Not to worry. I'm sure GOP leadership and right wing media will demand he gets protection like they did for SCOTUS judges who got visitors with signs and colored chalk.

Far-Right Extremists Are Violently Threatening the Trump Search-Warrant Judge:

Waiting for Republicans to scream in Congress about how judges need extra protection from....oh wait. How embarrassing.

I'm not thanking Joe Biden since high gas prices weren't his fault to start with, but since Republicans blamed him, they really should thank him for the fall.

Average US gas price falls below $4 per gallon-

DOJ investigations aren't run by popularity contest.

Yes, the right and the far-right are screeching on the internet and in the media. That was to be expected. Funny thing about the right and the far-right: they are the law-and-order crowd, but only until the law-and-order knocks on their door. Then they want to defund it.

It's all part of the same goal. On the GOP’S part, the more faith and trust in institutions is shaken, and by extension, U.S. democracy and government, which is their aim and objective, the better for them. They see it as justification for power grabs.

This needs to repeatedly be called out by the media as such and efforts to combat this must be consistently put front and center. Trumpers are too weak and corrupt to do it, so it's up to the rest of us.

Opinion | Merrick Garland is no cowboy-

@SteveRogers Good luck getting a Republican to thank him for anything, even something that is to his credit.

@TonyStark Is Council Bluffs the town where the rally was held, or a description of what the TFG people are doing?

GOP reaction was normalized on last night's ’s NBC News and I'm sure many others. They just reported Republicans’ bad faith reactions straight and said nothing about the undercurrent of violence, threat, and stochastic terrorism.

Media’s ginning this up.

Spending more time on reaction to the raid, than what the raid itself means.

Only negative Trumpers' reactions get covered, yet millions more are thrilled.

Posing questions like “is this bad for country?”

Describing declassification wrong. Can’t immediately happen. Starts a process.

Even this WaPo story has a picture of them when the article is about not amplifying them. I'm sure Jennifer Rubin didn't pick that picture, so I'll replace it with another.

Opinion | The media shouldn’t amplify the GOP’s crazed anti-FBI rhetoric:

Is pretty funny that it is true that Trump told everyone he got raided. Otherwise, it wouldn't be out there. Some genius

Anyways, let it fly.

Justice Dept. seeks to unseal search warrant of Trump home:

The cognitive dissonance needed to keep supporting Trump in the face of undeniable evidence of his crimes will cause his people to lose their shit in a myriad of fucked up ways and we can expect the next few months to be an epic shitshow of Trumpist temper tantrums.

Doesn't help that the right and their shitty platforms won't moderate against it and that Trump and even Senators like Marco Rubio are out there winding it up.

Man who fired nail gun at FBI building called for violence in days after Mar-a-Lago search-

Republican talking heads& politicians are pouring gasoline on the fire and investing in marshmallows.
I'm more concerned than ever about this weekend when the Big Lie Tour comes to town.

@TonyStark Include some Colorado GOP on the instigator list. How much more blatant signal, among the many on Boebert’s TL, can you send? Tragic end and an American life wasted supporting an organized criminal.

This doesn't only relegate women to 2nd class citizenship; it's like a boot on the throat holding down women. Note some of the defeated amendments:

--implicit bias training for doctors and others who provide medical services

--a non-binding referendum on the ballot to ask Indiana residents what they want

--over the counter access birth control pills and patches

--pregnancy accommodations in the workplace

--access to pregnancy termination for all women for a limited time

--moving the question to the regular session where it could be more appropriately handled

The Republicans have the Indiana state legislature so gerrymandered that in 31 districts out of 100, nobody even runs against the current Republican.

Voters in Indiana need to unite, R, D, and I, against this extreme invasion of privacy and make these people face some electoral consequences.

A Republican Lawmaker Said “Not Her Body, Not Her Choice” Before Indiana Passed A Near-Total Abortion Ban-

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