@chewbacca Colorado Governor Polis (D) has issued a order to not cooperate with investigations or extraditions from other states who have criminalized abortion rights. He’s up for re-election and I’m voting for him!

In Australia, schools have more than one door. They also have folks struggling with mental health issues. They also have societal problems. They work on all of these things. We should work on all of these things.

But as far as shooting deaths go, it's one thing. It’s the guns.

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted:
In the wake of the killing in Uvalde, here’s what America can learn from Australia’s response to tragedy.

Flying from Winnipeg home to Calgary. Did you know at any given time there are 2 million passengers in the air?

Currently, there are 23 states with GOP trifectas and two states in which the Republican state legislature can override the Democratic governor’s veto. If left unchecked, Republicans will continue to introduce legislation to limit fundamental rights across the board.

Electing more Democratic governors and breaking up GOP power in state legislatures is critical this year, and in elections to come.

To defeat the GOP and their far-right agenda, we’ve got to continue to knock on doors, make calls, write letters, donate, and help turn out millions of voters in November to deliver a resounding Democratic victory.

Remember: right now, abortion is still legal in the United States. Let’s continue the work to safeguard abortion access by electing Democrats who will outright reject Republicans’ continued attacks on civil liberties.

An effective way to do this is targeting races to keep and flip Democratic. That's what Swing Left does. Join them.


Pennsylvannia is one Democratic governor away from being Texas or Florida. The Republicans are coming for us, the Commonwealth would be a wealthy prize. They would dismantle abortion in the state, limit voting rights and undermine our environmental protections.

Many people don't understand it and see this as an off-year election. We've got to register people and get them out to vote. We've got to vote for our lives, vote for our future.

In addition to electing Josh Shapiro as governor, another way to make sure Pennsylvania does not go down the Dark Path is to flip enough seats in the General Assembly so that Republicans no longer control one or both houses. There are two such House seats based in Allegheny County where a Democrat has a chance to win. I know we have a nice community of Allegheny County people here.

The 30th, where Arvind Venkat is running against one of two Republicans:


And the 33rd, where one of two Democrats are vying for the nomination to run against a Republican. In my opinion (and the opinion of many others), Mandy Steele has the best chance to win that seat in November:


It's short notice, but Mandy Steele is holding a fundraiser this Thursday in Tarentum, if anyone is interested.


If you live in the US, make sure you and everyone you know is registered for the midterms. Make sure they vote. Organize help for anyone who needs it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Let’s all do a little more and expect a little less and all will be awesome!

We must vote as if our lives depend on it. Vote Blue!
Exclusive: Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows politi.co/3kBd26K via @Politico


Let's get Greta Thunberg to join the #Fediverse.

Here is what you can do:
* boost this post
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Hello everyone! I am here from Twitter. Please follow me and I will follow you back!

Something I highly recommend:

Volunteer for your county Democratic party!

Beyond volunteering, you can become a voting member. In most places this means becoming a PCP (Precinct Committee Person).

I'm a communications committee volunteer. We keep the web site up to date, and do social media posts.

The party blog page:


The chyron on Lawrence O'Donnell while he was showing the clip of the speech was "TRUMP GETS DISTRACTED SEEING HIMSELF IN VIDEO MONITOR" I laughed so hard. The people who work on that show are brilliant.

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