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I wonder whether the fascists on the SCOTUS even realize what impacts that these anti-democratic moves are going to have on perceptions of the legitimacy of the Court. They're not just undermining democracy. They are undermining their own institution.

The truly awful thing about this is that states with republican-dominated legislatures are going to read this ruling as a tacit declaration of open season on voter protections. This court will not extend equal protection to all voters, and will now support laws that brazenly undermines them. 

We have to work. We have to vote. Skipping any election has grave consequences as does throwing away your vote.

It's going to be very important that everyone is up to date on votong information and checks that information regularly.

This is why Democrats need to always show up to vote in every election, especially midterms. Look at the mess we have now with Trump judges and spineless GOP lawmakers. Not voting has consequences. 

There should be no doubt left in anybody's mind that Republicans packed the federal courts for the express purpose of suppressing Democratic-leaning voters and putting an end to free and fair elections.  

Now that's it's crystal clear Republicans are waging war on our democratic republic, the questions is what do we, ordinary patriotic citizens, do about it?

Given how anti-democratic Republicans have become, we cannot afford complacency. Ordinary citizens, fellow readers must organize. Volunteer for groups like Fair Fight, Black Voters Matter, and Swing Left (and many others) and show up when there's an election. Democratic voter turnout and action has been low so far in 2021. We have to do better.

Our right to vote is in grave danger. The time to act is now. 

Opinion | The Roberts court systematically dismantles the Voting Rights Act-

@TonyStark Keep working, friends. The anti-democratic Republicans want us to be discouraged. Don’t give them that.

FYI - - yesterday's decision:

Arizona’s state primary is held in August, when it is typically is 100+ degrees. Voters - go sign up now for the Permanent Early Voting List. You'll automatically get a ballot for every election that you are eligible to participate in without the need to request a ballot for each election. Arizona's used it for years and it works great. You can vote early when it works for you.

The news is not great, but I'm not discouraged. There have been some great local groups that have done phenomenal work to help get out the voters in AZ. Also, Katie Hobbs is still Secretary of State so she will protect the number of polling places.

Voters need to pay attention to the state portion of their ballot - not just the federal portion. Educating voters will be a key part of 2021 and 2022. Local elections matter.

Register to vote. Check your registration status. Get your absentee ballot. Fast, free, easy, secure, nonpartisan.

At least I have the Onion to make me laugh while I watch far too many people letting democracy die.

Supreme Court Waits In Line For Hours Before Voting To Uphold Arizona Restrictions-

@YinzPittsburghers Here's mine! Maybe you'll recognize the cardboard jerk. He's never met with us about anything, ever.

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