Contact your 2 Senators and urge them to get behind common sense gun reform.

Here's a script. Read it or copy/paste it into the method of your choice. I'm tired of mass shootings. We all are.

"I'm calling on the Senator to vote to pass common sense gun laws, including:

1. Closing the loophole that lets people buy guns at shows and through private sellers without background checks.

2. Instituting universal background checks for ammo and gun buyers, a measure 80% of gun owners support.

3. Funding evidence-based community antiviolence programs.

4. Reinstating a federal ban on the purchase of high-capacity magazines and military-style assault weapons, which is supported by at least 65% of Americans.

[If GOP add:] If the Senator refuses to support these changes then I will do everything in my power to vote them out.

[If Dem add:] If the GOP tries to block any of these bills you should abolish the filibuster and proceed without them. We are done with their obstruction."

Today there's a hearing at 11AM in the U.S. House of Representatives on D.C. statehood. You can watch it with the link below.

Residents of D.C. pay federal taxes but have no say in their government. The population has concerns unique to living in D.C. They deserve full representation.

What are the arguments against granting D.C. equal representation?

1. It’s too small.

The population of D.C. (705,749) is more than that of two states: Wyoming (578,759) and Vermont (623,989).

2. It should be part of Maryland.

Despite the fact that this is problematic for Maryland in that any tax revenue gained would be offset by the governmental costs, this option dilutes the votes of D.C. citizens as compared to real representation. That's not a solution.

You can also call your House Representative and ask them to vote yes on H.R. 51 for D.C. statehood. 202-224-3121. :CTA:

H.R. 51: Making D.C. the 51st State:

We have 2 special elections coming up on March 20th in Louisiana for U.S. House of Representatives seats. There are also upcoming important local elections in Georgia.

Can you sign up to help text out the vote in Louisiana and Georgia this week?

Louisiana: They'll be texting to support Black Voters Matter's endorsed Congressional candidates (Candy Christophe & Gary Chambers.)

Black Voters Matter Georgia: They'll be texting to support candidates running for upcoming local elections in Warner Robins and Twiggs County.


Register here.

If they're full, sign up for updates or save the link and check back. :gotv:

Friends, our democracy is in danger.

Here's why the Senate needs to pass S.1:
Republicans have already introduced 250 bills to restrict voting and suppress voting all over the country. Republicans are working at federal and state levels to encourage voter suppression of anyone who might vote against them:

But remember, we made it through four years of the worst it could possibly be. We got through it and we are stronger, more united, and better organized as a result.

We will fight whatever they throw at us. Let's take five minutes to use our voices on this issue. Remember, they and your vote are your superpowers.

Call your two Senators. 202-224-3121 or to contact them by local office numbers or email. Or use to iMessage or text them. And help spread the word to others.

📱 ☎️ 💻 :CTA:

As of now, Republican state legislatures across the country have filed and are passing legislation that makes it harder for people to vote. It’s already too difficult to most people vote, but they’re doing everything they can to put up even more roadblocks for people, not to ensure safe voting, but to keep anyone from voting against Republicans.

We must pass H.R. 1 through the U.S. Senate.

H.R. 1 will create automatic voter registration across the country, expand early voting and enhance absentee voting, simplify voting by mail, reduce long lines and wait times for voters, and modernize America’s voting system.(There’s a lot more – read what’s in the bill here:

Contact your Senator on this and demand they vote yes. 202-224-3121. It is no exaggeration to say our entire democracy is at stake. :CTA: 💻 ☎️

Hey, do you have a Senator on the Senate Finance Committee? You can look it up here:

If you do, please call them and ask them to take steps to move Xavier Becerra's nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary along and through the committee. There are some major slowdowns being put on President Biden’s nominees and it helps nobody.

We're in a pandemic and we need this department chaired. Pick up the phone and tell them to pick up the pace. ☎️ 📱 :CTA:

It's also many people's preference that Ron Johnson leave Senate, coincidentally.

Either way, this Senate seat needs to flip to Democrats. One less Republican obstructionist in the Senate means more gets done for the people.

Ron Johnson or his seat is up for election in 2022. We can donate now to the Democrat who will be selected to unseat him.

Start now. Any amount counts and it all adds up to people being able to be on the ground to flip this seat. :CTA:
After forcing marathon bill reading, Johnson says 'preference' to leave Senate:

The right to vote is a fundamental requirement in a true democracy. This is an issue every American should be united on. 

Please start calling your Senators today. Tell them we must protect voting rights, address corruption, and reform campaign finance. These should be bipartisan priorities to make democracy work for all Americans regardless of their political affiliation. There's your script.

Call both Senators. 202-224-3121 or to contact them by local office numbers or email. Or use to iMessage or text them from your connected device.

📱 ☎️ 💻 :CTA:
House Democrats pass sweeping elections bill as GOP legislatures push to restrict voting:

I don't share many petitions but this one is really important.

The American Postal Workers Union is looking for signatures for this petition to President Biden asking him to quickly fill the vacancies on the USPS Board of Governors with progressive, capable people.

If the three empty spots are filled correctly, Republicans will be in the minority and Louis DeJoy, the Postmaster General who has caused so many problems for us and postal workers, will be depowered.

Give it a sign, please. 🖋

The American Postal Workers Union - Sign the petition for a pro-postal pro-worker Postal Service Board of Governors:

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