Transgender rights are not special rights they are rights enjoyed by everyone.

"Lawmakers targeting trans youth demonize kids to pander to fearful voters"

@TonyStark On the day it happened, it seemed like surely, SURELY this was going to be the breaking point for more than just a handful of Republicans. That feels like 5 years ago and I can't believe I was so naive; I've lived among Republicans my whole life. I know the cult mentality.

I'm going to be candid and say that I've had at least a couple of violent nightmares a month since 1/6 and I can't watch footage or see photos of it without a wave of anxiety, and all I did was see events unfold on live TV (and then watch hours of news about it afterward). I can only imagine the PTSD that people who were there might be suffering now. It will be an unforgivable insult to them, and to those who died, and to the idea of this country itself if the GQP keeps an independent commission from happening.

But am I surprised? Fuck no. People just want to forget bad things that have happened, which makes it easier for evil assholes like RepubliQans to wipe it from the record.

January 6th gave me a similar feeling to 9/11 except a group of Americans attacked America.

So long as the RepubliQan Party supports their Big Lie, the only practical solution will be to drum every Republican from office- national, state, and local.

@TonyStark @CharlotteSometimes I've been thinking about how a lot of the people who perpetrated 1/6 don't even believe that 9/11 happened the way it did in reality. Something in their brains doesn't work properly.

We have been mired in an anti-science ditch for far too long. The Biden Administration is bringing about the resurrection of an essential part of our lives with these transformative acts.

Biden has proposed a 20 percent increase to the National Science Foundation, as well as numerous new investments totaling $180 billion in his $2.3 trillion infrastructure package:

The article indicates that this ruling will likely make it harder to hold the people who killed Officer Sicknick accountable. I know that medical examiners aren’t infallible. I know that if they’re good at their job, they’re only paying attention to facts and not pursuing anything other than the truth. I just hate the thought of people getting away with cold-blooded killing.

There was nothing "natural" about what happened to Officer Sicknick that day.

There are still feel-good stories in a pandemic. This one includes painted-red dryer balls, a used Fiat, and a couple of people in New Jersey named Joe and Shirley.

Want to help in an important election today and are bilingual English/Spanish?

Today, April 19th, from 5 to 6 PM Pacific, Activate America will be texting pro-environment voters who often miss elections in the lead-up to May 1st municipal elections in Texas. They will be sending non-partisan messages alerting them about early voting access and, given the high concentration of Spanish speakers in this voting universe, all texts will include an option to correspond in Spanish. This is a great opportunity for bilingual texters to increase voter turnout.

If you're new to texting, they have training documents to get you set up! :CTA: :gotv: :tx:

Sign up here: Text Bank - Get Out the Vote in Texas, for Bi-Lingual Volunteers · Activate America (formerly Flip the West)


Guess all the good guys with guns were on vacation this weekend.

Great progress!

Make sure you get your 2nd shot if you need one and get your vaccination scheduled if you haven't yet.

Half of Americans over 18 have received at least 1 vaccine shot: CDC -

You don't have to be a parent or be a registered anything. Just someone who wants to help end gun violence. Shannon Watts has accomplished a lot in this area, even though a lot of people say nothing gets done, organizations like hers have accomplished a lot on gun safety legislation around the country.

They're excellent organizers and well worth checking out.

Some kind of independent probe needs to look at the insurrection analytically to determine which 'lefties' needed to protest an election that had the outcome that they voted for.

GOP, at least try and make it make sense when you lie.

Trump’s grip on GOP looms as support falters for independent probe of Capitol riot:

@TonyStark I don't think some of them are even capable of using common sense.

Republicans lose election for the I've lost count number of times.

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a case against Pennsylvania's handling of mail-in ballots, dispensing with yet another legal challenge over the 2020 election:

@Nebula I swear this will become tradition. The year is 2051, and once again, there is a challenge on the 2020 election.

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