Seriously, is there anything the Trump administration didn't fail miserably at through sheer incompetence or simply steal?

It's hard to know which one happened here, but possibly even both.

Trump adminsitration and USAID donated ventilators for the coronavirus but now no one knows where they are, watchdog finds-

Joe Biden getting high marks from Elizabeth Waren, Bernie, & AOC on making smart moves, working hard, & keeping promises.

During a planned Coup, with no transition.

I'm not hearing any apologies from the militant, progressive Biden doubters, who said it won't matter.

It did.👍

Be Bold, Biden!!!

You won.
You won by millions of votes.
The voters need support in the form of cash, debt forgiveness, eviction prohibitions, free vaccinations, universal health care, anti-discrimination policies, defunding the the police—and funding anti-recidivism investment, decriminilization of recreational drugs anti-addiction assistance.
It’s not a handout.
It’s our money.
It’s our resources.
Make it happen.
F_ _ k the republicans.
Make it happen.
Make. It. Happen.

These kinds of actions for immediate help and assistance to millions in need are exactly what Joe Biden campaigned on.

Thank you, Mr. President for putting the millions of hurting and desperate Americans who are hanging by a thread first instead of last, or possibly not even an afterthought.

Biden Plans Executive Action to Expand Food Stamps and Speed Stimulus Checks:

The President’s latest executive orders include an effort to protect employees who fear for their safety from coronavirus infection at work-

Everyone needs to be clear about what this means. Their blind loyalty to Trumpism is still so great that even threat to their own lives won't shake it. They can never be expected to care about yours.

Not prosecuting would send a message (the wrong message) that would reverberate around the world. We need to show that our laws have consequences to all citizens, including elected officials.

Call your Senators and tell them we are watching. They'll be held accountable, too.

GOP senators say only a few Republicans will vote to convict Trump-

@TonyStark Five or six Republicans appear to have a spine today. Let's see if any do when the trial happens. What a joke of a political party.

Replace every single one who is up for election in 2022, and not with another Republican.

I'm not wincing when turning on the news?
Reports on sane policies?
Did I see an informative press conference?

Well, this is new.🤣🌹🥂

There's been lots of talk about "moving forward" and “healing" among Republicans. Here's how to help if you're sincere.

1. Say out loud that America had a free and fair election in November. Point out that Republicans won on the same ballots as Democrats.

2. Acknowledge that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election and will be President and Vice President. Say that, for the good of the country, you wish them the best.

3. Show you understand that on Wednesday the U.S. Capitol and legislative branch of our government was violently attacked by right-wing domestic terrorists. This may not be your fault (unless you are Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, or one of the others who helped incite this attack) but you can make a huge difference by condemning it.

4. Urge all people to stay away from and not participate in violent demonstrations in Washington D.C. and state capitols so that we can honor the peaceful transfer of power that is the hallmark of our democracy.

Thanks in advance.

What is despicable is that only 10 Republicans had the decency to do the right thing. When history books are written, they will tell of the collapse of the Republican ideal. They're already out of holding the White House and Senate and they failed to take back the House.

Here's the most ridiculous quote, from Lindsey Graham:

“It is a rushed process that, over time, will become a threat to future presidents."

I'm pretty sure future presidents can avoid this threat by, you know, not leading an insurrectionist mob to overturn the results of our election.

House impeaches Trump with 10 Republicans joining, but Senate plans unclear -


No American president ever deserved impeachment more. And in this case, I think he deserved it even more the second time around.

We see that the oath to the Constitution means nothing to them.

Imagine being so privileged that you get to hold a seat and speak in front of Congress and think you're being censored.

This is another reason why the attack needs a full investigation, with public testimony.

Director of Army Staff disputes Capitol Police chief account of National Guard deployment | TheHill

I agree with AOC. There can be no healing without accountability. Impeach t _ _ _ p again! Do it now!

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