"'The truth is, we’re still in the emergency phase of the pandemic, and everyone who is downplaying that should probably take a tour of a hospital before they do,' Jeremy Faust, an emergency physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Massachusetts, told me."

People have died, and will, because they cannot get not-so-elective procedures like colonoscopies and so forth, due to the overloaded healthcare system.

Most of the people clogging it up are anti-vaxxers. The anti-vax attitude depletes our mutual sense of community, as much as their long denial will continue to deplete our resources. People like NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers declare that "they have done their research" on COVID, as though sifting through internet trash is equivalent to years of scientific expertise in extraordinarily difficult fields like virology and immunology.

It's everyone's responsibility to do their part to end this. Period.

COVID-Hospitalization Numbers Are as Bad as They Look:


Whenever someone tells me they have 'done the research' on COVID and the vaccines I congratulate them on all the years of hard work and study they must have done to get their doctorate. Then ask them if was in virology or epidemiology, what school(s) they got their doctorate from and why they didn't invite me to their graduation party.

That usually ends the conversation with a huff& some retort that includes the word 'smartass' somewhere within.

@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
Perhaps we should use the same process when encountering blinkered views around racism, economics, religion, political ideology, refugees, climate change...

@LearnTribe @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
Google "experts" that "Do their own research" are a stain on humanity. Disinformation and propaganda are too easy to disseminate to expect rational human behaviour to ever become the norm again I fear.

@GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
One of the agendas I'm pushing at work is to require all students to take a course on critical thinking as part of their graduate attributes - the "soft skills" they gain in addition to what they study.
It's a small step but important, that everyone should be able to recognise fake news, bias, propaganda, and misleading data, and question everything.

That would make a big difference because wow, are way too many people lacking that skill.
@GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR

@TonyStark @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR
Trouble is, the people that need it most are the last to seek it out. Same for courses on equality, diversity, racial awareness, etc. The usual suspects attend workplace training while the bigots just ignore it.

@TonyStark @LearnTribe @AgentCarter_SSR
There has definitely been disinformation and propaganda well before the internet. It probably goes back to homo sapiens' ancestors. Society needs to start demanding accountability and imposing it themselves via cancel culture on those responsible for the damage caused from spreading disinformation like e.g. cnbc.com/2022/01/14/experts-co

@GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
I think this has been building since long before the internet was widespread. The web changed the speed and scale of the problem, but newspapers and TV channels have been pushing specific ideologies for decades, independent media has been bought out at every opportunity until almost all is in the control of a handful of right-wing corporate billionaires.

@LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark I can remember what passed for received wisdom fifty years ago, and it was woeful. People said things like "I needed to have that bad cold to clear my system out" — which (PSA) is gibberish. I remember being told by my grandfather than I should always wear shoes to avoid getting a cold in my feet. And he was serious.

All that's changed is that people have more reach now, and the Wakefields and Mercolas are making more money from it.


@LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark Going back 100, maybe 150 years, before we had modern consumer laws, many of the patented remedies people used to buy were either worthless or actively harmful. Miracle Mineral Solution is just the latest in a long and dishonourable line of quack remedies.


@markusl @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark One of Trump's "big ideas" regarding Covid resulted from a meeting with the quack who sells "autism cures" to gullible parents. Just another snake oil salesman getting rich from people stupid enough to take bleach rectally - though he should be in jail for encouraging people to pin down their kids to take his "miracle treatments".

@LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark I can't come up with a punishment bad enough for someone who'd do that — and it's not just the physical harm today, but also the psychological damage inflicted on the children and the breakdown of the relationship with their parents when they look back and realise what was done to them.

Child abuse 

@markusl @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
There was a massive coverup at BBC, celebrity paedophile ring groping & having sex with minors who came to see the shows. People who tried to whistleblow were sacked & barred from working in the industry. Nobody from management has ever been held accountable for letting it happen even although they knew. A few abusers have done some prison time.
Power & privilege. Sick.

Child abuse 

@LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark Are you thinking of Jimmy Savile? He was a prolific child abuser, whose crimes were rumoured for decades but not taken seriously until after his death.

He was posthumously stripped of his OBE, and his headstone was removed and destroyed. But, yes, he was never punished during his lifetime.

Child abuse 

@LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark Wikipedia says I'm wrong, and Savile's OBE was not removed posthumously, because it had already expired upon his death:


I stand corrected.

Child abuse 

@markusl @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
To get an OBE in the first place requires a lengthy vetting process - a previous boss of mine got one and had to keep it secret for months while they ran background checks.
It's inconceivable that nobody raised the possibility that Savile was tainted - unless those with influence made it clear nothing negative was to be found.

Child abuse 

Unfortunately, I can say I've witnessed things being ignored or suppressed that are extremely disturbing because of a person's donations, connections, or outright bribery in government entities.

On another note, what do you think about people who've rejected the OBE?
@markusl @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR

Child abuse 

@TonyStark @LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR

Depend on Wikipedia for a list of them! 😄


They seem to have had a wide variety of reasons, from a distaste for empire to dissatisfaction at not being offered a knighthood.

BTW, what's the usual etiquette? Should we remove the CW now that the subject has moved on?

Child abuse 

@TonyStark @markusl @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR
Rejecting the "honour" is rare, usually a point of principal such as wanting independence from UK or believing the monarchy should be abolished. I suspect several suggested names are quietly dropped each year when they discover the person isn't "their kind of people"
I have great respect for anyone who rejects the title - the age of chivalrous knights is dead.

Child abuse 

@LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark I get the impression that child sexual abuse wasn't taken as seriously then as it is now. It's possible that rumours of a fondness for under-age girls were seen as a price worth paying for Savile's charity work.

It seems incredible from our perspective that anyone could make that decision — could fail to appreciate the profound damage that child sexual abuse does to its victims and the lifelong suffering that it causes.

Child abuse 

@markusl @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
Yes, autocorrect added an extra l to his name.
None of his bosses were ever punished even though evidence came to light that they buried evidence of what he and his friends were doing, sometimes on set - they were even captured on camera during broadcasts!

Yep, people are saying things like this now, but it's Bret Stephens in yesterday's New York Times implying we should all go to omicron parties like the great (not at all) chicken pox parties of days past.

This junk kills people.

@LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR

@TonyStark @LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR

Why would anyone want to publish that in a world-famous newspaper? Why would anyone be *allowed* to?

@TonyStark @LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR I mentioned a while back that harmful and fraudulent remedies are nothing new. If you don't already know the story of how radon gas was once touted as a cure for all sorts of problems, this is worth five minutes:


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