States should work to make it easy for their citizens to vote in secure elections. This is how you do that.

New Jersey, a state controlled by Democrats, will offer more than a week of early in-person voting for the first time before November’s election.

New Jersey Will Expand Voting Rights, as Some States Limit Them:

There's a way you can prevent this. Get your vaccination when you can and follow covid guidelines.

There's no reason for the rise in cases except irresponsibility.

New Jersey likely to pause reopening plans as Covid cases rise, governor says:

I'm pleased to see both of my state Senators behind this humanitarian effort, which now has a chance with a decent administration.

Menendez to renew push for protecting Venezuelans from deportation-

A new bill would allow those fleeing the humanitarian crisis brought on by the Maduro government to live and work legally in the U.S. through TPS.

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