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"Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, America's largest Protestant denomination, stonewalled and denigrated survivors of clergy sex abuse over almost two decades while seeking to protect their own reputations, according to a scathing 288-page investigative report issued Sunday."

Top Southern Baptists stonewalled and denigrated sex abuse victims, report says


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“The same energy that inspired many to stand for hours on hot pavements with signs, make numerous calls to their congressmen, march, and selflessly give countless funds must be the same energy implored to now demand early education, food assistance, and childcare relief,” Kori Porter, CEO, Christian Solidarity Worldwide—USA

This needs to be every single person who voted for the two minority presidents who put the votes to overturn Roe on the Supreme Court.

Funny, though, it's a small minority of anti-abortion people. Most of them say "private charity" or worse, "you got pregnant, it's your problem." Who is in favor of a strong social safety net? Oh, it's Democrats, who are largely pro-choice. Pro-choice people are the ones who are actually pro-family, which means supporting families who struggle to support themselves.


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Interestingly, all Republicans did since the Roe decision came out Friday is introduce more ways to squash people's given rights and threaten already marginalized groups.

It's not about the babies or their educational programs would be about paying for education, healthcare, prenatal care, and leave. They're not.

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Too much mayo now can get you the death penalty.

And that’s what open carry does for society.

And somehow people having more guns everywhere seems like a great idea for Republicans.

Man killed Subway worker over ‘too much mayo on his sandwich,’ police say-

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As Republicans seek to strip away our freedoms and liberties
- the freedom snd liberty to choose whether to use contraception or have an abortion
- the freedom and liberty to chose who we marry or have consensual sexual relations with
- we can stop them by throwing them out in Nov., for starters.

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How many times can Senator Collins be “misled” by the same people, using the same script?

Senator Collins can join the Democrats to remove the filibuster and vote for codifying Roe and shoring up voting rights if this is really true. If she doesn't, we know she wasn't misled by fraud, but that she was an accomplice to it.

The rest of us can elect Democrats to the Senate who want to do the same thing. Forget about Manchin. His state isn't going to elect anything different and probably someone worse if he leaves.

Focus on winnable states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, or Georgia.

Opinion | How Susan Collins can repair the damage she has wrought-
She broke it. Now she must fix it.

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Every GOP troll or smug score settler who is trying to use this moment to sow division among 2022 Democrats wants a piece of the next fiasco.

Unite and vote blue in 22. Don't get hung up on coulda, woulda, shoulda.

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If the Republican SCOTUS justices are originalists, the Heller case would be ruled unconstitutional. There no phrase "individual rights" in the 2A. The Founders meant solely well-regulated militia.

The problem with "Constitutional Originalism" is that the interpretations nowadays are bastardized based upon today's political views meaning it's not original at all, just another smokescreen used to promote various agendas.

The idea for right-wingers was to construct a modern idealized conservative state and pretend that it existed when the Constitution was signed. Then use that pretend world to justify whatever conservatives want.

The Supreme Court’s Faux ‘Originalism’-

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Thanks, Peg!

For anyone reading this, I also have a pinned toot about various funds across the country that both provide help and need it.

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She can say she misspoke, but the audience applauded anyway.

"Victory for white life" sounds about right coming from the people afraid that Muslims, Jews, Black people, brown people, and immigrants are going to "replace" them. Force people to have babies they don't want! That worked out so well before 1973.


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Want to know why things are how they are? Take a look at gerrymandering.

Elitist SCOTUS judges like Kavanaugh can make all the patronizing statements about democracy they want. The right wingers on the SCOTUS have already made it more difficult for the voice of the voters to be heard.

That's how this is going on in a country where most people want gun control and abortion rights are are getting neither.

If every voter who truly cares enough to save abortion as a right really shows up to remedy it, we can install Democratic majorities in each state legislature and governor’s office. Barbaric restrictions to abortion only last as long as they’re protected. But it's going to take awhile, at least as long as it look to get this way.

Supreme Court Throws Abortion to an Unlevel State Playing Field-
The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade shifted the abortion fight to state legislatures, where gerrymandering has given Republicans an advantage.

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Just because they are planning on eating you last doesn't mean they aren't planning on eating you too.

Roe is the beginning, not the end. Nobody is safe from what's coming, not even the MAGA-hats.

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We had an energizing demonstration yesterday in downtown for abortion rights.

Sharing some pictures.

Please attend these if you can in your area.

We discussed ways to support women and people in groups being attacked by this current wave of repression and how to support those seeking an abortion.

We discussed candidates and ways to get out the vote and talk to voters. Some of that we already do, but meeting up and motivating one another and showing our numbers built strength.

I'm not giving up and neither should you. Get involved. Support the people who need it. Vote. Help get out the vote.

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@TonyStark I have to admit I'm scared but I'm not giving up, either. I fear for where this country is headed.

But I agree we can't give up.

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I don't live in Pennsylvania but close enough to know how important November's elections are to the entire country.

I'm pitching in to help Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis get elected. I hope others will, too.
Support Josh Shapiro for Governor! We need your help to keep Pennsylvania in Democratic hands.
Austin Davis for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania

Support Austin Davis for Lt. Governor! We need your help to keep Pennsylvania blue.


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Everyone should donate to Planned Parenthood's Action Fund if you have the disposable income.


The fight isn't over. Progress will prevail again.

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This is the only goddamn bible that's allowed in our house. It also happens to be the only one that has any truth in it.

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Also, not one of them had yet explained how it’s anyone else’s business who we have sex with or marry. Against other people’s morals so the state should regulate it? Fuck off with that.


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