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Ever try to call your state, local or federal officials and get that dreaded busy signal? Are you a night owl who isn't awake and coherent during daytime business hours? Have social anxiety that makes phone calls difficult? Hard of hearing but still want to make your voice heard?

Try ResistBot! Just text RESIST to 50409, answer a few questions and the bot will pinpoint the official(s) you're trying to contact. Text as much or as little as you like to convey your message and ResistBot will send it as a fax that pops up right in your official's office!

You can send messages with ResistBot anytime, any place. On a noisy bus or train? In line at the store? Waiting in a doctor's office? You can still voice your opinions to your state, local and federal officials!

It's been a favourite tool of mine for many years!

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When things aren't crazy around here at DTown, we do occasionally like to talk Marvel& other fandoms. We do have a rule though for new movie/tv episode releases. Not everyone can watch a show/movie right off the bat when it releases. We ask that any posts on new fandom content be done with a CW(content warning) so those that want to enjoy spoiler free viewing can do so.
The general rule for CW posts is:

One week from release for new show episodes.
One month from release for new movies.

With all the new residents moving into DTown, and a Marvelous summer ahead, I thought it best to put out a reminder. Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to all the new faces in the neighbourhood here at Democracy Town!
I'm Peggy. I missed the initial influx of new accounts, but if I can help anyone get settled in, feel free to ask questions.

It's been mentioned a few times I think but two things I highly recommend:

  1. Follow our excellent Admin& Mod staff: Tony, Maria, Steve, Peter& MJ work hard to keep us all in the know, both about site news and activism.

  2. Take a few minutes to read
    It should give you an idea of who we are, what the instance is about, and our Code of Conduct

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Does your state offer ?

As of April 2021, 39 states and the District of Columbia permitted no excuse early voting. Another five states utilized all-mail voting systems, eliminating the need for early voting.

In-Person Early Voting has already started in many states! Avoid the crowds and find a time convenient for you!

@michel I know some Australians who are very happy to see Morrison out of office!

Remember when Ashley Parker was a columnist you could take seriously?

We should all be pushing for better gun control, but I happen to know it isn't Democrats blocking legislation across the country and filling lawsuits against it where it does exist.

What if Biden’s destiny wasn’t social safety net issues, but sticking up for Ukraine, against Russia, and strengthening NATO and EU. Imagine if Trump was still in power. I tend to believe this was his calling.



He should have never sat on the bench. He was a slime bucket from the word Go. The only person more disgraceful than he to occupy that bench in my memory is INjustice Kavanaugh.

"This party is full of fascinating people!"
"So who might you be?"
"I'm an International Being of Mystery."
"Don't you mean 'International Man of Mystery'?"
"Giving away both gender and species? Then what mystery would remain?"
"Ah, saying that tells so much!"
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

@TonyStark When my son was little and I was single, I often worked jobs where the pay barely covered my childcare. We lived in various states of homelessness until he was 6 and I married my husband. The whole time I wondered where those fine people who guilted me into carrying my pregnancy were.

They absolutely don’t care about children or breeders. They don’t even care about fetuses. They care about controlling people’s bodies.

I don't think that many people take it seriously enough, no, including a large part of the media covering current events and an overall avoidance approach exhibited by many. I have hope, however.

@MariaHill @SteveRogers it says something about the Air Force that they gave him a master's degree for it


Can you imagine the self-loathing that must be present to be not only a woman, but a Black woman, and willfully be a member of a party that actively seeks to dehumanize you, take away your control over your own body, and make it harder for you to vote.

Is the desire for a tiny bit of power, or a desperate need to be given a pat on the head from scum like Donald Trump, that strong? Do people like Karamo or Clarence Thomas or Tim Scott think that when they leave a room, the Republicans remaining aren't laughing their rears off at them?


@TonyStark By the way, Natasha Lyonne was wearing a mask at the end of the SNL finale that said β€œMY BODY MY CHOICE” ❀️ her!

It was an unusually good, funny show, actually:

@Tberry @Sunspot @TonyStark
Yes, I agree. Ranked Choice voting is probably the best way to reform American democracy for the better.

@JohnJClimateMarcher @ericireland @TonyStark not only do you pay for Fox even if you don't watch it, you likely pay more for it than other 24/7 news stations

So, are there any services in the US that carry most of the usual channels without paying the Murdoch tax?

I just checked Sling and now *both* Orange and Blue list Faux Spews

This article lists some providers:

While I generally don't watch TV the rest of the family does ...


At this point, I think the GOP should be forced to rename itself,
"Star-Spangled ISIS"

@TonyStark According to the article, this is what a Republican who isn't pleased with the direction of the party says about the current crop of candidates who want to steal elections: β€œCrazy is powerful, and it doesn’t get tired.”

Karamo (if she wins) in Michigan, Mastriano in Pennsylvania, whichever Republican wins in Georgia this week – Democrats must vote against them in November.

It seems like an essy call to vote for Jocelyn Benson. A couple of Republicans, according to the article, are disappointed with her for trying to expand the vote, but I'd say that's a good thing. Β 

The Republicans blocked some form of legislation to get more baby formula, basically they didn't want to spend 28 mil to keep babies alive πŸ€” interesting how they really don't care at the end of the day and it's all about control

@GreenFire @Tberry @Sunspot @TonyStark

I've been seeing Democrats active for years. the idea of weakness is a mix of media and people who complain as opposed to getting involved. Merely LOOK at Biden and Ukraine for success.

Its why we have to get very loud and visible and active.

If you're using the official Mastodon app, you can now view your server's Local timeline:

1.Click πŸ” "Search" at the bottom

2. Click on the "Community" tab at the top

The Local timeline shows all the public posts by people on that server. It works best on small, themed servers, and helps you find interesting posts and people.

On larger servers like, the Local timeline will be an unreadable firehose though.

You can look at other servers' local timelines on their websites (more info at

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #LocalTimeline #MastodonApp

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