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This Throwback Thursday I’m recalling a year ago, when the Rachel Maddow Show introduced the world to Irish fishermen defending their livelihoods (and waters) from Russian war games.

How it started:

“I’m a free citizen of Ireland. He has no authority over me—and I take his threat as an insult! “


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@TonyStark I wish the media and the pundits would acknowledge that McCarthy is Trump's pawn and is doing what he is told. Trump's "payback tour" is on full display and the punishments McCarthy is handing out are 100% at Trump's command. McCarthy is Trump's proxy and that's the real story.

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K-Mac is running an ersatz vengeance campaign for TFG.

"The insurrection is coming from inside the House!"

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@TonyStark Just remember there are no moderate republicans. They went all in. Every. Single. One.

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@TonyStark I appreciate your voice & perspective so much. It’s so hard to watch these traitors mess with our system & continue to work in our government. I realize they were “voted” in but the GQP is more of a cult than a political party these days. I’ll be phone banking this year.

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@MorriganResists Thanks. I appreciate yours very much, too.

“Voted” definitely does belong in quotes. When you draw your own seat wins in states like Tennessee and Florida, the voters didn’t really get to pick.

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This nation has suffered - and will continue to suffer - the catastrophic effects of GOP electoral subterfuge and court stacking for many more decades thanks to GOP Supreme Court hijacking that allowed Dubya, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts to undo democracy and implement the USA's current kakistocracy and led to Trump of all people appointing loads of judges.

Add in the GOP’s cultural civil war that divides people who should be on the same side and our judicial system has been reduced to a law firm for the donor class that owns and operates the Republican Party.

The Supreme Court isn’t the only one that matters. Maybe some people have the luxury of thinking none of this affects them. Those people would be incorrect.

Trump’s worst judge is now a dangerous threat to press freedom, in Children’s Health Defense v. Washington Post-

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Uh oh! Don't let your resolution to register to vote be a casualty this year! Go here to request your 2023 overseas ballot so that you can vote in any and all elections this year:

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McCarthy weakens America by purging the Intelligence Committee of the institutional knowledge gained by Schiff and Swalwell. Their institutional knowledge is not easily or quickly replaced.

It is well established that institutional knowledge -- the collective understanding and ability of an organization's workforce -- is a strength to an organization. When experienced members of an organization leave, the loss of their history and knowledge can weaken the organization's ability to conduct its business. McCarthy's petty games harm America.

Undermining American institutions, however, is the Republicans' goal and among others, Putin’s.

McCarthy struggles to justify punishments for key House Democrats-

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@TonyStark Swalwell, Schiff, and Omar all stand for accountability. So Republicans will do anything to stop that.

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It's the same game the GOP always plays. National debt doesn't matter to them when there’s a Republican president and the debt ceiling limit is passed, no problem.

When there is a Democratic president, they claim national debt is out of control, social programs have to be slashed to the bone, and the debt ceiling limit must not be raised until there are no programs left that are required for a functioning society. Media needs to call this nonsense out in clear and concise language instead of parroting GOP talking points.

I'm still waiting for the Republican healthcare plan, first promised in 2010. I won't hold my breath for a serious fiscal plan.

Biden to blast House GOP over economic agenda amid debt ceiling feud-

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Just do your job, Republicans. At the very least, your job is to keep our government and economy from coming to a grinding halt, and you're already falling. 3 weeks in. What incompetent losers.

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Kev doesn't want intelligent people who support democracy and the Constitution working on the Intelligence Committee....

s/ Wonder why?🤔

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Today’s topic? Racism in School.

It’s a little known fact that Dr Fate is also a parent; one’s a fifth grader.

We spend time together every morning before school on the couch in the dim light of morning as my wife, Inza, and I sip our coffee. It’s a great time to chat, have a few laughs and gradually prepare for the day.

She’s only 10, but she’s very progressive for her age, and very sensitive. She was concerned about some comments by a teacher that made one of her friends feel bad. I don’t think we solved any world problems, but at least we were there.

I thought about the Right-Wing Craziness over Critical Race Theory. And then remembered that her school has an adult study group for parents to connect and learn more about racism.

So what’s my point?

If a 10 year old can see it, it’s there.

I’m well aware that I can’t change anyone else, but I can change my own actions. I’m going to find out more about these parent meetings.

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This will take a few minutes to read, but really explains the problem with this plan that Kevin McCarthy had to agree to put up for a vote in order to get into his position.

VAT is normal in other western democracies but in those other countries, there are also high income tax rates for wealthier individuals. In those countries, regressive VAT taxes are paired with with progressive income taxes. The GOP suggestion is to replace our not-progressive-enough income tax with a very regressive sales tax. Definitely a boon for the very wealthy and a burden for everyone else.

Those other countries also provide their citizens with free national healthcare, family leave, free childcare and more. Americans go bankrupt and die young while every other nation continues to see their citizens make economic gains and live longer.

The FairTax Act, GOP plan for 30 percent national sales tax, explained-

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"This may shock you, but Mike Gravel did not really know what he was talking about."

The article is worth the time for so many reasons but that's on the list.

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Lots of Republicans constantly claim there’s “nothing” anyone can do about gun violence. They are lying.

Here’s a list of what factually could be done and work. Every option here is a perfectly legitimate example of something that’s well-regulated.

To make progress on gun safety, we have to vote out Republicans.
To make progress on climate, we have to vote out Republicans.
To make progress on or even maintain a educational system now, we have to vote out Republicans.
To make progress on reproductive rights or even maintain a basic level of them apparently, we have to vote out Republicans.

Are we seeing a pattern yet?

Opinion 6 solutions to gun violence that could work-

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May I suggest that U.S. intelligence agencies hire my ex-high school librarian to catalog all classified material?

She would hunt them down if they weren't returned on time.

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@MJ @TonyStark
Bloody brilliant, MJ! Wong would cross the Multiverse to track down a missing book or document!

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