CNN talked to NFL analyst Rich Eisen last night, a man in early 50’s who was vaccinated in late winter and got a positive COVID test result before a trip. His young daughter caught it, too. His symptoms were like a bad cold, throat tickle and cough and felt terrible but no fever. He had done everything carefully like masks and limited exposure but Delta still broke through. He credits his milder case to his vaccination and urges people to not wait one more second if they're unvaccinated.

He didn’t die because the vaccine works. 

The quicker you and others get vaccinated, the quicker the virus will stop spreading. The latest US fully vaccinated count is 162 million. They are working. This fatal disease is worse than any vaccines' side effects, which will let you survive even with a breakthrough infection. Who knows how bad the next variant will be?

CDC warns this is ‘pivotal moment’ in fight against delta variant:


Couple of thoughts here. From the perspective of a physician who has taken care of a lot of Covid patients and has a pretty good understanding of the realities here. First there is a vaccine. We all have access to the vaccine in the US. Variants will occur and we will create new vaccines but the more variants out there and the quicker they arrive, there's a danger a variant can get ahead of us.

A lot of publicity about the right and vaccine resistance is correct but remember prior to Covid, a lot of the anti-vaxx false connection stuff was coming from some distinctly not red state areas. Hopefully, they stop, too.

Covid is here. Mitigation efforts for before vaccines aren't as useful now. The vaccines are the way to cope.These are the realities. From someone who actually has been in the trenches from the beginning. Covid is worse than a vaccine. If you want to say it's experimental, ok, but so are all the covid treatments. You'd rather have the vaccine.

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