There were two other Arizona propositions that are worth mentioning in the context of this piece. Arizona voters rejected a move to make voter identification much more onerous and they approved a campaign finance reform initiative.

The people who worked hard and followed through on this initiative skillfully threaded the needle for a common sense measure on a polarized battlefield. Kudos to that strategy and cheers to the Dreamers.

Educating the members of one’s community is a core part of a successful, healthy society. If one wants to value the lives of the young in particular, education must be part of it.

It’s good to see that most Arizona voters value common sense. Voting matters. It always does.

We lost in-state tuition. Here's how we won it back for all:

* Georgia WIN List
* Georgia Working Families Party
* Georgia Youth Justice Coalition
* Indivisible Georgia Coalition
* Migrant Equity Southeast
* New Georgia Project
* Power the Vote
* Rep GA
* SONG Power
* We Vote. We Win.
* Women Engaged
* Young Democrats of Georgia

Many of these organizations also have volunteer opportunities available especially on the ground if that’s possible. Help and donate if you can or help spread the word about how to volunteer or vote on December 6th for Warnock. 3/3

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* Common Cause Georgia
* Democratic Party of Georgia
* Democratic Party County Committees
* Environmental Voter Project
* Fair Fight Action
* Georgia Alliance for Progress
* Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda
* Georgia Conservation Voters Action Fund
* Georgia Equality
* Georgia Muslim Voter Project


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Raphael Warnock’s Senate runoff race (Dec 6) is once again a critical one for the entire country and Georgians. Help him and them win again by supporting these Georgia-based organizations.

These are organizations doing critical election work right now across the state specifically to get out the vote for the runoff with a special emphasis on organizations that focus on and are led by women and people of color. Even a small donation will make a difference. These are the people on the ground who know how to get out the vote.

* 1000 Women Strong
* ACLU of Georgia
* Albany Voter's Coalition
* America Votes Georgia Runoff Fund
* Asian American Advocacy Fund
* Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta
* Black Voters Matter Fund 1/3

It really goes to show you who Republicans are that almost all Congressional Republicans (once again) do not denounce white supremacist extremism in society as a whole let alone denounce the depraved extremism of their party’s own members. Omission is complicity in the violence and especially in the rhetoric that leads to it.

Congressional Republicans were largely silent after POLITICO revealed Donald Trump dined with white supremacist Nicholas Fuentes:

It proves our long held point that Trump isn't the whole problem. Republicans as a whole are.

This piece is a couple of weeks old, but I think it’s important to pay attention to.

In Republican-controlled states where they can get away with it, the urban areas are split up through gerrymandering to basically disenfranchise the city dwellers. Nashville is a prime example.

You’re talking about one of the largest metro areas of the country and because of gerrymandering, its congressional representation is gone. It’s not democracy.

Republican-Led Congressional Redistricting Leads to 'District Misassignment' in Nashville | Pith in the Wind |

@TonyStark @PeppermintTwist it’s because they know that people will vote them out. If we had an actual functioning, federal government, they could probably take care of gerrymandering and voter suppression

The changing of the guard for the Democratic party as the top three House leader positions are being turned over is reflective of progress. The Republican party on the other hand are only going backwards. Over the next two years they are going to show Americans that they cannot lead.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi stepped aside, as did her lieutenants, Steny Hoyer of Maryland and James Clyburn of South Carolina. Assuming all goes as planned, the average age of the Democrats’ House leadership trio will plummet from 82 to 51 years old.”
Why House Democrats Have Fallen in Line and Republicans Haven’t -

If you're a Georgia voter living overseas, please consider couriering your ballot back if you can afford it. The deadlines are incredibly tight, and this is a postal state:

ACLU GEORGIA offers voter info and early voting dates at their website for the runoff election for US Senator. Check it out.

There’s early voting going on now and the link has the information for every county in Georgia.

Please try to vote early for the December 6 election if you can.

And while we’re on that, please vote for Raphael Warnock.

Herschel Walker is unfit to lead. His party no longer supports democracy or women’s rights and well, we just don’t support that around

Raphael Warnock has proven he’s there to work for the people of Georgia.

Voter Resource Center 2022 - ACLU of Georgia:

Let's all encourage, inspire, and motivate our friends in Georgia to get back to the polls and vote in the Georgia Runoff Elections.

Early voting begins tomorrow, Saturday November 26 and ends Friday, December 2. Many counties have early voting available now. Election Day is on December 6.

So many races this year are coming down to a small amount of votes between the totals for each candidate. Georgia voters, your vote counts. :ga: :vote:

Here's where to find voting information.

I Will Vote

Good read.

“Since research has found that low-income people, minorities, and mothers are more likely to take part in Black Friday sales than other groups, they bear the brunt of this criticism, a combination of classism, racism, and sexism.”

Why criticism of Black Friday shoppers is wrong -

@TonyStark Republicans can't do anything that requires effort toward the public interest, especially with the yahoos they're putting in charge.

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