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The Pennsylvania Republican state committee needs to be censured.

PA GOP expected to consider censure of Sen. Pat Toomey over vote to convict Trump:

It takes so long but we can't stop trying.

Kentucky Senate GOP leader files no-knock warrant bill -

Texas leadership is passing on winterizing their systems just after it's been proven once again that they need to.

But that's the Texas GOP. Just look at all the regulatory changes and effort they put in after the West Fertilizer Co explosion killed 15 and injured 160+. I'll save you the research: there wasn't any.

Texas Is Awash in Natural Gas. It Didn’t Help in the Storm; State, industry officials show little appetite to harden natural-gas systems after a winter freeze left millions without power and heat-

The Congress needs to review and renew the Voting Rights Act and also pass HR1/S1, bills created by Democrats to protect and expand the vote.

Progressive media could do more to publicize the specific contents of these bills and how they would combat specific types of voter suppression. And the progressive media needs to keep up the great work exposing the anti-democracy bills the Republicans in the states are trying to get through the state legislatures.

On every level, Republicans must be exposed as the allies of insurrection, trying to reverse the victory of the Biden-Harris coalition, and attempting to accomplish with voter suppression laws what the Former Guy and his insurrectionists could not get done on January 6.

U.S. Supreme Court set to weigh Republican-backed voting restrictions-

This is what a President does. 

Once again, I am glad that the better amongst us prevailed and Biden won. And once again, I wonder how much better off America (and the world) would be if Trump had never been elected in the first place.

Biden to order sweeping review of U.S. supply chain weak spots-
President Biden on Wednesday will formally order a 100-day government review of potential vulnerabilities in U.S. supply chains for critical items, including computer chips, medical gear, electric-vehicle batteries and specialized minerals.

And he hasn't even had big delicious pieces of chocolate cake with Xi yet.

It's refreshing to see a President who actually does the work of leading and running the nation, as opposed to the former clown who preferred watching cable news for a minimum of 12 hours a day in between ridiculous tweet storms.

I would love to ask Rob Portman what he has done to be bipartisan in the last 4 years during the Trump presidency.  Is hypocrite the word I'm searching for?

Partisanship was the name of the Trump game. Sorry GOP, the people will not fall for your BS again. Was the tax cut legislation bipartisan? Were the piles of ignored bills on McConnell's desk a result of bipartisanship? Was the Capitol attack by Trump thugs bipartisan? 

Or the confirmation of any of their Supreme Court of which came from an intentional stonewalling of Merrick Garland?

Opinion | Biden promised bipartisanship. That rhetoric hasn’t been matched by action:

@BruceBanner It's easy to improve on nothing but I also know Biden will do better than that. Not afraid of Putin is a good presidential quality, to say the least.

Did anyone catch Deb Haaland's confirmation hearing for Secretary of the Interior? Here's a link and there are many recaps available.

Deb Haaland should be our next Secretary of the Interior. After four years of pro-polluter policies, Deb Haaland will bring experience as a fighter to protect land and public resources as she ensures the voices of tribes & local communities are heard in conversations about . The Senate must act quickly to approve her nomination.

Call your own Senators. 202-224-3121 ☎️

Well, I was hoping people were smart enough to understand this situation, but I can see some aren't, so.

If you question Biden's compassion, you are absurd. This article makes it sound like this facility was the source of our protests back then. It was the cages and the deliberate separation of children from their parents that we protested. Facilities for migrant teens without parents are necessary unless people want to put them outside.

Cruelty was the point of tRump’s policy. Joe isn’t trying to be cruel, he’s facing a challenge of dealing with this during a pandemic.

There is a greater influx of unaccompanied minors, in part because Biden is accepting them, rather than turning them away, or having them held in border jails, behind actual bars, in facilities designed to imprison adults.

First migrant facility for children opens under Biden-
Dozens of migrant teens arrived Monday at a federal government facility that stayed open for only a month in 2019.

Did those eleven vote for John Ratcliffe to be DNI?
Betsy DeVos at Education?
Rick Perry as Energy Secretary?
Steve Mnuchin? Ben Carson?

There’s not a lot of credibility on this in the GOP right now. He has experience and it is meaningful.

11 GOP senators slam Biden pick for health secretary: 'No meaningful experience'

Sad and shameful,

The Neverending pattern..

But you're not patriotic if you kneel during the national anthem and you're a patriot if you stormed the capital and kill officers. So they say.

Grand jury declines to bring charges against officers in death of Daniel Prude | TheHill

Newsom is my governor and I don't want to recall him, but the people saying that reopening for any in-person learning would result in “putting families at risk of illness and death" are, as the author says, "playing dirty and dishonest. It’s increasingly clear that schools can be reopened safely — as they are in large swaths of the country."

Opening schools should be a priority and California isn't doing much along those lines.

Opinion | Gavin Newsom needs to get a grip before he faces a recall election -

More commonly known as "take the money and run."

Board leaders of Texas’ grid operator resign after outages-

The resignations are effective Wednesday.

This explains a lot 👉🏼

Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)
Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn)
Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
Steve Daines (R-Mont.)
Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.)
James Lankford (R-Okla.)
Mike Lee (R-Utah)
James Risch (R-Idaho)
Mike Rounds (R-S.D)
Roger Wicker (R-Miss)

Not a very noble group 🙄

Yes there was a breakdown in intelligence, and no, the Capitol police were in no way ready for a deadly insurrection by a traitor President's cult, but let's place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the number one person responsible for what happened on January 6th: Trump.

We can also blame the worthless GQP, for their refusal for years to take far right extremist domestic terrorism seriously and for raising hell every time our intel agencies tried to raise the alarm about it because those people are their base.

Trump also hollowed out every agency in our government and drove the morale in them down to zero so, as I said, every bit of this goes to the Former Guy and his enabling party.

Former Capitol security officials blame intelligence lapses for deadly Jan. 6 riot:


All anyone had to do was pay attention to the news and Trump's months-long call to arms.

@TonyStark What did that stupid rep from North Carolina toot, @CharlotteSometimes? Cry more, PA Republicans.

Of course, our horrible PA Republicans are looking for new ways to keep us from voting.

Reminder for Louisiana voters:

If you live in Louisiana's 2nd Congressional district or Louisiana's 5th Congressional district you have a Special Election coming on March 20, 2021 for a U.S. House Representative. There is a vacant seat in each of these districts.

The deadline to register to vote in these elections is February 27, online only. Register and make a plan to vote. Who represents you is important. Online Voter Registration:

If one candidate breaks 50 percent, they win the seat according to Louisiana's rules. If not, the top two advance to an April 24 runoff. :registertovote: :vote: :la:

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