It really says something that the best way to defend democracy right now is to leave Texas.

I admire these people and I also feel sad for them. They shouldn't have to leave their homes and families in order to keep democracy from crumbling. But they had to and they did.

If you'd like to support them, go here:

This is absolutely horrifying.

Kids have and should be part of vaccination efforts. Do they want kids sick or worse? This is deadly behavior and anti-medicine and based on lies.

Don't elect Republicans.

Tennessee halts vaccine outreach to minors, not just for COVID-19-

re: tw: unsafe abortion 

@NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill
I agree. They are making it a place for unsafe back alley abortions like it was in the past.

17-year-old D, a Texas resident, couldn't tell her parents that she was pregnant. She feared they would kick her out. She had to get a judge's permission to have an abortion.

D found out she was pregnant at 5.5 weeks. Her hearing was a few weeks later, and she had the abortion at 8.5 weeks.

Texas just passed a law (that will probably be overturned as unconstitutional, though who knows what will happen with the lack of respect of stare decisis by the current SCOTUS), outlawing abortion at 6 weeks.

Six weeks pregnant means really means four weeks post conception. Two weeks of not being pregnant at all.

These "heartbeat" bills are not about heartbeats. Dr. Saima Aftab of Children's Hospital in Miami describes this inaudible electrical signal as "a little flutter." The anti-abortion messaging is working.

Some states will do anything to control women (and by extension other AFAB pregnant people).

CW: the article has a description of D's abortion.

@TonyStark It’s good to see that science is back. No, we can’t afford to have to fix things so often.

Every time I read about one more of Trump's irresponsible and idiotic decisions being rolled back, I celebrate.

He is one person whose effect on America should be obliterated, erased, and scrubbed out of every dark corner he wormed into and dirtied.

But we also can't keep doing this alternating parties thing. We get nowhere as a nation. We are Sisyphus rolling the rock up the hill when Dems are in charge, and letting the rock roll down to smash everything when the Republicans take over. They're trying really hard to take over now and we can't let it happen.

Biden reappoints a top climate scientist who was removed by Trump:
The removal of the scientist, Michael Kuperberg, was part of an effort in the final months of the Trump administration to thwart the National Climate Assessment.

We (as Democratic activists working to get out the vote) can't take any groups of voters for granted. If we want someone's vote, we have to address their issues. I will always vote for the Democrat (unless something really unexpected happens in my lifetime like another party realignment), but I thought not giving Julián Castro a slot at the 2020 convention was a mistake by the DNC and I said it at the time. This article is about Latino voters, but I think the same can be said for many different groups of Americans.

@TonyStark the people of Texas are shifting every day more and more to Blue, and the Red are terrified. They are doing the only thing they know how to do, change the rules to try and save them.

I remember after the election there was talk from Texans I knew of people changing the voting age to prevent people under the age of 25 from voting.

Republicans can never win a fair election, so they work hard to ensure no election is fair.

But they forget, they cannot beat time. In the end, they will lose, again. :voteblue: :tx:

@TonyStark Texas keeps showing signs of shifting blue. So of course the Republicans need to suppress the vote now.

Texas already has very strict voting regulations. Remember how long the lines were in previous elections?

Now they’ll be even worse. One of the worst aspects of the new restrictions is the plan to allow unlimited numbers of poll watchers who can directly challenge voters. Under current law, poll watchers must be appointed in advance and wear ID, and they can only report any suspicious activity to an election official.

Republicans seem to think that if they send their threatening poll watchers to certain precincts voters will just leave and not vote—and some might. Some will be intimidated, but frequent challenges will result in long lines as it takes more time to vote, which will also result in some people having to leave for work without voting. You can imagine which voters those will be.

Republicans have passed some terrible laws in this state, but this may be one of the worst. We have to fight back hard.

Texas cities are all deep blue now. Some of the suburbs are blue and some are purple. To win Republicans rely on the huge number of small towns, small cities, and completely rural folk who are white, ignorant, and scared of becoming the next minority (because they can only see themselves being treated one way as a minority since that's how they treated other minorities).

But as Boomers age out and die, many mid-sized mostly white cities are turning purple too.

@TonyStark Texas is turning purple/blue and it terrifies them. Beto O'Rourke lost by only three points. Cornyn fared better against MJ Hegar, but Texas did not make voting easy in a pandemic. Traditional Republican voters had a much easier time voting absentee.

@TonyStark Marc Elias was on Maddow last night if anyone saw it. It’s a good idea to keep up with Democracy Docket.

Imagine having no ability to appeal to voters, no agenda or platform that wins new votes, no vision to promote, no solutions to offer to the country's challenges, and the only way you can win is by stopping the votes of other Americans. That's what this is. It leads to a Republican authoritarianism, which is what they want.

Democrats in ALL states need to be finding those voters who need help through this, making themselves available in every county and accessible and up to date on what's going on. This needs to be happening NOW.

Find your local Democratic Party, join a chapter of the League of Women Voters, join a group like Fair Fight Action, Black Voters Matter, Vote Forward, or Swing Left. Support organizations like Democracy Docket that are filing lawsuits on behalf of voters at the state level.

We have to make these efforts backfire on Republicans and backfire hard and it's going to take everyone on the side of voting rights to do it.


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Texas' Senate Bill 7 is available on-line.

There is an attempt to eliminate mail-in voting by requiring a note from a doctor, social security or a veterans administration.

It is easier for an election judge to declare a "spoiled ballot" without any definition.

The law makes voter intimidation easier for a "watcher" using a cellular phone and allowing the "watcher" to determine what is appropriate distancing and behavior.  Only a "watcher" may record anything but a view of the marked ballot.  This will probably see a lot of litigation.

There is an overly broad change of election malfeasance from a "crime" to a "felony" without any definition.

No drive up ballot collection is allowed.

After a lengthy debate, the Republican-controlled state House advanced new voting restrictions in Texas:

I just got my 2nd Vaccine shot, in a lovely park near my house, with a lot of great people of all races.

I feel privileged.

I drove into a beautiful graveyard nearby to pay my respect, and honor those 578K who never got the chance.

I think we're all good here. We are pro-vaccine, pro-mask, and pro-doing-things-it's-safe-to-do-per-medical-experts.
@NatashaRomanoff @AgentCarter_SSR

@NatashaRomanoff @TonyStark @AgentCarter_SSR I get it.

In medicine, we are fighting a lot of issues with vaccine-hesitant people, one of which is thinking their lives won't open up at all if they are vaccinated because they'll still be limited and really, once you're vaccinated, a lot of previously closed activities will open up to people, including seeing their loved ones and the ability to drop a mask if they're in the right circumstances and want to. That's all, I just want to make sure that message gets through.

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