I understand why some parents may have put off well child visits to their pediatricians during the pandemic, but please, PLEASE, make sure you kids are up to date on ALL their vaccinations!

The American Academy of Pediatrics calls on parents to get their children up-to-date on shots before they return to class.

Drop in childhood vaccinations during pandemic may raise risk of other outbreaks when schools reopen, CDC says
By Lena H. Sun



I've done a good deal of autism research. There is no credible link between vaccines& autism.

As a parent, it was important to me to protect my children from preventable diseases like measles, mumps& rubella.

I'll thank you to take your anti-vaxer bullshit elsewhere.

I laughed at him when he told me I was under surveillance for talking up covid vaccines and someone was coming for me and he blocked me first, but thanks, Glenn!

Nobody knocked on my door yet and I always enjoy the gif.
@AgentCarter_SSR @thephilosopher

He made a feeble attempt to insult my intelligence& research skills. I had more interesting things to do than bother replying to his nonsense a second time.
@GlennGriffin8 @thephilosopher

@TonyStark @AgentCarter_SSR When Hydra trolls are lurking about, it’s the next best thing to the Agent Carter’s “Hodge Technique”💥 Mr. Stark!

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