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Greetings, Fediverse! I'm a Gen X, alternative-minded sort, interested in politics, music (especially the gothic and post-punk variety, but I'm really open-minded), cats, poetry, drag, and TV shows where people either solve crimes or bake fanciful creations, even though I can do neither of those things myself. I took my name from a Cure song, but also from my hometown.

P.S. Thank you for continuing to give us a social media home, @TonyStark & co.!

@TonyStark Scalise is the worst. He got shot and wants more guns. His life was saved by a Black lesbian Capitol Police officer, and he still spoke to an anti-gay group a few months later. He "apologized" for speaking to a white supremacist group too.

Steve Scalise, in an interview on ABC this morning, would not answer if he thought that Joe Biden was the legitimately elected President.

Every journalist should start with that question as a prerequisite for every Republican they interview, and if they don't acknowledge that Biden was fairly elected, the interview should end there. If Republicans don't believe in our system, then don't participate in it or seek to represent it. Same election, by the way, that elected Scalise. 

A life without Republicans sounds really good, actually.

Opinion | Pundits are wrong. We don’t need a functional GOP:

A party based on bad ideas doesn't help democracy.

@TonyStark Republicans want reelected on the platform of making things worse for people, the same one they've been on for awhile.

@TonyStark When you think you bought SCOTUS but they know you're broke, too.

@NatashaRomanoff In case anyone needs a refresher on how awful Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham are. Merrick Garland is gracious, of course.

@TonyStark I think I've found enough seats where all of these GQP fools in Congress can sit. I'd like to point out the potential for social distancing here, but I know they don't give a fuck about that.

Every time I read this kind of article by a Republican, I remind everyone that it was these guys who added an additional $7 TRILLION to our National Debt just in 2017.  It's really insulting when they talk about the damage being foisted on our children and grandchildren. Their tax break was for the top 1% and they do nothing to help future generations. All they do is destroy things for them in advance.

@TonyStark I love how they think we didn't notice their sudden need to worry about the debt once the President changed over.

500,000 dead on their watch and they still want to tell us how it all should be run.

Since Republicans have gotten economic policy right (checks history) never - excuse me if I toss your useless advice, Steve Scalise another fawning Trump enabler, and Tim Phillips, President of a libertarian, Koch Brothers-backed organization.

It’s the Former Guy's and Republican’s failed leadership that helped get us to this moment. If they'd have advocated mask-wearing and proper social distancing early on or even at any point, things wouldn't be as bad as they are now. Give us all a break.

This is quite a good package. Time is of the essence and the assistance should not be delayed by any more GOP hold-ups.

71% of Americans will qualify for the full amount of the checks. Another 17% will get a partial payment.

The fact 71% of the country falls into the categories of individuals earning up to $50,000, heads of household earning up to $75,000, and married couples earning up to $100,000 reminds you of the level of income inequality in this country.

The $15 mininum wage can be passed permanently through Congress as both Senator Sanders and Speaker Pelosi recommended.

And I don't really care if this money "helps the economy" or not. Keeping people afloat and giving them a cushion against the short-term future is just as important as helping businesses.

And as an aside, this is the first of many planned actions to help Americans financially - the beginning not the end.

Senate Lawmakers Back Biden’s Stimulus but Reject Minimum Wage Increase

@TonyStark They were the only two I heard suggested, and not at the same time. Tlaib and Omar are the only Muslim women in Congress, but I was only able to watch for a short while today. For all I know, other Republicans want to boot other non-white members when they get the chance!

House Republicans warned Democrats today that when they next take the majority, they'll remove Reps. Tlaib and Omar and maybe whoever else they don't like from committees in retaliation for the vote against Marjorie Taylor Greene today.

The QAnon statements and antisemitism are bad, but Greene wouldn’t have been removed just for having abhorrent beliefs. They would have to kick out many more Republicans if animus against another group of people were enough. Greene was removed for threatening violence against the Speaker and the aforementioned members of Congress plus the Republicans' other bogeywoman, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. These three Democratic representatives haven't threatened anyone.

This is the correct headline, as only 11 Republicans voted to strip a reckless conspiracy theorist from her committee assignments.

199 voted not to hold her accountable at all, which is equivalent to direct approval. It tells you everything you need to know about the current Republican party, which I still maintain should come to a disgraced end.

House Exiles Marjorie Taylor Greene From Panels, as Republicans Rally Around Her:


I'd rather see the "pay-fors" come from elsewhere but hopefully, it's a start that yields the important thing: help.

@TonyStark I’m glad to see some bipartisanship of any kind but there will need to be changes to that Romney bill. It looks like it’s taking from Social Security.

Additional story; he’s running.

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