America doesn't have a health CARE system. We have a health INSURANCE system. That ain't the same thing.

When anyone walks in the door, our first question isn't "How can we fix you?", it's "How're you gonna pay for this?"

That's barbaric.

Yay! Rep. Lauren Underwood has been elected to a House leadership position 😃

"The last Black female to hold an elected House leadership spot was Rep. Shirley Chisholm, D-N.Y., — an Underwood role model — in 1977."

#BlackMastodon #Politics

Another win for the American people and the rule of law. Another loss for America's number one loser.

Three Conservative Judges Just Ended Aileen Cannon’s Outrageous Interference With the Mar-a-Lago Case-
The criminal investigation into the former president will now proceed unimpeded.

Proud that my team brought the lawsuit forcing Cochise County to certify AND won the case in which Lake's lawyers were sanctioned.

Today was a big day for @EliasLawGroup in Arizona!

This is probably my favorite Christmas song of all time, and I like the old classics plenty.


A catastrophic rail strike was averted on Thursday as the Senate voted 80-15 on a new labor agreement to increase wages and health benefits for rail workers.

Republicans filibustered an additional Democratic bill that would have provided rail workers with 7 days of paid sick leave. The deal was voted down by a vote of 52-43, falling short of the 60 votes needed to overcome the filibuster. 1/

Via Kyle Cheney, part of his thread on the other site I wish you could read, but here’s a sample:

“NEWS: Jan. 6 investigators recently issued a grand jury subpoena to filmmaker Alex Holder. They want all his raw footage.

Subpoena, issued the same day #JackSmith took over the probe

My understanding is the 10 or 11 grand juries convened in DC this year is an unusually high number, including an unheard of three that all began the same day #Smith was appointed.” #GrandJury #January6

Nice to see Jenna Ellis get a shout out in a Jan6 sentencing memo (in this case, that of George Tenney, who opened a second front in the Capitol).

stephen fowler:

After the third statewide in-person early voting day, more than 1.1 million Georgians have voted in the runoff. #gapol

At least 1/3 of early voters are Black.

Roughly 40k (3.5%) didn't vote in the 2022 general #election. #Georgia

I'd like to give a big, warm welcome to @karoli.

You all will recognize her from "Crooks and Liars." We use that a lot around here and we now can just get it straight from the source.

She was a good friend to on Twitter and had an account on Mastodon before, and we're glad to see her back.

I recommend everyone give her a follow.

@DebErupts @DeanObeidallah The Montana case is a good example of why state constitutions are important protections. When Roe was decided, the League of Women Voters in Montana organized to get the right to privacy placed in the state constitution. When Dobbs was decided and the federa constitutional right disappeared, the state right remained.

The Electoral Count Act is complicated, vague, and poorly drafted. Congress should use the lame duck to fix it.

Cloudy first day of December here in Southern California. The air is crisp and cool as I drink my morning coffee on my back patio. It's a new dawn, it's a new day, let's do this!

REMINDER: In 13 states abortion is banned at conception meaning Republicans have imposed their religion as US law to FORCE women to carry a fetus to term.

2/ Pregnant women are wise to be afraid of COVID.
Thankfully, we have new data to show that Omicron causes 75% less critical illness than Delta and 43% less preterm birth. Less still birth.
All this despite Omicron being way more contagoius.

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