The Court that is all about states' rights, until a state does something the White Nationalists don't like.

SCOTUS is on the wrong side of all of the major challenges the U.S. faces.

Voting rights - wrong side

Dark money - wrong side

Climate change - wrong side

Gun control - wrong side

Restricting already decided rights (abortion) - wrong side

This is not sustainable. Voters need to give the Dems the power they need to fix this. It didn't take one election to get this way. It won't take one to fix it.

Supreme Court strikes down N.Y. law that restricts concealed carrying of guns-


@TonyStark ☕️🙂 I just emailed Colorado Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper thanking them for their anticipated votes in support of the Senate bipartisan Safer Communities Bill. It’s great I know they don’t have to be encouraged to do this. Still, positive messages from constituents lets them know that they have the numbers to do so.

Thanks, Glenn.

People's negativity is getting a little irritating. I appreciate your positive action.

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