They had vague memories of a time when they had hands and sharp teeth. Of the world being a playground of food and violence.

'Yes,' said the reflection. 'Touch the water and set me free!'

There had been a wizard with lights in her hands. The world had become small.

The lizard saw her sometimes, when she visited the garden. She brought them tasty worms and a hot water bottle that was heaven to bask on.

The lizard turned away, and didn't look in the pond again.

#microfiction #TootFic

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The lizard peered into the pond, tilting their head from side to side.

Instead of a little brown creature with a pointed muzzle and splayed toes, their reflection was a human with grey skin and black eyes.

'Let me out,' the reflection mouthed, a hissing voice echoing in the lizard's head.

The lizard startled and looked around, but nobody was there.

The reflection smiled encouragingly. 'We could rule the world again, if only you let me out.'



#microfiction #TootFic

@TonyStark Vaccines will do the most good in people's arms. I'm grateful to see competent coming to help us all deal with Covid.

Just because I'm curious (boosts welcomed).

When you cross your fingers, do you:

This is more like it!
Good to see someone with a scientific background instead of the usual Republican deniers of science, public interest, decency, facts, etc...
I can get used to this new administration!

How refreshing it is to actually see qualified, knowledgeable, intelligent, experienced and caring people appointed to critical leadership positions in this country. What a novel approach to governing! It's been MIA for 4 years.


Dr David Kessler helped speed the development and approval of the AIDS drug in 1990s and is more than remembered well for it. Excellent choice.

@TonyStark It's sure nice to see real public servants coming into these important jobs.


Biden’s selections are based on abilities and qualifications, unlike Trump’s choices, based on who will simply agree with him or create profit from the government along with destroying it. Dr. Kessler is exactly the type of person you would think should lead this situation. He’s a win for sure.


Navarre is welcome to keep it. Maybe it will be a reminder of the 'good times' when he can't find a job after Jan 20th.

@LukasMurch @NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill In Philadelphia, we have a Working Families Party member on City Council. Two seats are reserved for minority party members. Two WFP candidates ran and one beat an incumbent Republican. Not ranked choice, just what can happen with other viable parties.

This is the right use of Philly's unofficial motto. Even clean cut Californian Swalwell was thinking fuck and not fool though.

This is a most deserving choice.

Lawmakers propose Congressional Gold Medal for Capitol officer who led rioters away-

A bipartisan group of House representatives want to honor Officer Eugene Goodman:

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