More great news from the Biden Administration.

Biden officials to propose restoring roadless rule on Alaska’s Tongass National Forest.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will propose reinstating a Bill Clinton-era rule to ban logging and road building in more than half of North America’s largest temperate rainforest, the department confirmed. The restrictions had managed to stay in place for years because of a series of court battles, but the TFG'S administration wiped them out last fall.

The Biden administration will submit a treaty amendment aimed at curbing a set of climate super-pollutants for Senate approval on Tuesday, White House officials confirmed.

Phasing down these harmful chemicals will create good paying jobs and open export markets for manufacturers of new and safer products, while curbing a potent contributor to climate change.

Biden to submit treaty fighting climate super-pollutants for Senate approval

Permafrost, or permanently frozen land, covers around 23 million square kilometers in the northern hemisphere. Most of the permafrost in the Arctic is up to a million years old typically the deeper it is, the older it is.

In addition to microbes, it has housed a diverse range of chemical compounds over millennia whether through natural processes, accidents or deliberate storage. However, with climate change causing the Arctic to warm much faster than the rest of the world, it is estimated that up to two-thirds of the near-surface permafrost could be lost by 2100.

Thawing Permafrost Could Release Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Undiscovered Viruses

Congratulations Pittsburgh ...

Pittsburgh earns international award for work addressing climate change

Pittsburgh won second place in an international competition known as the Climate Challenge Cup, part of COP26, the ongoing United Nations conference focused on finding solutions to climate change. The award was presented to Mayor Bill Peduto and Chief Resilience Officer Grant Ervin in Glasgow, Scotland, on Wednesday. The city

On November 2nd, as voters across N.Y. state head to the polls for important municipal elections, they will also have the opportunity to vote on ballot questions that will improve the state’s voting rights and redistricting process.

While other states aggressively restrict access to the ballot, New York will send a message to the rest of the country, because everyone should have a say in New York

This fall, New Yorkers can Vote Yes on three statewide ballot proposals for a stronger democracy while dramatically increasing our freedom to vote.

YES ON 1 means districts that put New Yorkers before politicians

YES ON 3 means no more voter registration deadlines

YES ON 4 means you can vote absentee, no excuse needed

New York 2021 ballot measures - Ballotpedia

Leaders of the world’s biggest economies made a compromise commitment Sunday to reach carbon neutrality “by or around mid-century” as they wrapped up a two-day summit that was laying the groundwork for the U.N.

China and India get more than 50 percent of their energy from coal. The United States depends on coal for about 12 percent of its primary energy, and the figure is similar in Europe.

Scientists warn that heat-trapping emissions must fall dramatically by 2030. Otherwise, the world faces more extreme hurricanes, floods and droughts, likely displacing millions of people.

G20 make commitments on climate neutrality, coal financing

The window for action to avert dramatic global temperature increases is closing fast.

This year’s international climate negotiations (COP 26) represent a critical crossroads in our fight for climate action.

Representatives from nations all around the world will convene in Glasgow to develop a new action plan to keep the goals of the Paris Agreement within reach.

Some nations have already set goals to reach net zero emissions and others need to dramatically raise their ambition.

'Everything is at stake' as world gathers for climate talks

Big Oil CEOs testify before House Oversight Committee

Executives from Chevron, Exxon, Shell, BP, the American Petroleum Institute and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will speak for the first time about reports that they tried to mislead the public about .

Climate change is a risk to national security, the Pentagon says

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks says the effects of climate change are already being felt. Storms have damaged U.S. bases and rising seas could submerge U.S. installations in the Pacific.

The United Nations reports Greenhouse gas concentrations hit a new record last year and increased faster than the average rate for the last decade.

Greenhouse gas concentrations hit a new record in 2020 despite pandemic lockdowns

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has in recent weeks dubbed the proposed social safety net spending in the reconciliation bill currently being discussed in Congress as "reckless" and "fiscal insanity." 

However, when it comes to climate change, the true insanity is ignoring the brutal fiscal reality that our nation will face if we don't make serious investments now to stave off the worst of global warming and make American communities and the economy resilient to climate-fueled extreme weather.

In Germany, global warming is changing more than just the climate. It’s changing politics, too.

Layers of dried mud on sidewalks, concrete roads turned to gravel and time worn stone bridges washed away.

Coming on the heels of a summer that featured record setting heat waves, wildfires and floods all exacerbated by climate change.

More than two-thirds of Republicans continue to insist that climate change is “not an emergency,” according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

COP26, the high-stakes climate conference that starts on October 31.

Earth’s fate is at stake at COP26. United Nations climate conference in Glasgow.

A series of new reports from the Biden administration will issue a stark warning on Thursday: The effects of climate change will be wide-reaching and will pose problems for every government.

"No country will be spared from the challenges directly related to climate change," a senior administration official told reporters in a call previewing the reports.

A first-ever National Intelligence Estimate on climate warned that 11 countries are at particular risk owing to extreme weather and the challenges coping with it.

White House, intelligence agencies, Pentagon issue reports warning climate change threatens global security

According to the analysis from more than 100 doctors and health experts.Climate change is set to become the “defining narrative of human health,” a top medical journal warned Wednesday triggering food shortages, deadly disasters and disease outbreaks that would dwarf the toll of the coronavirus.

But aggressive efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions from human activities could avert millions of unnecessary deaths.

Inaction on climate change imperils millions of lives, doctors say

According to a new report from the United Nations published Wednesday, details how the world's largest fossil fuel producers plan to carry on using coal, gas, and oil despite promises made under the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit global warming.

The world's governments plan to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels in 2030, with just a modest decrease in coal production.

Despite climate change promises, governments plan to ramp up fossil fuel production.

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