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"The median score on the structural racism index for Republicans is 0.67, compared with 0.45 for independents and 0.27 for Democrats.”

Put differently, Republicans are much more likely to buy into the notion that white people are victims.

The poll also found that the religious group that makes up the core of today’s GOP and MAGA movement has the highest structural racism measure among the demographics it surveyed: “White evangelical Protestants have the highest median score, at 0.64, while Latter-day Saints, white Catholics, and white mainline Protestants each have a median of 0.55. By contrast, religiously unaffiliated white Americans score 0.33.”

The company you keep says a lot about you.

Opinion | Just how racist is the MAGA movement? This survey measures it.

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Give Ted Cruz any opportunity to be a colossal jerk, and he'll reflexively take it.

Ted Cruz votes against bipartisan bill to prevent another Jan. 6-

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Oz does not want to talk policy, because he would lose.

Oz also doesn't know the people of Pennsylvania and it really shows.

Dr. Oz peddled green coffee extract on TV as a “magic weight loss cure” and raspberry ketone as “the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.”

The hallmark feature of both supplements was to enlarge Dr. Oz's bank account while shrinking the bank accounts of people he took advantage of.

Dr. Oz is also a fake resident of Pennsylvania as most Pennsylvanians know.

John Fetterman is an AmeriCorps volunteer, has a Master's Degree in Public Policy, was a long-time mayor of Braddock, PA, and is the current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

Fetterman is a well qualified public servant. Dr. Oz is a fraud.

The Fetterman campaign probably should just hire Dr. Oz. His comments sure make him sound like he really wants to vote for the guy. :fetterman2:

The Fetterman Campaign Should Just Hire Dr. Oz-

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McConnell's endorsement of this important bill doesn't make him less of a coward for acquitting Donald Trump in both impeachment trials.

This isn't a done deal yet. McConnell can come out now for this Senate bill, but it will have to be reconciled with a House bill that he called a "non-starter." He can pretend to be for election reform now and then pacify the traitors that make up the Republican majority by refusing to compromise later, preventing a bill from getting to Biden's desk.

I’m sure he can read the room, though, as far as public support for stopping another January 6 goes. The best you can ever hope for from McConnell is an attitude of enlightened self-interest.

McConnell endorses bipartisan bill to prevent another Jan. 6-

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The only spending cuts Republicans support are benefit cuts. Cost savings aren’t really what they’re looking for.

Fact check: Republican attack ads against Warnock and Kelly mislead about Medicare |

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The Biden infrastructure plan is sending money to states to put more EV chargers along highways, encouraging purchase and use of electric vehicles.

See one in someone's driveway while you are out canvassing in the next six weeks? There's another talking point.

Even Texas has an EV charger deployment plan. Republican state officials pretend climate change isn't happening, but who wants to pass up federal funds and leave buyers of electric pickup trucks stranded on those long stretches of highway between cities? (I'd ask about Teslas, but Tesla builds its own charging stations since its vehicles have a proprietary charger.)


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A short-term setback for the American Taliban.

They will soon redouble their efforts at making women second class citizens whose uteruses are owned by the state.


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“When asked for a ‘subversive’ thinker he admires, [Blake Masters] responded that ‘I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this. How about, like, Theodore Kaczynski?’”

And that’s not even the worst thing he said.

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As we wonder what rights will be curtailed in Italy with the election of Giorgia Meloni as prime minister and her far-right coalition, Iranians revolt against 43 years of their repressive regime.

We have our own choices in the USA. There's not a great threat of a formal morality police, but the Fratelli d'Italia leader sounds a lot like the American right wing, lamenting replacement of Italians with immigrants and wanting to weaken ties with allies.



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Ok, here are the merits:

People who complain about the loan forgiveness have no idea what student loan debt is like these days. Many people have been making the required payments faithfully for years, and yet now owe MORE than the original amount of the loan. They cannot disburse this amount in bankruptcy court either. They are stuck with it their entire lives.

In most cases, they can’t even choose to pay down part of the principal by making extra payments; those payments go to future payments owed, not principal.

There is a lot of predatory lending out there, and the vast majority of 17-18 year olds are not sophisticated enough to see through it.

The money paid toward loans goes to the upper 1% where it sits, unspent, instead of circulating through the economy with the purchase of homes, cars, and consumer goods and services, and causes people to suffer needlessly.

Biden's student loan relief could cost $400 billion, Congressional Budget Office says-

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So $400B a year, which is a fraction of a fraction of federal spending, and some people act as if this is the end of the known universe.

It helps everyone from a societal standpoint. It’s a good thing that Biden did it.

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How about Abbott and DeSantis working to reform a very broken immigration system instead of pulling stunts like this?

Fixing an issue with common decency is beyond them, apparently. It would be great if Florida and Texas would stop electing them.

The Megastate G.O.P. Rivalry Between Abbott and DeSantis-

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"But if they’re telling you that decisions they’d make in office would make a real difference to crime in your community, you’d be a fool to believe it."

Which explains why Republicans are doing it. They think the base is a bunch of fools.

It's the exact same plan as their plan for healthcare, inflation, infrastructure, jobs, etc, etc.

Opinion | Those GOP ‘tough on crime’ ads? They’re based on a very big lie.-

Whatever caused the recent increase in crime, it wasn't police budget cuts. Because that never happened.

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Oz shopped around until he found a state where he might be able to buy a seat. He has zero interest in any issues important to voters in Pennsylvania.


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