@TonyStark I don't want to keep anyone from voting, but I wonder if "everyone must wear a mask" contributed to lower Republican turnout. (I do believe that people shouldn't be allowed inside any public building without a mask. Vote by mail and use contactless grocery delivery so you don't expose your driver if you don't want to wear one.)

@Jen She's probably the best Republican, or Romney. Being the best Republican is not hard. All you have to do is be more than "concerned" which is all that Susan Collins can manage.

We have some local races this year and I will be voting once again by mail. 📬

I guess if Republicans wanted to listen to a big, orange buffoon and not wear a mask or vote the same way he's done, that's on them.

Lisa Murkowski: She's definitely not the worst Republican, but she had no problem with ? Where were these Republicans the last 4, 5 years?

Lisa Murkowski: Key GOP senator critical of Tanden's past tweets in latest setback for Biden's pick for budget director -

@YinzPittsburghers If some PA Republicans complained about my politics, I'd wear that as a badge of honor.

How to know when your party is in trouble:  when they put out a statement that they are not the party of white supremacists.

In the DC media market, a right wing group is running ads that are anti-Vanita Gupta, Biden’s pick to be associate attorney general, complete with scary music and phony accusations ala the infamous Republican Willie Horton ad. 

Call your Senators today, generally your Republican Senators, and tell them to confirm these completely qualified Biden nominees. The GOP is still trying to sabotage our government from functioning by delaying these confirmations for no reason. Just say that. 202-224-3121 ☎️📱

Many of Biden’s nominees of color run into turbulence in the Senate:

This is good work for a short time period by the new administration, but there should be consequences for the last administration that did absolutely nothing to track the whereabouts of children and parents who they separated. It's heinous.

The parents of 506 separated migrant children still haven't been found, however. Lawyers say the parents of 322 of them were likely to have been deported.

"Scott Sloofman, a spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), said Democratic senators have voted against female appointments and appointments of color made by Republican presidents. He noted that 41 Democrats voted against former housing secretary Ben Carson, who is Black, and six Democrats voted against former transportation secretary Elaine Chao, who is Asian American."

This is a total BS. Carson was totally unqualified with no experience in housing and Chao is the wife of McConnell and her family is involved in transport. These are both legitimate reasons for opposing. Race or ethnicity played no part.

And they got confirmed anyway and served the whole time, except Chao, who took a last-minute cowardly exit.

Listen to Tony and call your Senators.

I wondered for almost a year as to why the previous administration did not take this simple step. I am pleased to see we have an administration that is doing it now.

Biden administration sending masks to poor communities -

It takes so long but we can't stop trying.

Kentucky Senate GOP leader files no-knock warrant bill -

Texas leadership is passing on winterizing their systems just after it's been proven once again that they need to.

But that's the Texas GOP. Just look at all the regulatory changes and effort they put in after the West Fertilizer Co explosion killed 15 and injured 160+. I'll save you the research: there wasn't any.

Texas Is Awash in Natural Gas. It Didn’t Help in the Storm; State, industry officials show little appetite to harden natural-gas systems after a winter freeze left millions without power and heat-

The Congress needs to review and renew the Voting Rights Act and also pass HR1/S1, bills created by Democrats to protect and expand the vote.

Progressive media could do more to publicize the specific contents of these bills and how they would combat specific types of voter suppression. And the progressive media needs to keep up the great work exposing the anti-democracy bills the Republicans in the states are trying to get through the state legislatures.

On every level, Republicans must be exposed as the allies of insurrection, trying to reverse the victory of the Biden-Harris coalition, and attempting to accomplish with voter suppression laws what the Former Guy and his insurrectionists could not get done on January 6.

U.S. Supreme Court set to weigh Republican-backed voting restrictions-

This isn't at all political, but it speaks to things I see lurking under the surface.

I know the toxicity of division is disheartening. I know that living through a pandemic and taking care of the people we care about is hard.

I know we all wish that the unity President Biden spoke of could become a reality. I suspect we all know it won't very soon.

But we can unify. We can have heart. We can work for the better America and world we know is possible. And I also know that we are not alone.

Foo Fighters - Stranger Things Have Happened-

@HopeVanDyne Rachel Maddow and other news commentators have pointed out that the nominees that Senate Republicans and Joe Manchin have a problem with are all people of color: Xavier Becerra, Deb Haaland, and Neera Tanden. Not all nominees who are POC have been given a hard time: UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield was confirmed 78-20 today, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was confirmed 93-2. However, Sen. McConnell tried to get his caucus not to vote for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Sen. Hawley did his best to hold up Mayorkas' confirmation.

This is what a President does. 

Once again, I am glad that the better amongst us prevailed and Biden won. And once again, I wonder how much better off America (and the world) would be if Trump had never been elected in the first place.

Biden to order sweeping review of U.S. supply chain weak spots-
President Biden on Wednesday will formally order a 100-day government review of potential vulnerabilities in U.S. supply chains for critical items, including computer chips, medical gear, electric-vehicle batteries and specialized minerals.

And he hasn't even had big delicious pieces of chocolate cake with Xi yet.

It's refreshing to see a President who actually does the work of leading and running the nation, as opposed to the former clown who preferred watching cable news for a minimum of 12 hours a day in between ridiculous tweet storms.

I would love to ask Rob Portman what he has done to be bipartisan in the last 4 years during the Trump presidency.  Is hypocrite the word I'm searching for?

Partisanship was the name of the Trump game. Sorry GOP, the people will not fall for your BS again. Was the tax cut legislation bipartisan? Were the piles of ignored bills on McConnell's desk a result of bipartisanship? Was the Capitol attack by Trump thugs bipartisan? 

Or the confirmation of any of their Supreme Court nominations...one of which came from an intentional stonewalling of Merrick Garland?

Opinion | Biden promised bipartisanship. That rhetoric hasn’t been matched by action:

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