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It is really difficult not to hate Joe Manchin.

So difficult, in fact, that I'm not even trying.

Given that oil and gas industry lobbyists brag about having Manchin on speed dial, it's pretty obvious who's giving him orders. He doesn't even bother to try and pretend this will help West Virginians.

We need to elect a few more actual Democrats to the Senate in 2022 to make him (and his equally bad counterpart from AZ) irrelevant.  

Manchin rejects offshore drilling ban amid broader standoff over Biden agenda:

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Climate change isn't some far-off concept.

Postcards From a World on Fire:

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Those are reasonable questions to me. Some people just won't believe you no matter what. I've talked with people who believe that a space travel is fake, the Earth is really flat, etc. No matter what you say, they're not listening. Walking away over continuing to engage is reasonable behavior.

Otherwise, I share the following. Sometimes, people have been duped by misinformation. The media as a whole doesn't do a great job of getting the right info out, plus we have things like Fox to contend with.

Anyway, facts help sometimes. The things people saying to you are a bit off.

"Unvaccinated people remain the greatest concern: The greatest risk of transmission is among unvaccinated people who are much more likely to get infected, and therefore transmit the virus. Fully vaccinated people get COVID-19 (known as breakthrough infections) less often than unvaccinated people."

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Those who refuse to be vaccinated because they value their freedom are in fact imposing their dysfunctional will on others. 

The “freedom” to spread COVID is a tyrannical imposition on those that don’t want to be infected. This is an easy call -- like many other things our society and all other societies have developed and come to accept. If you don't want to get a driver's license, it's your choice. But then you can't get behind a steering wheel and drive on a public road. If you don't want to stop smoking, go ahead and light up. But then you can't do it in a restaurant or in a plane or in a train.

Similarly, if you don't want to get the vaccine, it's fine. But then you can't be in a place where other people may breathe your exhaled air. Period.

A flood of covid patients causes ‘almost unmanageable’ strain in Michigan as cases rise nationwide; a flood of mostly unvaccinated covid-19 patients was arriving at emergency departments already packed with people:

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Everyone knows that #BlackFriday sales are pretty awful, the prices are usually the same as the rest of the year! :eyeroll:

Why not donate to a nice Fediverse project instead? :awwwblob:

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Also shoutouts to WriteFreely (a Medium alternative) and Friendica (a Facebook alternative) which don't have donation pages, but which deserve support 👏


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This seems like a massive step in the right direction. I can't believe it took this long to have a "minimum tax" on corps who make a billion or mor e per year.

Amazon only paid ~5% in taxes in the past 3 years didn't despite making 45 BILLION in profits, meaning they should be paying 21%. And in 2018 they paid literally nothing.

Senators Warren, King, and Wyden Announce Updated Proposal To Prevent The Biggest And Most Profitable Corporations From Paying Nothing In Federal Taxes:

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$35/month insulin
$2000/year cap for people on Medicare

Sure, we wanted sweeping change. But ask any diabetic or senior or disabled person who can't afford medication right now if this will make a positive difference in their lives. It will.

Yet another policy, that would be beneficial for many people I wish the US would copy.

NPR: French Food Waste Law
Changing How Grocery
Stores Approach Excess Food

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It's voting day in the US today! Vote 'em while you got 'em...

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Let's remember that all 50 GOP senators are refusing to back clean air, infrastructure repairs, clean energy, affordable health care, and other popular programs. 

Just some perspective.

I find it really interesting that CRT is such a big deal to the right. Its a college level thing... Yet they complain about it being "taught" in school to our children?

Great video explaining it here:

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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you a bit of comfort ✨

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Universal programs are the way to go. The Germans, French, Swedes, and Canadians figured this out a long time ago. We did, too, with Social Security and Medicare. Universal programs create social solidarity - which we need greatly in this country right now.

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The unemployment line will absorb them quickly. Won't even impact the line 15 minutes.

NYC police unions warned vaccine mandates would pull 10,000 officers off streets. So far, the number is 34:

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How about everyone decide what state they'd prefer to live in, regardless of geography? I bet a bunch of people in Texas would sure like to be residents of New Mexico instead, where no one is trying to suppress their vote.

Let's see, Maryland has top-notch schools and Maryland 8th graders rank significantly higher than the national average in reading (2019 numbers), while West Virginia eighth graders rank significantly lower than average. In math, Maryland 8th graders are average, while West Virginia 8th graders are again, below average. Where do you want your kids to go to school? Oh, that's right, Republicans don't need no education. It's all about the low taxes. West Virginia does have low taxes, and that's what you get for your low taxes.

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People's reproductive choices are not other people's business. Not your employer's, not the state's.

It came out this week that DC police officers were told to have abortions or lose their jobs. 10 Black women are suing the department over a culture of harassment, plus a separate suit over the coerced abortions, which took place in the 1980s and 1990s.

DC Metro Police have always treated DC residents badly. No surprise that the rot starts at the top.

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