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@TonyStark I live close to the WI/MN border and folow MN politics as I grew up in there. As good as the situation is in Minnesota, the situation in Wisconsin is dire. We need everyone to vote in the Wisconsin primary for Supreme Court Justice. Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz was the first liberal to announce their candidacy in the race and is my choice. Wisconsin, don't sit this one out. The future of our Democratic voices are at stake

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@TonyStark and it has always been thus. Republicans railed against social security as socialism, Medicare as socialism, basically any advance for workers and the middle class-all of it was labeled socialism. Republicans brainwashed middle class Americans into thinking they were on their side when in reality they couldn’t give a damn about them…except as servants to support their lifestyle.

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@TonyStark Here's one. This isn't an ACA plan. There's an early paragraph that's a bit misleading. It says that 1 in 7 claims are denied and then gives the figure of ACA plan denials that aren't appealed.

We need more socialized health care, not less.

The United States government funds the development of drugs, then the drug companies turn around and make huge profits on them. If they decide your treatment is too expensive, they can deny it and try to make you pay out of pocket like they did with Christopher McNaughton. He was facing nearly a million dollars of denied claims for his ulcerative colitis and a lapse in his care could have left him with no treatment that would have worked. UnitedHealthcare kept denying his claims and decided to pay for a drug that was four times the cost of the original one his doctors wanted because it matched their arcane rules.

Medicare for All won't solve everything but it would be an improvement.


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The Republicans use culture war propaganda as a distraction.

Without health insurance, most people would be bankrupt with a single hospitalization.

But that’s what Republicans want. One party is out to help most people. The other is dead set against them.

Opinion When Republicans rant about ‘socialism,’ remember the Affordable Care Act-

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@TonyStark Of course that’s what Republicans want. Poor people will work for less money that way. Hope the Republican voters who apparently are relying on the ACA are paying attention.

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It passed over me and I heard a message-
“We’re trying to contact you about your car’s extended warranty.“

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@Tengrain LOL.

Saw this big spy ballon flying over my house so I shot it down. It did fall on my neighbor’s garage so the money I get for the software will go to rebuilding his garage.


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@TonyStark The one asterisk next to your point is how Republicans do value education for a select few in the party's aristocratic class. These type are often old money and attend elite universities to deepen their network of connections.

They also weaponize what they learn. I only bring all this up because DeSantis knows what buttons to push and where to apply pressure. And this is because -- in bad faith -- he's learned the nuances of our institutions and how to destroy them from within.

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With the turnover in Minnesota’s state legislature from Republican-controlled to Democrat-controlled in the last election comes a plan to expand voter rights and put campaign finance into the hands of the people.

Acts like this are just one of the many reasons why elections do matter and who you choose to represent you does, too.

If you live in Minnesota, tell your state representative to support and co-sponsor this bill. If you don’t, help spread the word and look for bills like this to support in your own state. If there aren’t any, find some fellow organizers.

Minnesota’s Democracy for the People Act Unpacked/Democracy Docket-

HF 3 Status in the House for the 93rd Legislature (2023 - 2024)-

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We must fight the Republican agenda. They have been trying to undermine democracy for decades.
Exerpt from The Educational Legacy of Ronald Reagan by Gary K. Clabaugh:
“ Once elected, Mr. Reagan
• called for an end to free tuition for state college and university students
• demanded 20 percent cuts in higher education funding
• repeatedly slashed funds for state campuses
• engineering the firing of Clark Kerr, the highly respected presi-
dent of the University of California
• declaring that the state “should not subsidize intellectual curiosity”
“He called protesting students “brats,” “freaks,” and “cowardly fascists.” And when it came to “restoring order” on unruly campuses he observed,“If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement!”Days later four Kent State students were shot to death during a protest rally. In the aftermath Mr. Reagan declared his remark was only a “figure of speech.” He added that anyone who was upset by it was “neurotic.”

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Anyone still claiming both parties are the same needs to be laughed off into oblivion.

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@TonyStark @Lowie

Ron DeSantis does not have the charisma of plywood. Not even Masonite. Medium density particleboard, at best. But he has all the hate and closed mindedness of Republicans today and yesterday.

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This is not ok.

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro addressed right-wing activists at Trump resort in Miami amid calls for him to be ejected from the country

Charles R. Davis Feb 3, 2023, 5:40 PM

Does this man, as a Brazilian care that the group he spoke for is led by a neo-nazi?

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Top George Santos Donors “Don’t Seem to Exist,” According to Investigation - Truthout

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* * *

If you want a response to any of these comments, see my general FAQ page:

🔹 “There are never any consequences!”

🔹“The consequences haven’t been harsh enough and that’s why Republicans keep committing crimes.”

🔹 “At least while they are in jail, they can’t commit any crimes.”

🔹 “If all lawbreakers are not brought to justice, it means rule of law in America is dead.”



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🔹 “Using just the evidence available through public reporting there is enough evidence to convict Trump.”

🔹“The process takes too long which shows that the system is hopelessly broken.”

🔹“Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.”

🔹“At least indicting Trump would provide some very solid schadenfreude.”

🔹“The entire system is corrupt. Just look at _______ (example).”

🔹“Trump has been committing crimes all of his life. Anyone else would have been in prison by now.”

🔹“Just lock him up already.”


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🔹 “Stop saying that we have a political problem. We have a law enforcement problem."

🔹"Committing crimes is always wrong and anyone who breaks the law should be punished harshly.”

🔹“You can’t go by the book when the book is burning” or
“Democrats / the DOJ is bringing a knife to a gunfight.”

🔹"Nothing else matters if Trump is not indicted."

Here's the link: terikanefield.com/frequently-a

I wrote this page because I get the same comments repeatedly and I get a bit testy.😉


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