"The challenge is that the treatment for an abortion and the treatment for a miscarriage are exactly the same," said Dr. Sarah Prager, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington in Seattle and an expert in early pregnancy loss.

The new Texas abortion laws are putting the lives and health of women at risk. Doctors& pharmacists are now hesitant to treat women who have suffered a miscarriage, denying or delaying their care.
One in ten pregnancies end in miscarriage. Dangerous excessive bleeding and/or sepsis will result in the deaths or serious healthcare issues for many of those women in Texas.

But hey, they're only women and probably mostly poor ones at that, right?
Texas is NOT 'pro-life'. We'll be seeing more of these problems nationwide when Alito scraps Roe v Wade& Republicans ban abortion nationwide.

In Texas, abortion laws inhibit care for miscarriages

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@AgentCarter_SSR Two women close to me lost a pregnancy as described in this article. Both in places and times where the full range of medical options was immediately available for their treatment. I can’t imagine a society where the good care they were given, is no longer legal for everyone. I’ll be thinking of them at the Denver State Capitol tomorrow, assembled with those who wish to protect the choices of all.

@AgentCarter_SSR It's ok. No biggie. Sepsis & hemorrhage & death are small prices to pay so that strangers can feel powerful. 😭🀬😭🀬😭 (obviously, this is sarcasm)

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