The surprising news hasn't really been surprising. We knew after 2016 that Facebook had been used for Russian disinformation, sold user data to political operatives, and profited off festering polarization.

Zuckerberg hacked Harvard's servers to launch a rudimentary dating app that graded the visual appeal of classmates, right? Not a stretch to see him put capitalism above country, public safety, and honest facts.

Even worse, Zuckerberg is falsely cloaking himself in a dedication to the 1st Amendment and free speech to hide his greed when he knows damn well that hate speech and incitement to violence are not protected forms of speech - nor is the 1st Amendment about Facebook protecting that speech. It's the role of the government.

Manipulation and driving anger for cash isn't something anyone should support.

The United Nations reports Greenhouse gas concentrations hit a new record last year and increased faster than the average rate for the last decade.

Greenhouse gas concentrations hit a new record in 2020 despite pandemic lockdowns

I hear that Facebook is accused and has been caught of using manipulating both sides of policies & politics.

But why the hell did the right-wing lose their minds, believe lies, side with greed over America, & disbelieve science?

My guess is it's incorrect "both sides do it."

Well, her record on truth-telling is a bit suspect. (I don't even buy the "proudly serving" part.)

Maybe she should use her free time to seek out an attorney, instead.

☕️🤨 Not buying it Rep. Boebert. But this article is serious enough 🔥that she had to react.

We've reached the point of making a choice - we can have democracy or we can have Facebook. We know what Zuckerberg wants. Now it's up to the rest of us to protect democracy. Walk away from Facebook completely. Zuck can take his billions and live in exile and shame.  By the time he's actually held accountable, it'll be too late.

This is what unregulated capitalism gets you. Libertarians and free-market people have no idea of reality.

The case against Mark Zuckerberg: Insiders say Facebook’s CEO chose growth over safety-

Look. If you want to protest something, obviously that's fine. If you don't like the results of an election and it is worth protesting to you, go ahead, peacefully.

If you want to plan to protest and overturn the results of a free, open election in the United States and plan an insurrection to install the loser, that is not democracy, protest, or OK. That's it.

Two Jan. 6 Planners Cooperate With Committee, Name MAGA Congress Members - Rolling Stone


The United States spends less on its citizens, on a social safety net, than any other developed country. That is not something we should be proud of.

Manchin seems to have very little compassion for the people he claims to care about. He will never be forced to choose between paying the rent/mortgage, the utilities, for food, or medical care. He has not lived through periods of extended unemployment. Many Americans have.

We have a group of people who feel entitled: the richest. We have corporations that feel entitled. Working Americans have needs that are being sacrificed to this entitlement. I find it ironic that Manchin claims to champion independence and freedom from entitlement while drawing his salary from the government and helping out his rich sponsors.

Sinema seemed to understand this a short time ago, but also fell down to a few dollars. Republicans are still worse, but it’s getting close.


@TonyStark It doesn't seem possible for Republicans' ideas to get any lower, but I'm sure there's still room.

@TonyStark Someone will pay anti-vaxxers to leave? Now someone start a relocation fund for science-accepting people who want out of states with covid-denying governors.

These are 2 headlines from today in the world we actually live in so I guess what we have to look forward to is Ron DeSantis’ mostly dead police force.

Manchin is stepping all over West Virginians who work hard and through no fault of their own, need this assistance to be permanent.

The U.S. is an absolute outlier amongst developed nations as far as how much we spend on children.

Well-off countries contribute an average of $14,000 per year for a toddler’s care, compared with $500 in the U.S. There's no good reason to be against doing more on a permanent basis.


Elected officials holding stock at all is a problem. Blind trusts run by family members are a sham.

Then there's the lobbying. We need campaign finance reform, but fat chance someone like Manchin is going to vote for that when he benefits from the status quo.

@RJA @TonyStark

Sargent explains the difference between J.D. Vance's positions from the usual Republican line of 2021, but it's hard to imagine it will matter after his 2022 Ohio senate primary against Josh Mandel. Whether Vance wins or Mandel does, their individual opinions won't mean anything. Every Republican senator falls in line with Mitch McConnell as needed. It's so noteworthy when they don't that we remember individual votes and still laud the late John McCain's vote to preserve the ACA, which was a dying man's thumb in the eye of TFG, who insulted his military heroism. We jeer Susan Collins, who is no hero and only votes with Democrats when it doesn't matter. Only Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney appear to ever think for themselves, and still, you'll never catch them voting with Democrats on budget reconciliation where their votes would be enough to pass anything in the 50-50 Senate.

We need a Democrat in that open Ohio seat.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has in recent weeks dubbed the proposed social safety net spending in the reconciliation bill currently being discussed in Congress as "reckless" and "fiscal insanity." 

However, when it comes to climate change, the true insanity is ignoring the brutal fiscal reality that our nation will face if we don't make serious investments now to stave off the worst of global warming and make American communities and the economy resilient to climate-fueled extreme weather.


or , then volunteer at the polls, making phone calls, or last-minute canvassing on Election Day!


Republicans' tax cuts for the very wealthy and corporations with high revenues definitely redistribute wealth straight to them.

In places with decent economic conditions where Democrats run the government, there are pretty fair taxes and the community benefits. Schools are good, roads are good, safely nets exist, etc.

So I wouldn't call it an inability of Democrats to pass high taxes. It's a couple of Democratic Senators who don't qualify as moderates. And no Republicans are helping.

Honestly, I thought the vast majority of press was really positive towards billionaires in space for no reason. There was very little negative coverage. Most of the complaints came from regular people. Shatner even got a lot of coverage for defending it.


The article says that 93% of West Virginians receiving the credit would benefit from it being permanent. That's an astounding number. For some families this is making rent. Others already spend every dollar on bills, and this allows them to buy clothes and shoes for their kids. Many schools make families pay for kids to participate in sports. This is not having to say to your kid sorry, we can't afford for you to play basketball or baseball or soccer. We can't afford to rent a clarinet and the marching band uniform. This is being able to have a small birthday party. Not having life be so hard all the time. Why does Joe Manchin think that kids don't deserve those things no matter who their parents – and in many families it's retired grandparents – are?

And of the 7% able to just put it into savings, possibly for their kids to go to college/trade school and not take on debt? Great! Manchin is pushing to cut free community college too! Let those families save it if they can.

Trump and his ignorant GQP gangsters and bootlickers have already killed hundreds of thousands of Americans in various ways, but mostly by turning COVID into the much more deadly Trump Plague. But their delusional and depraved denial of the facts coupled with Trump's relentless attacks on the environment make them an existential threat to organized human life on the entire planet.  

Trump, in fact, deliberately accelerated climate change by turning over pristine land and costal waters to fossil fuel interests, by denigrating renewable energy ("windmills cause cancer") and by gutting the EPA by moving their offices so far away that irreplaceable climate scientists had no choice but to quit, which was exactly what Trump wanted them to do.

Youngkin isn't as far from Trump as he wants people to believe. Look at his policies. - go vote for Terry McAuliffe if you haven't.

Opinion | Youngkin banishes Trump, but he can’t clean the stench of Trumpism:

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