By people who just don't care about smog so bad you couldn't go outside for days.

Couldn't see the sky, the sun or the moon. Toxic air, acid rain, asthma and lung disease.

East Coast wasn't much better. Probably worse because of industry.

Republicans won't stop until they destroy every bit of human progress.

Seventeen states sue EPA for letting California set vehicle standards-

@BruceBanner I don't think the east coast has been worse than that, but we don't want it to be either. I've lived most of my life and all of the past 25 years in or near major cities in the DC to Boston corridor, and there haven't been stretches of days where you can't see the sky. What we do get are days listed as "poor air quality" where people with lung conditions such as asthma are warned to stay inside, and the industry you're talking about is concentrated in Black neighborhoods, so guess who is more likely to be vulnerable to asthma.

I drive an old car, so it's not electric or hybrid. Even though I bought it in Maryland, I was reassured by the sticker on the back side window that said it met California's ultra low emissions standards. We all benefit by our cars meeting the most stringent standards. We all have to breathe that air. The air doesn't stay above California.

@MariaHill @BruceBanner not just Black neighbourhoods. think of places like Sarnia or Attawapiskat. canada dumps a lot of industrial waste and pollution on Indigenous people, at home and abroad.

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