To state the obvious — today's Republicans are not interested in good news stats, nor actual news, nor contributing to the betterment of the populace. They're interested only in their own self-promotion and imposing themselves, and their propagandized framework, on others.

As job growth soars, Republican leaders pretend not to notice-

I don't know if you know this, Mr. Bump, but the GOP tried to overthrow the government legitimately elected.
They're everyone's enemies.

Analysis | Democrats have joined Republicans in calling their opponents ‘enemies’:

The burden of a firearm is forever needing to know where it is and who has access to it. Problem solved. Plus, this brother needn’t worry his weapon passes to next generations, into the hands of someone less responsible or without the training needed to handle it safely. Smart and a good example for everyone.

Dad surrenders AR-15 to police after Texas school shooting: 'I want a safer future':

The same states that will outlaw abortion, also passed some very restrictive voting laws. Then you have totally gerrymandered districts. In some states, the GOP gets far fewer votes but most of the seats in the local legislature. This is minority rule in action.

The option to go to another state is not available to many women and they know it. So Republicans will now go after their personal mail. These laws only affect middle and lower income women. Wealthier women always had the option to get an abortion out of state or abroad and locally by presenting a well-padded envelope. These laws are designed to keep women down and force one's morality to others.

Next battle over access to abortion will focus on pills-

Projection is truly the disorder of Republicans.

As NC investigates election fraud allegation, state removes Mark Meadows from voter rolls-
North Carolina's SBI is investigating allegations the former Trump chief of staff committed election fraud.

Russians are leaving and their country isn't the one being bombed. That tells us quite a bit about how it's going.

‘They’re Willing to Risk Ruining Their Lives.’ Putin’s War Is Driving Russians Out:

Lean in, Democrats. Remember what happened when Democrats ran away from President Obama and the Affordable Care Act? Run on the positives, keep hammering away at what has been achieved, and emphasize how much better people are doing. Can you imagine where we'd be if Trump were still President?! I can, and you can help voters do that, too.

Biden has been doing great things. You can get your message through, educate voters, and emphasize the difference between democracy and autocracy.

Putin knows how to run a false flag.

This is a very clever strategy: rather than waiting for Putin's provocations to happen, the Biden administration publicizes them as soon (it seems) as they know about them. In so doing, the Biden administration also demonstrates their tradecraft, and that nothing Putin does remains secret. The strategy, it seems, is to prevent war by shining a very bright light on Putin's moves.

US says new intel shows Russia plotting false flag attack:

This story should run next to the one of the Kansas Republican Senate majority leader who led police on a high speed chase as he was drunk driving the wrong way down an interstate freeway, refused to turn off the engine of his car when asked to do so, insulted the police and was non-compliant and yet police holstered their guns, reached in and turned off the car for him and then took him into custody without spraying, hitting or threatening him with execution.

White privilege, anybody? 

'We are done dying': NAACP, others express outrage at pepper-spraying of Black and Latino Army officer during traffic stop-

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