They should call them out. Loudly, repeatedly, and through the midterm elections.

House Republicans tout infrastructure funding they voted against, Democrats have been quick to criticize it as "voting no and taking the dough."-

This is why Russia wanted the former guy.

Anyone notice Fox's Tucker Carlson's comments about the Ukraine crisis? Maybe not on because people tend to like sanity, but Tuck obviously favors Russia and Putin instead of our country and our President and NATO. Never thought I'd see it.

U.S. calls for 'serious diplomatic path forward' as Russia adds troops near Ukraine:

Thank you, President Biden!

How is leasing to a Chilean company next to a popular tourist attraction, Indigenous land, and a wildlife refuge "America First"? (It wasn't.)

Biden administration cancels two Minnesota mining leases granted under Trump:

Neil Young almost died of polio as a kid. The vaccine didn’t exist when he was born. The illness affected his life for years. He got vaccinated as soon as it was available.

He doesn’t want others to similarly suffer due to misinformation about what vaccines can do. Media is missing that detail when discussing his protest of Spotify’s irresponsibility.

100 years from now, people will still know who Neil is and still listen to his music. Rogan will be an obscure, embarrassing footnote about some conspiracy theory lunatic who people will look back on with incredulity that someone could intentionally do so much harm, if they look back on him at all.


I don't have time right now to seek out a different yet still apropos Effin Bird, so I'm going to reuse this one that I used yesterday.


I'm trying to get my head around people who think students should study the Holocaust, but only if it's told in a nice way.

There is nothing inherently sexual about nudity. Jewish people in concentration camps were made to stand naked as part of their dehumanization. And also as a form of torture since it was often brutally cold. As for swear words - they have a time and a place. The Holocaust is not an event that called for lots of darn its.

Learning about reality isn't damaging to kids. Not learning about reality is damaging to all of society.

Tennessee school board bans Holocaust graphic novel 'Maus' – author Art Spiegelman condemns the move as 'Orwellian':


it must not be erased. people like us will always remember it and show the children the right places in the history books. it is very important.

i feel excellent because i have many nice people around me.

Viele Grüße an 💪

Thank you, Kranfahrer.

It is quite upsetting to me that anyone would want to erase it.

Ich hoffe es geht dir gut.


it is very important that it is told again and again. especially on today's day of the liberation of Auschwitz.

People often wonder why voters vote against their own best interests...

"Corporate lobbying groups that oppose the plan over its tax provisions have hit the airwaves with ads warning that it would worsen inflation. Economists have largely predicted that the Build Back Better Act would have minor and brief inflationary impacts but wouldn’t make a big difference on already soaring prices."

72 percent of West Virginia voters back Manchin's call to suspend Build Back Better talks: poll-

My Spidey sense says this guy is going to be a one-termer. :SpiderMan:

Most Virginia school districts disobeying Youngkin on order making masks optional: report-

@SpiderMan That child on the left will be able to vote when Youngkin can run for his non-consecutive term. She won't be voting for him. She'll remember what he did to a state that was functioning pretty well under Northam.

To divide up a city so that it's in more than one district and redrawing it to make a Democratic district into several Republican districts is blatant gerrymandering.

Tennessee's Republican super-majority state legislature has "cracked" Nashville into 3 districts, one of which connects with Cookeville. The effect is to render those who were formerly well-represented by a moderate Democrat who reflects Nashville's population to be represented by Trump supporters, what Republicans who don't live in Nashville want.

Every one of the state's four major cities is blue, but the state legislature is deep red. Basically, the state's population centers have no power. That's not democracy.

Rep. Jim Cooper retires after Tennessee district dismantled -

Great news unless they appeal to a higher court, and that's likely.

This case and the underlining issues are today's reminder: In the Trump/GOP, democracy is to be limited to a select few chosen by Republicans. And restricting free speech, denying civil rights, and acting like repressive regimes like China and Russia is exactly what they're trying to do.

DeSantis has all the same fascist impulses that Trump has, but he's not nearly as dumb. He is very, very dangerous.

And America remains in constant peril as long as there are Republicans like this in office.

Judge Issues Stinging Free Speech Ruling Against University of Florida:

@TonyStark 29 Democrats leaving the House so far. It's hard to blame ones like Cooper who don't have seats that exist any more. SCOTUS really messed this one up. Newt Gingrich is on TV talking about how Democrats will pay when Republicans take back Congress. It may take a while before Republicans see things swing the other way again, but they always do. (Unless the Q party overthrows the government and we no longer have a democracy at all.) They're not going to like it if we eventually get one person, one vote for president, or actual fair districts. All of these people will have long cashed in by then, I'm sure.

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