An authoritarian dumpster fire who wants control over everything and sells out Texans to do it.

Thank you, Gov. Wolf, for protecting our access to reproductive health services, protecting our health providers, and protecting people from other states who come here for care! :pa:

Wolf is termed out at the end of the year, which is why we need Attorney General Josh Shapiro to be our next governor. Doug Mastriano will do the opposite and make abortion illegal in the state even if the constitutional amendment Republicans are trying to put on the ballot in May 2023 fails.


U.S. History 101:
The "smoking gun tape" caught Nixon directing Haldeman to obstruct the Watergate investigation. It's revelation was damning enough to force Nixon to resign.
Today's revelation of emails and texts planning for deadly violence on January 6 is worse by magnitudes.

It's infuriating to listen to these aholes laugh as they plot to overthrow our democracy. I hope Bannon spends the rest of his life in jail.


Mitch McConnell is nothing but a chaos monster. Greg Sargent calls it "governing by arsonist threat."

Democrats are negotiating with Joe Manchin (yes, he plays Lucy with the football, but Democrats have to try in order to get priorities passed) to pass a budget reconciliation package that will extend Medicare's solvency, allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, extends ACA subsidies, and includes green energy incentives. It would be paid for by rolling back some of the 2017 tax cuts for the rich.

If Democrats do this with their 50 votes plus VP Harris breaking the tie, McConnell is threatening to kill an already-passed bipartisan package that helps the USA compete with China by strengthening the American semiconductor chip industry. It's a bipartisan bill. McConnell would kill it during the conference with the House.

McConnell will hurt Americans to try to make Schumer look bad, when the bill will pass anyway? What a stupid endgame.


Apparently, our media has done a poor job of reporting on the fascist ideologies growing in our country. The Highland Park shooter is, in all likelihood, not a lone wolf but an active member of anti-democratic hate groups and is well-known to local activists for engaging in threatening behavior. Below is one activist's account of her interactions with hate groups in the Highland Park community.

You can monitor hate groups in your state by visiting splcenter.org

Watch "Highland Park, IL 2020" on YouTube

I don't agree with doxing people, even ones as heinous as this couple. It just doesn't change anything. He even said in the article he'd do it again, but keep his mask on.
The journalist should have taken the video to local LE and pressed charges against everyone in the video. If the local police wouldn't pursue the case, then she should've taken it to the next level, all the way to the feds if necessary. Anyone convicted would've lost their jobs anyway, without the death threats. washingtonpost.com/national-se

Good news for and the Environment ...

Biden Plans to Restore Alaskan Forest Protections Stripped Under Trump

The Tongass National Forest, in southeastern Alaska, is home to more than 400 species of wildlife, including nesting bald eagles, moose and bears.

The forest also plays a key role in combating . One of the world’s largest carbon sinks, its trees and soil absorb and store millions of tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, where it would trap heat and add to global warming.

The administration says it will “repeal or replace” the rule that opened up more than half of Tongass National Forest to logging.

Biden Plans to Restore Protections to Tongass National Forest in Alaska nyti.ms/2SmqFwm

One thing I agree with Joe Manchin on and I hope he's serious. People in middle class tax brackets paying 20-40% income taxes while we let Jeff Bezos launch himself to space while there's a lack of affordable housing and infrastructure is crumbling is absurd.

Revisiting the 2017 tax scam would be a good idea and Republicans hate it.

Hey! I'm back y'all. I have to break from social media for my mental health now and again, especially when life is overwhelming.
My only baby just graduated high school and we're navigating the maze of financial aid right now. Whew! It's a lot y'all.
One thing I've thought about a lot recently is people saying let's boycott X corporation and support local businesses. But what if your local business sucks too? My local hardware store, where I've shopped for 20 years, didn't enforce a mask mandate and treated me like 💩 when I wore a mask. So now my choice is Lowes. Wut? How does that help? I mean, I gotta buy mulch from somebody. Folks who need delivery service will probably use Amazon or Instacart so it seems the logical answer is to advocate for the worker's rights for fair wages, health care, retirement and what not.
Anyway, love you guys, hope you're all fat and sassy, as my grandma used to say. 😘

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