Can we get some math on how much the top 1% has spent on their carnival rides to space with their unpaid tax dollars versus how much money has gone to changing families' lives? Any articles want to cover that?

Child tax credit tussle reflects debate over work incentives -

@BruceBanner The most surprising is, after all this press about the uber-rich flying to space, Democrats STILL can't pass increased taxes on them. And you STILL hear conservatives talking about the problems of redistributing wealth - as if them becoming uber-rich weren't a more insidious redistribution of wealth.🤔​

Republicans' tax cuts for the very wealthy and corporations with high revenues definitely redistribute wealth straight to them.

In places with decent economic conditions where Democrats run the government, there are pretty fair taxes and the community benefits. Schools are good, roads are good, safely nets exist, etc.

So I wouldn't call it an inability of Democrats to pass high taxes. It's a couple of Democratic Senators who don't qualify as moderates. And no Republicans are helping.

Honestly, I thought the vast majority of press was really positive towards billionaires in space for no reason. There was very little negative coverage. Most of the complaints came from regular people. Shatner even got a lot of coverage for defending it.

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