Democrats are focusing on improving the lives of ordinary Americans. Republicans are focused on storming the US Capitol, overthrowing the government, dividing America, and changing election laws in an effort to keep power with their shrinking minority.

For anyone saying Biden’s plans will hurt the middle class, the last 40 years quickly prove you wrong. Wealth/income inequality and declining union membership soared as a result of Reaganism/trickle-down economics, almost wiping the middle class out. Investing in the middle class is way forward. Investing pays off.

The Biden administration can cover this with higher taxes on wealthy corporations and those making over $400,000. The majority of those groups pay a lower marginal tax rate right now than the middle class the administration seeks to help.

It's not redistribution. It's righting a wrong that's allowed a few to take advantage of many.

Biden’s Proposals Aim to Give Sturdier Support to the Middle Class:


@TonyStark This goes for medical care, too. Other nations do a better job than we do and aren't living under the scary conditions Republicans swore they would be. Making healthcare a privilege has severely damaged average Americans. Good medical care for everyone will only bring us all forward.

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