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hey @TonyStark best regards to you and #democracy town. happy weekend.

(your Secretary of Defense comes to Germany. 💪we hope for good ideas.)

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Fantastic news, my darling! A bit of a sore arm is a small price to pay for not only your own health but for all those around you!

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Thank you, for posting this, Maria! Knowing more about the different vaccination options may help encourage some people in deciding which one would work best for their situation!

Also, congrats to your brother& fingers crossed you'll be able to get yours super soon!

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The power to protect yourself& others& lead by example?

Not as cool as a spider bite or an iron suit, but still pretty powerful!

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This is great news out of Wisconsin.

This would have flagged 69,000 voters who didn't even cast a vote in 2020. You know why the Republicans are doing this.

They know their current ideals will not score any new voters so they try to eliminate the possibility of voting altogether.

Wisconsin Supreme Court says don't purge voters from rolls:

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"Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value."  - Joe Biden (2008)  

Still rings true today. About time we had some bills that benefitted the people.

Biden Details $1.52 Trillion Spending Request-
The White House spending request includes increases in funding to address climate change, along with beefing up education, health research and the Internal Revenue Service:

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Yesterday afternoon, it was my turn and I can proudly say I am one of the vaccinated against covid.

I have a second shot in 3 weeks but I feel great about protecting my family, friends, and community.

I have no side effects expect a slightly sore arm which is normal. I had to work a little to get the appointment, but the feeling is worth it.

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@SteveRogers I'm so pleased every time one of my friends gets their vaccine.

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Highly unlikely.

So far this year, there has been more GQP insurrections than GQP useful ideas.

Opinion | To be taken seriously, Republicans need a serious bill-

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My brother is getting the J&J vaccine today and I'm relieved that I can stop worrying about him. (I'm up soon!) I don't know anyone who is concerned that it's an inferior vaccine, and he thought not having to make a second trip to the site was a bonus.

Some people may have a reason for needing one vaccine over another, due to allergies to ingredients, or approval for their age group. For most people, take whatever shot you can get.

I do appreciate that sites are letting us know what vaccine they have available though. For some people, a second trip is a hardship, or they do have one of those contraindications.

This video shows why the effectiveness of Pfizer/Moderna/J&J/AstraZeneca can't be measured against each other. The tests were conducted in different conditions.


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It's a giant game of Red Rover. Literally half the people I know went or are going out of state for their shots. You come to my state for yours, I'll go to your state for mine. It's a huge waste of gas and probably costing lives in car accidents.

I'm glad we have 20% of the population vaccinated -- better than most countries and I thank the Biden administration -- but the rollout could barely be worse if someone tried to think of how not to set up a vaccine distribution plan and did it that way. We need a national healthcare system.


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@TonyStark Just look at the red flag data. We have to do this.

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Congratulations to voters and organizers and to Jill Underly on her win on Tuesday to be the next State Superintendent of Schools. Public education in Wisconsin is now in excellent hands.

Considering that this seat was the one held by Tony Evers before he became Wisconsin's Governor, this is a great win.

Jill Underly defeats Deborah Kerr in state superintendent race-

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The unfounded charges of fraud also represent a threat to our democracy. Less deadly directly than the insurrection itself, but just as dangerous.


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@MJ "I don't know how much fraud happened in 2020..."

I'm waiting for them to get caught sending people in to commit fraud so they can point at them and say LOOK, THERE'S FRAUD!


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