The judge had NO BUSINESS commenting on Maxine Waters’ participation in the protests. She is supporting protesters as is her right! The judge might as well have told her to “shut up”. He owes her an apology

RT It seems his cause of death was determined by the same people conducting Chauvin’s defence.

Transgender rights are not special rights they are rights enjoyed by everyone.

"Lawmakers targeting trans youth demonize kids to pander to fearful voters"

@TonyStark If Sinema is on board, we only need to win one more seat next year to overcome whatever Manchin doesn't want to go along with. I fully intend for us to take the PA, NC, and WI seats so that we have a 53-47 senate and can afford to lose two votes without even the VP tiebreaker, but since I'm a Democrat and so are all of my friends, we can't really register our dead relatives in three states each and must work the phones and hit the pavement. (Adopt a state if you don't live in one of the three!) @HowardStark

@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark I can't go a day without hearing about someone shooting people in public or threatening people with a gun in my city. It's terrifying. We don't have to live this way. I agree that we should all demand gun reform, not just moms. (I know you don't have to be a mom to join, though.)

@TonyStark Georgia is also a good adoptable seat, as Sen. Warnock is an incumbent with a tough race now that Georgia voters are being further disenfranchised. We'll have to see what other states with senate elections try the same. Ohio also has an open seat. Hopefully there will be a good Democratic candidate there and a weak Republican one to run against! @HowardStark


You are the worst, !

RT Sounds like an issue with your management team and their profit strategy.

Also don't complain about increased operating costs and then boast about your commitment to safeguard associates.


Kroger deleted this tweet whining about Long Beach's ordinance giving eligible workers a $4/hour "hero" raise during the pandemic. closed two stores rather than pay it.

Said goodbye to Uncas on Friday. He lived a good long life (~22-25). We laid him to rest in the Utah desert near Bears Ears. He always loved going on adventures. #cats #cat

Time for some sleep..! Good night loves! :mastodon: :fediverse: :blobcathearts: :stux: :blobcathug:

To end this pandemic, 'we've got to get everyone in our country vaccinated,' US surgeon general says

#CNN #News #RSS #Bot

I think the 3 Dems yet to give the PRO Act a yes are Sinema, Kelly and Warner.

There are still feel-good stories in a pandemic. This one includes painted-red dryer balls, a used Fiat, and a couple of people in New Jersey named Joe and Shirley.

@TonyStark If you live in Virginia or Arizona, time to pick up your phone. 📲​ @HowardStark

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