Tennessee State University and many other have been deprived of full state funding for decades. There’s no way to defend this preferential—i.e. racist—treatment that puts HBCUs and their students at a disadvantage. I can already hear Republicans whining that Black people need to do more fundraisers for HBCUs, but I don’t hear them saying that about colleges and universities that mostly have white students.


I've been critical of Joe Manchin, while never forgetting that in the current 50-50 Senate we still need him. Wednesday he proposed extending the John Lewis Act to every state and territory, which would have a better chance of surviving the Supreme Court than the current one in Congress. It would make the Voting Rights Act stronger and stop the Shelby County decision which allowed new restrictive laws in southern states. It wouldn't be a miracle cure and there are a few problems with it (it's not as strong as the For the People Act, which Manchin does not support, and it wouldn't stop things like Georgia taking power from the Secretary of State and giving it to a partisan body), but it would be much better than what we have now and better than the current proposed John Lewis Act.


Honestly, I feel this is a win/win situation. Get vaccinated AND have a chance to win $1M/college scholarship?

Ohio's $1 million vaccine lottery and college scholarship giveaway: How it works

@AgentCarter_SSR Great idea from DeWine. I live in Ohio, I am vaccinated, and by June, I will be able to safely take off my mask in many places.
As for the science deniers, they are exhaustingly belligerent and I am done caring. They are rolling the dice, and will have to live or die with their choices.

I wonder what is going through the minds of Florida residents and business owners who did abide by the mask mandate and distancing/capacity requirements. 

I'd be furious with DeSantis for letting off people who willfully endangered others after the fact when I abided by the law and suffered for it financially and missed seeing the people I care about.

Instead of thanking the Floridians who followed the CDC recommendations and local rules, DeSantis finds yet another way to pander to the lunatic fringe. But after the man dressed his infant children up as MAGA supporters in a campaign commercial, it's obvious he'll use anyone for his own benefit, just like his orange lord.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he'll pardon residents charged with breaking COVID-19 protocols-

It's an insult not only to those who abided by the rules all this time, but also to those who wouldn't have died under his governorship if he had actually followed science& enforced the rules. Instead he backed every false claim of his orange God and did his best to try and cover up how bad FL's infection& death rates were.

Too bad Republicans just like to scream about things rather than fix them. Four years of Trump and ZERO infrastructure despite so many many Infrastructure Weeks tells you all you need to know about the Republican desire to make things better in this country -- big promises and no action. 

No Infrastructure Deal Yet As Biden Meets With Republicans :

It's going to be on Democrats to do the heavy lifting on infrastructure, just as they've had to to do on every other thing that's actually helped everyday people.

If Biden isn't the legitimate President, then I guess Greene, Gosar, Gaetz, Gohmert, Boebert & Friends weren't legitimately elected either. I mean, they were all on the same ballot.
Was only the Presidential box on the ballot made out of bamboo?
I guess they should all step down until this whole thing is figured out.

Arizona Senate Republicans sign lease to continue vote audit-

@jlio I just saw you giving the finger to "Ron" and thought Ron Johnson was going to be the worst, but there are two Rons who try to outdo each other for that title. @TonyStark

So many terrible Republican Rons, we have to be really specific to know which.

It’s moms birthday today🎊♥️😸

His chair when I'm not working. Well, I just borrow it to work from, he actually owns it, #caturday #catsofmastodon

@TonyStark Hi, Spud! Bridie is helping out with wardrobe selection. Will it be a black t-shirt or a pastel black t-shirt? She’s mostly floof, but she has aspirations of becoming a stylist for humans.


The Republicans are trying to sabotage the recovery. That's all this is. And it is awful and cruel.

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