In a world without vaccines, people would still be contracting and dying of smallpox, polio and measles. People who are hesitant to get vaccinated for COVID need to hear and think about this.There ought to be a PR campaign highlighting these people explaining why they changed their minds.  Some anti-vaxxers will be more willing to listen to them rather than health officials or talking heads.

It also highlights that it's important for a lot of people to talk about how well their experience was.

Why some coronavirus vaccine skeptics changed their minds -


I got my first round of Moderna's vaccine today (hurray!)
and sure enough, there was some nimrod raising a stink about...of all things, the five-page fact sheet!

So, I guess we were sheeple because we knew how to read?
Fortunately, everybody ignored him and he took his maskless rage outside while flipping the bird out.
"What a maroon!" 🐰

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