@TonyStark If you care at all about your fellow humans, please show up whenever you can. We’re all counting on one another.

The 87,000 hires for the IRS is over a 10 year period covering many that will be retiring. They have been underfunded and asking for help for quite awhile. But don’t let those facts get in the way. Never did before with Kevin McCarthy.


The Republican answer to these questions has been pretty well demonstrated time and time again as “yes, I would let my wife, my daughter, or my sister suffer or even die before acknowledging that people have personal rights and in some case just pay for my mistress’s abortion anyway“ and “yes, I would ignore the dire health needs of military veterans and just use them as political pawns.”

Good for Rep. Slotkin for calling them out, though. She’s a great representative for her district.

Opinion | Thank you, Elissa Slotkin, for calling out the GOP's misogyny-

Most people will never hear about this bill because TV “news” continues to not report on a lot of actually impactful occurrences. However, it’s important.

Opinion | The House's victory against Big Tech was minor. It’s still a victory-

This is what many media organizations fail to understand or do and just drown themselves in both-sidesism.

The parties haven't each become more polarized. The GOP has gone so far right that they are now anti-democratic. The gap between the two parties is huge, but that's only because the GOP has become so extreme.

Opinion | Forget ‘polarization.’ The problem is right-wing extremism-

Quick PSA for those who may have ordered free test kits from the US govt.

Now would be a good time to double-check the expiration date on your tests. Most have only a 6-month shelf life.
You don't want to be caught off-guard when you need to take one!
💜​Stay safe, say healthy, and don't forget to get your booster!💉​​

Democratic policies improve the economy for Americans. Really. Pass it on.

Yes, Americans Are Better Off Under Biden |
Households have seen a stunning rise in employment and income, even considering inflation.

@AgentCarter_SSR Thank you! My first sets did expire this June and July. Working on getting third booster and flu jab this month!

I said something about this a couple of days ago and it absolutely should be being scrutinized.

GOP policies are built upon lies and fabrications, so Oz seems entirely qualified to step up to that party plate. But it does make him unfit to be a Senator.

There’s nothing about Oz that’s real, except his real ability to lie and rip people off. The rest is garbage.

As TV doctor, Mehmet Oz provided platform for questionable products and views -

I want to hear which elementary schools in PA are teaching pole dancing. Another out of touch Republican who has probably never been in a public school, where phys ed means stuff like basketball and jump rope. Did he mishear SQUARE dancing? Elementary kids do that sometimes.


This vacancy left by the death of Chief Justice Max Baer is just one more reason to elect Josh Shapiro. If we’ve learned only one thing from 2016, the Supreme Court matters. We don’t want the 5-2 PA Supreme Court becoming a 4-3 court.



Doug Mastriano must be getting policy ideas from late-night conversations with the monster that lives under his bed.

This is going to be a real set-back for all the PA students hoping to letter on their varsity pole dancing team. And then there’s the scholarship possibilities that will be eliminated. Doug is destroying high school sports.

Just kidding. Obviously, there’s no pole dancing in PA schools. Maybe he’s confused by pole vaulting in track and field. This guy seems dim.

@phillyaccent @PixxburghGirl
35 days
850 hours
51014 minutes
3060857 seconds

Not that I’m counting or anything.

@TonyStark @phillyaccent How many days now? I can’t take much more of their nutty declarations.

Hey- voter hotlines are up and running in PA. Mail-in ballots have been sent out, and voters are calling with questions about the process. In 2020, the PA hotline was the busiest in the country. Want to sign up as a volunteer Voter Assistance Hotline helper? You can do it from anywhere.

Get involved in your state elections and help help maximize voter turnout. If your state doesn't have a lot going on or you have extra time, PA is a good one to help out. :gotv: :CTA:

Voter Assistance Hotline Training · The Voter Assistance Hotline answer questions about voting and addresses issues or problems reported by voters, in real time. This training will walk you through everything you need to know to help voters on the phone:

Prefer to write some postcards to help get out the vote?

We have just three weeks left to request addresses from Activate America. While many opportunities exist in all of our priority states, Activate America has a few extra breakdowns.

Candidates are identified by important issues and they're all in hotly contested races. With Republicans nominating unhinged extremists from the top to the bottom of the ticket, these are races where our right to vote and where rights to abortion will be decided.

Your postcards could make a big difference.

Ready? Sign up for some now. :gotv: :CTA:

Postcard Sign Ups — Activate America

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