I don't know if I'd use the word "lucky" but certainly it's better to have him around to pass Covid relief bills, Biden’s Cabinet appointments, let Dems make court appointments, and use reconciliation to pass infrastructure and other bills that will help Americans if need be.

No point in "kicking Manchin to the curb" which I've seen thrown around. No more liberal Democrat is going to win that seat.  His body is useful for holding the majority, but that's it. Keep him around, like a doorstop. 

But FFS, we MUST vote in several other Dems in states like PA, Wisc., Fla., N.C., etc. and make Manchin less powerful. And keep the House. That takes work.

Perspective | Democrats complain about Joe Manchin, but they’re lucky to have him:


@TonyStark Lucky isn't it.

The only solution is overwhelm the Republicans in the 2022 elections and elect 3 or 4 more Democratic Senators, as well as keep the House. This can only be done with massive Democratic voter turnout, so massive that no one can dispute anything.

In other words, the same plan that worked and still will.

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