@TonyStark People in Congress today had to stand there and explain that Biden won the election. It’s been over for 6 months. Anyone who thinks these people aren’t doing what they want is really missing the 🚣‍♀️

The framing of this story is poorly done. It's not breaking with Democrats to support the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill. We want that passed. We also need the For the People Act, regardless of what Senator Manchin thinks.

However, he still hasn't explained where he's seeing 10 Republican votes on a voting protection bill. They seem imaginary.


Have you heard of Field Team 6? Field Team 6 has been hustling to register Democrats for years now. It’s a fun group.

Their postcards are unique – they include a QR code that you print off via labels and affix to your postcard or you can use their postcards. (I make my own.)

Right now they’re writing for several campaigns including the Ft. Worth, Texas Mayoral runoff. The Democratic candidate, Deborah Peoples, was the top vote-getter in race that surprised Republicans. She will now face off against a conservative candidate in the runoff election on June 5th.

Deborah Peoples is the chair of the Tarrant County Democratic Party. In 2020, she helped flip the county blue for Biden/Harris for the first time since LBJ. We need people like her in office. are extremely important.

We need to get Democrats out on that crucial day and make her the first Black mayor of Fort Worth. More information here. Sign up.

This is part of Biden's American Rescue Plan, will tremendously help, and yes, the from the same plan that D.C. Republicans voted against across the board even though it will help Republican areas across the board.

White House unveils plan to spend $7B to hire public health workers-

“Any member can take whatever position they believe in. . . . What we’re talking about is a position in leadership,” McCarthy said.
Um, no.

Sen. Richard Burr (R, NC), censured.
Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R, OH), censured.
Sen. Bill Cassidy (R, LA), censured.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R, AK), censured.
Sen. Mitt Romney (R, UT), barely survived censure vote 798-711.

It isn't hard to find examples of Republicans being told in no uncertain terms that they can not "take whatever position they believe in."  The Republican Party is intolerant of diversity of thought. It is erases and expels anyone who fails to uphold party line -- particularly with respect to Trump, the election lie, and the insurrection.

Should the GOP gain the power it fervently seeks, we are in for a terrible time. We have to work to make sure that never happens.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is expected to be replaced by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), a onetime moderate turned Trump loyalist:

Rep. Cheney is simply telling the truth, no matter what else anyone may think of her.

She's being ostracized and removed for it. That's wrong on so many levels, but is also the despicable state of the GQP today.

As if it wasn’t apparent before today, but for sure now, the party of Lincoln is dead and in its place is one of white supremacy, cowardice and ignorance.

This is how a guy that lost by 7 million votes controls a party.

Today the GOP proudly proclaimed: We are not a political party. We do not stand for America. We do not stand for truth. We are only a sad little cult: here only to serve Trump above all others.

I plan to see Black Widow in my sister's living room, but that's because my 11-year-old nephew and I spent all of last summer talking about MCU phases 1-3 as the bored child watched the first 23 movies with his brand-new D+ subscription. I want to protect him and the rest of my nieces and nephews, all still too young for the vaccine, plus while he's back in school in person, he's not going to a theater until he's vaccinated. I didn't mind that I got a little sick from my second shot last week, and I already have (outdoor) dinner plans with my niece for my first day of full vaccination. Hearing experts say we can return to mostly-normal is wonderful news. I'm sure everyone has missed family and friends as much as I have.

I won't stop spending time here with the friends who have helped me get through the pandemic and the former administration, but it will also be a summer doing things in person with people I love.


Quite a few family members, friends, colleagues and I have been fully vaccinated for several weeks now.

Yesterday, a colleague of mine and I (again, both fully vaccinated) wore our masks to a local Malaysian restaurant we've been eyeing, were seated on a patio, removed our masks, and enjoyed the heck out of lunch. It was my first time actually dining out in over a year.

Slowly but surely, the infection rates and are going down and the immunization rates are rising.

I was pleased to see that the entire restaurant staff was masked and that they had posted signs to put your mask back on when you leave the table. They also had spaced the tables further apart. 

Responsible reengagement is smart and mentally helpful behavior.

I'm looking forward to when the vaccines will be approved for younger children so the entire family will be protected and we will all be protecting other people.

@TonyStark @MariaHill It’s going to be a good summer. We’ve also been able to see family and friends and it is remarkably normal, at least for me.

If a vaccinated person is hanging out with another vaccinated person, or a few people, etc., and still following safety procedures, there's really no up state from there. That's the safest we can be.

I have a reservation at a winery for my 2 weeks past my 2nd shot day and I am ready to go.

No thanks, George. The governor is accountable to Pennsylvanians and can be voted out if we choose. No Republicans complained about emergency powers when Republicans were governors at various points.

Pennsylvania had the largest full-time legislature in the country (most expensive too) and is entirely gerrymandered and ends up run by Republicans even though we have a majority of Democrats in the state. The GOP is unresponsive and prone to partisan stalemates (surprise.)

If Governor Wolf hadn't acted, PA would have lost more lives to covid, had more people with long-term health problems from it, seen our hospitals overwhelmed, and we wouldn't be in the midst of a safe reopening.

This ballot issue is a GOP sham.

@YinzPittsburghers Martina White is useless and I’m ashamed she’s from here. She represents a district where police who are forced to live in the city by their contracts buy houses that look sort of suburban. She also sponsored the bill to ban trans girls from sports. She needs to be be voted out. That’s one of the districts we’ve targeted to flip the state house but probably less likely than the ones in Delco or Bucks.

Vote no ballot issues 1 and 2.

@SteveRogers A winery sounds like a great way to celebrate! Not quite appropriate for someone who eats off the kids menu (no, not me!), so we have reservations at a nice café. @TonyStark

Not my state but I can't imagine anything George Will wrote is useful to decision-making.

I hate when I see anyone theorize about what "Kompramat" or other blackmail information must be being held on Trump Republicans to make them act like they do.

Trump Republicans are not victims. They are not tricked or forced to act and speak like they do. Nobody is forcing them to keep carrying on Trump's big lie. That gives them cover and excuses them.

These are not good people blackmailed into bad behavior. Instead, they are truly horrible, crooked, evil people who know exactly what they are doing. No blackmail is needed, nor does that fit facts. 

They have acted of their own free will and they still do.They are power and money mad and they are voted in by others who are the same.

They don't care if they wreck American democracy, our government, our laws, our lives, or our standing in the world, as long as they get what they want.

As long as they get money and power, nothing else matters, ever. No Kompramat, no blackmail. It's who they are.

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