The GOP has been chipping away at abortion access for decades.

We need to elect more pro-choice Democrats to protect abortion access long-term, and in the immediate, we need to financially support abortion access so people can have access to safe and legal abortions right now, no matter what state they live in. 

Many people have posted about how to financially support abortion access and we'll continue to do so here.

If you’re interested in fighting for change through electoralism, consider donating to state races in , , and . In the former two, abortion will instantly become illegal once Roe is struck down and the legality of the procedure in the latter two depends on Democratic control of the legislature and governor's seat. State attorney general races are equally important as these offices can make or break the decision to prosecute.

Want to Protect Abortion Rights? Give to These Critical State Races-

If you want things to change, one way to do that is help vote Republicans out.

Vote Forward, my favorite letter-writing, election winning organization, is bringing back "The Big Send"—their biggest letter writing program of the year—with a goal of sending 10 million letters to voters ahead of the midterm elections this fall.

These letters are easy—print them up, write a couple of lines about why you vote, address them, and hold them until the Big Send date in October. Studies show they boost turnout by .8%, which in electoral terms is big.

But VF needs more writers.

If you’ve done this before, please go to your dashboard and adopt even 5 letters. If you haven’t, there’s a sign up page.

Also, to kick off the return of The Big Send, Vote Forward is hosting a virtual letter writing event on May 12 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. It’ll be a fun way to learn about what they do, have the letters explained to you, and see how many others are writing them.

Sign up here. :CTA:

Currently, there are 23 states with GOP trifectas and two states in which the Republican state legislature can override the Democratic governor’s veto. If left unchecked, Republicans will continue to introduce legislation to limit fundamental rights across the board.

Electing more Democratic governors and breaking up GOP power in state legislatures is critical this year, and in elections to come.

To defeat the GOP and their far-right agenda, we’ve got to continue to knock on doors, make calls, write letters, donate, and help turn out millions of voters in November to deliver a resounding Democratic victory.

Remember: right now, abortion is still legal in the United States. Let’s continue the work to safeguard abortion access by electing Democrats who will outright reject Republicans’ continued attacks on civil liberties.

An effective way to do this is targeting races to keep and flip Democratic. That's what Swing Left does. Join them.



The Women’s Health Protection Act passed in the House. In February, it failed to overcome the filibuster in the Senate (unsurprisingly). But Senators did vote on the issue.

You can see who in both the House and Senate supported here:

You can also see the cosponsors here:

Go get your phone and – if you have a Democratic Senator who voted for the bill, call them and – after thanking them – demand to know what they are doing right this very second to protect this constitutional right.

Remind them that the filibuster is a Senate rule – and a Senate rule should not override both voting rights and healthcare.

Bonus action for those of you with Senators who “relied” upon the lies made by the new justices that they saw Roe as settled precedent: call them and demand to know what they are doing to protect this constitutional right. 

The 2022 midterms were always going to be critical, but now they are supercharged. Both state and federal elections are going to be off-the-charts important.

Because voting rights have been chipped away, this week let’s focus our attention on voter registration.

Field Team 6 has been registering voters in a variety of ways for years now. I want you to go to their calendar of events and find one thing – just one thing minimum – that you can take part in. Postcarding, textbanking, phone banks – there are so many ways to help register voters from anywhere in the country. Make this a priority. :CTA: :gotv:


In Michigan, a citizens group began a campaign to get a proposal for an independent districting committee on a statewide ballot. Though the proposal was challenged in court three times by the state Republican party, it got on the ballot and won citizen approval by more than 60 percent. The independent commission just completed it first redrawing of the districts a few weeks ago, and the result will help restore political balance in the state; until now, Republicans have had a lock on the state legislature. It took the citizens group a good four or five years to get this done, but they did it.

Every action we take counts.

The 2022 midterms have really started now. Here's something you can do to help in 2 big swing states.

Postcard Sign Ups — Activate America:

Here's a sample of the message I sent to my State Senator about

When I attended NYS public schools in the 1980s, DTP, MMR& Polio vaccines were required of all students to keep us healthy and safe. When my own children attended NYS public schools 20years later, more vaccines had been added to the required list. I was more than happy to have them vaccinated to ensure not only their health and safety but also that of their schoolmates. It's imperative we add the COVID vaccination to the required school vaccination list. This helps protect our students, their teachers& staff, as well as families and the community as a whole. I look forward to your YES vote on Assembly Bill A8378. Thank you.

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Do you live in New York State?
Do you want to see kids safe and healthy in school?
Then grab your phone/computer and check out Assembly Bill A8378
'Authorizes the commissioner of health to develop and supervise the execution of a program of immunization against COVID-19 for purposes of state aid to schools; requires immunization against COVID-19 for attendance at school.'

An antimask/antivax coalition is planning to flood NYS legislators with calls, emails, and texts to keep this bill from passing.
It's up to us to push back and let our NY State Senators know how important it is to pass .

Don't know who your state-level senator is? It's a quick easy look-up on the state senate website.

:CTA: :gotv:

One of our jobs is to help spread the word on Democratic accomplishments - a good, fun, activity for any time you can devote in the next few months.

Activate America is writing to likely Democrats in competitive districts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvannia, and California to let them know Democrats delivered on their promises with the new Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

Wisconsin is widely considered to be the most vulnerable state in the Democrats’ “blue wall” for presidential elections. Pennsylvania has a very flippable Senate seat and needs to stay blue for president. All 3 states have state seats to hold and flip.

Many voters do not pay attention to their elected officials’ voting records. Join Activate America to write voters and let them know how Democrats are voting for their interests. Thanks! 

Write to Voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvannia & California about the Infrastructure and Jobs Act · Activate America -

Since I'm not giving up today and neither should you, find some 2022 races to get involved in now. Here's a state that needs help.

Swing Blue Alliance is working year-round in New Hampshire to do the all-important work of building the Democratic base so they can re-elect Senator Maggie Hassan and Congressman Chris Pappas. Both are likely to be in very competitive races in 2022.

They’re looking for folks who want to “adopt” New Hampshire—as in help them win there in 2022, starting now. Fill out the "Join" section. (The team will contact you about your responses only if you check "contact me about volunteer options.")

If this doesn't suit you, find another. Time is now. Checking out doesn't win anything.


We are in the last 2 days to get out the Democratic vote in .

Keeping the Democratic trifecta in Virginia for Virginians is really important for furthering progressive policies that the state is championing - from expanded voter access to substantial criminal justice reform.

Since Democrats won a trifecta in 2019, Virginia has become the first southern state to abolish the death penalty and pass an LGBTQ nondiscrimination bill. The state government has also legalized recreational marijuana, repealed harmful abortion restrictions, and implemented a red-flag gun control law.

Propaganda-driven panic over critical race theory (which, notably, is not taught in Virginia schools) has been weaponozed by the right in the race. The race has also revolved around bathroom access for trans students and could impact the future of trans rights in the U.S.

There is something you can do. Get involved in getting out the vote in this last stretch. :CTA:

Next, look closer to home at geography you know. See where they drew the line(s). Do the maps respect communities and neighborhoods, or not? For example, Cincinnati, OH is split in half. The eastern half is in a district with seven rural counties. The city and the rural areas have little in common, not like the city would have if left intact in a single voting district. The map makers deliberately diluted the city’s vote. It’s textbook gerrymandering.

These examples should get you started.

When I started looking at maps in this way, things began to pop out, for instance, a low-income area split into different districts. Address the things you see. Identifying vote dilution is a good way to begin.

Then show up at redistricting meetings, write letters to the editor, share the information with people you know, tell your legislators what you want, and vote in people locally who want non-partisan, ungerrymandered maps.

If we want a fair democracy, we have to put in the work. 2/2

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One of the things I think it's most important to share on social media is any way to take positive action to defend democracy.

This year, redistricting after the 2020 census is going on. As states come out with new voting district maps, it's important to contact lawmakers about the maps.

However, saying: “I want a fair map, no gerrymandering” isn't enough. As a friend said to me, “I understand the best testimony is very specific to the proposed district, but I don’t know to get that specific information.”

Here’s how. Anyone can do this, and it’s quick.

First, look at the map to see what's going on where you live. See where single counties are sliced into 2, 3, or more voting districts. The more splits, the worse the map. A specific comment could say: “5 counties are each split into 3 separate voting districts, and another is split into 4. A fair map minimizes splits." 1/2

6 Tips for Making Effective Comments at a Redistricting Hearing-

Let's help maximize participation in our democracy today. Pitch in to cure some ballots in Virginia. :CTA:

Mail-in ballots in Virginia were not often used pre-COVID. Last year, the requirement for a witness signature was waived – not now. So, many of the ballots that are being mailed in do not have a witness signature which is now required. 

Virginia Democrats are hosting daily phone banks to reach out to voters and help them “cure” these ballots. Join a phone bank now through 31st. Talk to Virginia voters on the phone about how to cure issues with their ballots to ensure that every eligible voter can successfully cast a ballot in the critical 2021 elections. You can play an essential role in protecting the rights of Virginia voters and keeping Virginia Blue. People really appreciate these calls.

What you need: A phone and a computer.

What's provided: Everything else.

Cure Phone Bank · Virginia Voter Protection:

Good morning!

I just adopted 5 more letters for from . Why? Because they have a lot left. And they’re only available through Saturday, October 16, when they need to be mailed. And this election is WAY too close.

There can't be a Republican governor for Virginia and we need to hold and flip as many legislative seats for Democrats as possible.

We know that Vote Forward letters work to boost voter turnout. They still need to reach many more VA voters, so please consider writing even 5 if you can. :CTA: :va: :gotv:
Vote Forward:

For :pa: elections:

Get on the phones! ☎️

PA has really, really important School Board and State Supreme Court elections on November 2nd. They need help with mail-in ballot chase phone calls. Info below.

Wednesdays (10/13, 10/20, and 10/27) from 4-6 or 6-8 PM: It’s time for ballot chase! These calls are always really rewarding. We’ll be calling Democrats to be sure they have the information they need to return their ballots properly and on time. We need your help getting this vital information to as many voters as possible.

Republicans in the state are desperate to try and wrongly use the pandemic and what they perceive as Democratic voter apathy to try and take over school boards and court seats. We have to stop them. Thanks for helping and spreading the word. :CTA:

Mail-in Ballot Chase Phone Banking · Turn PA Blue:

Pretty cool link about the Act.

70% of Americans support the Build Back Better Act. A handful of Senators, corporations, and billionaires who are benefitting from being against progress want to block it.

Click on this map to see how it helps where you live and call or write your Senators to make sure they represent us. :CTA:

You can be connected by calling 202-224-3121, you can look up office numbers, addresses, and emails at, or you can use a service like Yes, it's a holiday but you can leave messages or email/text. Thank you.

Build Back Better plan: How it will help you-

Action needs to be taken to stop this damage.

Tell your Senators to support this legislation to reduce plastic use in packaging. Here's a script.

"I am very, very worried about plastic pollution and its effects on both our oceans and on human health. Every step of the production of virgin plastic items -- extracting the oil and gas, transporting and refining it, shipping it to factories to be molded into plastic bags, foam cups, soda bottles and more -- is damaging to our environment.

The REDUCE Act would tax manufacturers for creating products out of new, virgin plastic - and ultimately encourage the shift to the use of sustainable materials. I urge you to support the REDUCE Act."

You can be connected by calling 202-224-3121, look up offices at or use a service like :CTA:

Opinion | The oceans are being clogged with plastic. Here’s one way to fight this ecological catastrophe:

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