I'm not a big fan of polls, but often enough they can give us an indication of where races are going - and this one's alarming.

"Youngkin leads McAuliffe among likely voters:" thehill.com/homenews/campaign/

Early voting is going on for the Virginia governor's race and for state-level seats right now. We need to spread the word and help Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe and the other Virginia Democrats running get elected. The last thing Virginia or the country needs is another Republican governor or a Republican-led state government.

Here are 4 ways you can help for now:

1. addresses.postcards4va.com/
2. votefwd.org/district/VA2021_GO
3. terrymcauliffe.com/issues/
4. swingleft.org/events/t/vapb

If you're a VA voter, make a plan and vote today: elections.virginia.gov/casting

Like all elections, this is important.
:CTA: :vote:

Who here thinks banning books about diversity, equity, and inclusion is a BAD thing for schools? Hopefully, everyone.

I have a phone bank for you. Join Turn PA Blue on Tuesday, 9/21, today, to make calls for the Democratic Central York School Board candidates. This race is off the charts; it's been making national news. The ban is disgusting and clearly racially charged. We need to help elect different people come November 2nd.

Training provided at 5:30, and then you'll dial until 7. Hope you can join. :CTA:

Dial a Panther Phone Banking Event · Turn PA Blue:

The author of this piece is right. The payoff down the road is worth much more than the price of the plan and these investments in infrastructure are long overdue.

The U.S. House of Representatives is back this week. Can you make a call to your House Rep. at 202-224-3121 or to a local office and ask them to make this happen? Here's an idea of what to say:

"Hi, I’m a constituent calling from [zip]. My name is _______.
I know the House may vote on the Build Back Better plan this week. Congress needs to support the full $3.5 trillion in investments in healthcare, eldercare, childcare, education, housing, child tax credits, clean energy and more, funded by making big corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. It’s time for our tax code to reward work, not wealth. Oh, and make sure the subsidies for fossil fuel are removed from the plan. Thanks." :CTA:

Column: There's more to 'Build Back Better' than its price tag-

The people from Vote Save America, who did some of the most effective GOTV work I saw last year, have started a new organization called No Off Years, which will be sending volunteers infrequent but EXCELLENT opportunities to help build and maintain our democracy in 2021.

Their efforts will be focused on three things: increasing voter registration, passing voting rights legislation, and winning in Virginia.

I can’t urge you enough to sign up. We have to channel 2020’s activist energy into the above 3 goals - we’ll run circles around the GOP in 2021, 2022, and beyond if we do.

It's important to talk about what we need to do and what's really going on. It's also important to get involved with efforts that bring action. :CTA:

No Off Years - Vote Save America-

Vote Forward’s “Big Send” to Virginia is this Saturday, September 18th, and they still have letters to distribute. Can you take 5 off their hands and get them done in the next few days? How about 10?

All you need is a printer, business envelopes, a couple of pens, and first class stamps. We know these letters increase turnout significantly and early voting starts in a few weeks.

Now that we’ve defeated the California recall, let’s take our energy and show the GOP that we’ll beat them EVERYWHERE by the same devastating margins. :CTA:

Go here to get your letters-

Vote Forward:

Mitch McConnell said there is no rationale for the federal government taking over how we vote in this country.

He prefers Republican dark money groups like ALEC, Heritage Action, Family Research Council, FreedomWorks, American Principles Project.....taking over how we vote. Or the new anti-voting laws in TX, GA, FL, and other GOP-controlled states and having the Republican state assemblies decide elections, not the voters.

While I prefer the original bills, this one is good, should be supported, and is worth an exemption in the filibuster to get through.

It's by far worth a call to your 2 U.S. Senators to tell them that you want them to get this passed immediately.
202-224-3121 and you can get them both.

A Hinge Point for Voting Rights - if passed, the Freedom to Vote Act will advance election-safety provisions in five major ways:

Have some time to help promote democracy and get out the vote for 2 important fall elections?

Postcards to Swing States volunteers have written 27 million postcards since early 2020, and they’re doing another round now for the November elections is NJ and VA (my postcarding hub is about to start work on 2000 of them.) You can sign up to write postcards for this campaign below.

Voters who receive handwritten postcards are significantly more likely to vote. The time to work on getting out the progressive vote for the November elections is now. :CTA:

Postcards to Swing States - Progressive Turnout Project-

Pennsylvanians are electing hundreds of School Board members this November. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of dark money from GOP extremist PACs is being dumped into local school board races all over the state promoting anti-mask and anti-vax rhetoric, undermining the foundations of public education and risking the health and safety of children, teachers, and staff.

Why anyone would want to keep turning public safely measures that are nothing new to society into pushing wrong, dangerous conspiracy theories is beyond me, but please help Pennsylvania turn out Democrats to vote like it’s 2020. Write postcards to register Democratic voters in PA. Everything you need to get started is in the link. These races are important as every race is. :CTA: :gotv:

Turn PA Blue:

Call or write your House Representative and 2 Senators today and tell them to co-sponsor and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. Find them here: usa.gov/elected-officials

Script: "Hi, I'm a constituent calling from [zip]. My name is _______.
I’m calling because I am extremely upset about the Supreme Court’s essentially overturning Roe v Wade by not ruling in the Texas abortion case. I want the Congressmember/Senator to work to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act right away. And I want to know what else they’re doing to protect the right to choose. I’d like a response in writing. We are running out of time. This is urgent."

Thanks. :CTA:

Democrats have a high-risk, high-reward plan to save Roe v. Wade:


6 ways you can help stop the recall-

Sign up with the California Democratic party to volunteer in person or remotely:

Sign up to phonebank with Grassroots Democrats:

Sign up to phonebank with Activate America: mobilize.us/activateamerica/ev

Phonebank with the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley:

Join Young Dems Against The Recall: Peer-To-Peer Phone- and Friend-Banking:

Want to give money to stop the recall? Go here: secure.actblue.com/donate/gdhq

It seems like a good time to remind people that many of us thought Trump wouldn't win, Roe v Wade wasn't in danger, and that the California recall had no chance.

Please help out and if you have friends and family in CA, remind them to vote.


It would be great if we in the U.S. would all call our Senators today. Find yours here: senate.gov/senators/senators-c

Say or send this:
"Hi, I'm a constituent calling from [zip]. My name is ______.
Texas just passed an awful voter suppression law. I want the Senator to fight to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act NOW. Otherwise we’re looking at losing ALL of our fundamental rights. [If Dem add:] Democrats MUST abolish the filibuster and pass legislation to protect Americans from Republicans' continued assaults. Thanks."

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ALL of our representatives need to hear from us regularly. We are their bosses; they work for us. Period. They need to hear from us when they're aren't doing their jobs and thanks when they are.

Our elected representatives, furthermore, have a finite amount of time, so they’ll prioritize what their constituents bug them about. Let's do that. :CTA:


Sign up and make your plan to attend the October 2nd Women's March in your area, in D.C., remotely, or organize one yourself. We need massive turnout.

Do not allow this assault on health care and reproductive autonomy to continue. Let Texas know their extremist "law" will not be tolerated.

Email and call your Senators non-stop, stand for all local and state-wide elections, raise money for progressive candidates, and march yes, and do the things that get results. We clearly cannot stop for a moment. :CTA:

Take the pledge to mobilize in your state, in Washington D.C., or virtually in defense of our reproductive rights:

It's time to start working on upcoming elections. :gotv:

Vote Forward, one of the best organizations, is asking us all to adopt 5 voters to help them reach their goal of millions of letters sent to voters in Virginia. Virginia has important elections this November 2nd.

I signed up. Can anyone join me?
If you’ve never written for Vote Forward before, it’s easy and the letters are proven to increase turnout by up to 3.5%.

These letters will all be held and sent on the same day—September 18th, to reach voters at the optimum time for registration, early voting, and the November 2nd election day.

Go here to sign up. 👇 :CTA:


Activate America is phonebanking against the Newsom Recall twice a week. Volunteers will be using their incredible dialer to call registered Democrats in 7 competitive districts and urge them to cast their ballot against the recall. And you get to leave voicemails!

•These phonebanks are every Wednesday from 4:00 - 6:00pm Pacific and every Thursday from 4:30 - 6:30 pm Pacific.

•Training and technical assistance is available. Sign up here and you will receive a toolkit with all the information you need.

•You don't have to live in California to join this effort!

Phone Bank - Get Out The Vote to Defeat the Recall! · Activate America


Also, Activate America has kindly added texting to its offerings for fighting the CA recall. They do it Tuesdays and Fridays.

Personally, I find phone banking easier, but if you prefer to not talk to people voice to voice, here’s your chance. They have to reach two million voters.
Sign up here. Yes, they’ll train you.

Text California Democrats to Stop the Republican Recall · Activate America

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Last but not least, here's an article from Dan Pfeiffer of Pod Save America to explain the consequences if we don't act or if in California, if you don't vote to stop the recall election.

If you need motivation to get involved or to vote, here it is. Ballots can be returned in California now. 3/3

Why Dems Have to Win the CA Recall - Losing the California recall election would have disastrous consequences for the Democratic Party in California and beyond.

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The Newsom recall attempt should concern us all. Not only is it funded by anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers like the leading Republican candidate, and right-wing extremists, but if it succeeds—and should Senator Dianne Feinstein leave her seat, we face the very real danger of having a GOP Senator appointed in CA and losing our slim majority in the Senate.

That's besides the damage a Republican governor could do to the state of California.

The good news is it is stoppable, and you can help stop it. Here are 3 ways:

California recall candidate Larry Elder 'not sure' climate change is reason for state's wildfires:

Phone bank with the California Democratic Party to tell voters to vote NO on the recall of Governor Newsom. Training provided if needed. 2/4

Phone Bank to Stop the Recall · Grassroots Democrats HQ:

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Sign up to send text messages.

Reaching out to Californians via text message is one of the most important tools we have to stop the Republican Recall. Please sign-up to say you'll volunteer to send texts. 3/4


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Last but not least, if you're a California resident, make a plan to vote on September 14th and get ready to vote for Gavin Newsom. Republican enthusiasm is reportedly running high and we need to exceed that enthusiasm by getting out and voting.

Check your registration, update your mailing address if needed, and register to vote if you aren't. Every single vote is going to matter. :ca: 4/4

Get ready to vote in the CA Governor Recall Election - Make sure you know where your vote by mail is being mailed - check online now.

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