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Last but not least, if you're a California resident, make a plan to vote on September 14th and get ready to vote for Gavin Newsom. Republican enthusiasm is reportedly running high and we need to exceed that enthusiasm by getting out and voting.

Check your registration, update your mailing address if needed, and register to vote if you aren't. Every single vote is going to matter. :ca: 4/4

Get ready to vote in the CA Governor Recall Election - Make sure you know where your vote by mail is being mailed - check online now.

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I can't say I feel any sympathy for someone like Lindsey Graham if he is feeling ill today, especially when he did nothing to further public health measures, but I don't feel any schadenfreude either. The pandemic is no time for it. This is not a virus we want anyone to pass to anyone else.

Gerson points out how ugly it is to feel satisfaction in others' pain. I am angry at those who prolong and further this epidemic, but not satisfied when I see people suffer. Not the people he mentions here who describe themselves as "conservative families" who decided they have to be against the vaccine because they've been told it's part of being a Republican. I blame their cynical, craven political party for that. It's those politicians who get the gold standard treatment when they get sick, and their regular voters who suffer.

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How many people who got the vaccine have said, "I wish I got Covid instead"?


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Good. The more, the better. Want to be back to normal? Get a vaccine.

Blame Republicans if you're looking for a fall guy. They're constantly threatening American health and lives. American children are at risk from their politicization of a disease. Distrust of Republicans will increase your odds of healthy survival.

New York City will require vaccines for entry to restaurants and gyms:

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"Manchin said Sunday that the filibuster “makes us work together” and that he does not support an exception for the voting bills."

Nonsense. The filibuster doesn't force anyone to do anything. Republicanism and bad-faith are synonymous. You can't work with people who consistently misrepresent your position and refuse to acknowledge reality.

The widespread restrictions on voting promulgated by Republicans wanting to cheat themselves into office are raw power grabs. Some of the provisions, like the one allowing political entities to dictate the election outcome instead of the voters, are particularly dangerous. Federal voter protection legislation must be passed. There's no way to do it without a filibuster carve-out and Manchin knows that.

Dozens of legislators from other states to join Texas lawmakers in D.C. to lobby for voting bills:

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Creating good paying jobs, having safer drinking water, overdue fixes to roads and bridges, and enhanced cyber connectivity are investments America must make now -- especially in an era of low interest loan availability. Thanks, President Biden. Crying crocodile tears about the debt is a worn out GOP ploy that they only use when there's a Democratic President. 

More investment in America is the winning policy for the 2020s. Don't know how anyone can disagree with the improvements listed in this article - all necessary and many way overdue. If you vote against it, how do you tell your constituents that you don't want these improvements for them?

Senate finishing crafting $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure proposal, setting delicate debate in motion:

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@TonyStark Trumpists are gonna be so upset that Congress succeeded in doing something for the country.

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@TonyStark Voting rights is the most common issue we have right now. Voters may counter the attempts at suppression by coming out to vote in large numbers, but the bills that seek to nullify the votes must be stopped.

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People who can be vaccinated and refuse: you are the ones ruining the economy. Your refusal to wear masks at the beginning and to do so where you need to now along with your refusal to do the one simple thing that can make a real difference here is the actual thing that's impacting jobs and businesses' abilities to return to some semblance of normal.

For those of us who embrace science, appreciate the fine minds that work to make life safer, who isolated ourselves for 15 months, gave up holiday celebrations with family, wore our masks, made do with what we had until a vaccine was made available, and then got it, thank you.

For the others screaming "freedom", denouncing Fauci and the CDC, sniggering at the medical community, and misusing the First Amendment, you are the cause for this setback.  

You own it.

With new vaccine and mask requirements, businesses scramble to respond to delta variant and shifting health guidance"

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My family and friends have ALL done our part without any of the incessant whining…masked up, distanced, and first to put up our hands to get vaccinated. We’re fully vaccinated and ready to get on with life.

I and everyone I know are so freaking tired of these idiotic morons who refuse.

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Freedom's just another word for "I don't care if I infect other people."

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This infrastructure bill will help the entire country! Thank you, President Biden!

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Forcing people to take public health measures is not the way epidemiologists want to go about it. But when the alternative is millions of deaths, better that business are requiring vaccines for employees and customers than letting infections spread.

(No one is holding you down and sticking a needle in your arm. Rather, you won't be allowed to do the things you want to do, like go to a restaurant, without presenting your vaccination card. Or work in a particular job without proof of vaccine, or possibly a test every 48 hours. Do you like that swab up your nose?)

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The unvaccinated may stay at home indefinitely. No shopping, no dining out, no entertainments at outside venues, no sporting events. Only allow accommodations for medically necessary reasons. 

We can work around the people who can't be vaccinated and protect them.

The refusers can take tests, get a 2-second shot, or stay home.

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President Biden didn't send out any tweets calling people names. He worked out a compromise. 

More people should try it.

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@TonyStark @MariaHill
People in any store I will go to have to wear masks unless they're vaccinated.

I was surprised how many young employees in Trader Joe’s were wearing masks on Friday. Knowing this, I asked the employee at the checkout if he was vaccinated.

He was taken back. I’m ok with that. I can ask about your vaccine status. He said no. I asked why not? He said he didn’t have time to get it. I pointed to the Walgreens right across the street that my whole family got vaccinated at and let him know it’s literally right across the street, you can walk in, and it's free. I told him the story of my friend who died. I told him about the young employees who worked for my clients who couldn’t go back to work because they got so sick 8 months ago and have long lasting symptoms.

2 stores near me mandated vaccines for employees this weekend. Those are the only 2 places I'm going to go. More will follow. That's how it is going to play out.

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@PixxburghGirl @TonyStark @MariaHill

That's grassroots right there! Thank you for taking considerate and friendly action. If that employee gets his vaccination you may have very well saved theirs and more lives down the line.
Good work Pixx!

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Children having food to eat is a pretty good economic marker.

Pandemic Aid Programs Spur a Record Drop in Poverty-

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It's not an audit. An audit is a defined process that adheres to standards established either by a professional practice organization or by regulation. I'm glad, at least, that New York Magazine's Intelligencer added the word "circus."

This is a privately funded political exercise initiated by the Arizona Senate without meaningful oversight. There is an expression that describes it, the first part of which is cluster. Please employ a  phrase that includes the words partisan and cluster, but excludes audit.

The real story:

Trump’s political PAC raised about $75 million in the first half of this year, using his false claims that the election was stolen to motivate donors, but has given no money to finance the Arizona ballot review.

Trump uses his lie to make money from it. It's both a scam to cast doubt on future elections and a grift.

Why the Arizona Election-Audit Circus Just Won’t End:

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