats flipped legislative chambers in Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. Early signs indicate that Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party is particularly energized and ready to use its new trifecta control to improve voting access in the North Star State.”

Very important.

With the turnover in Minnesota’s state legislature from Republican-controlled to Democrat-controlled in the last election comes a plan to expand voter rights and put campaign finance into the hands of the people.

Acts like this are just one of the many reasons why elections do matter and who you choose to represent you does, too.

If you live in Minnesota, tell your state representative to support and co-sponsor this bill. If you don’t, help spread the word and look for bills like this to support in your own state. If there aren’t any, find some fellow organizers.

Minnesota’s Democracy for the People Act Unpacked/Democracy Docket-

HF 3 Status in the House for the 93rd Legislature (2023 - 2024)-

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