Republican policies at work.

Hey, people - vaccine lines are shorter, cheaper, and much more effective for covid.

Because vaccines are purely a personal decision that doesn’t have any effect on anyone else. Right? Right?

Family says Alabama man was turned away from 43 packed ICUs before dying-


Its not just covid patients that need ICU beds, vaccinated people who have regular events occur (Heart attacks, large falls, ect) can need a hospital bed.

In Texas, their hospitals are (or were at some point in the not so distant past) so full they had a person who got shot wait for HOURS before getting any sort of treatment.

Up in Idaho their hospitals are so full and / or understaffed they have started crisis care where they turn you away if you have a low chance of surviving.

These Republican policies, and people who absolutely refuse to get vaccinated are not only putting themselves in harms way but also ordinary (possibly vaxxed) people

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