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Even among journalists and in academic circles there are some who talk about tax-supported private #education tuition as a moderate policy option—despite strong evidence against it. But I think a lot of researchers would be shocked at just how fringe and discriminatory these activities are. My latest at Diane Ravitch’s page: 👇

#schoolvouchers #schoolchoice #lgbtq #electiondenial

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Here in #Michigan (and across America) the sanctity of public libraries is under attack by the far right. Neighboring Ottawa County residents voted to close one of their public libraries over LGBTQ books.

Far right conservatives are happy to take away all access to books and internet for poor people.

#lgbtq #gqp #fascism

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It’s good to see this issue is getting more attention. These private equity firms and hedge funds are destructive. They are turning themselves into multi-billionaires at everyone else’s expense. There is no practical regulation of this type of “business” but there should be.

Firms can just write off vacancies. Some don’t even need to collect rent to make a return on their investment. After owning a property for a year, the rent they collect is “long term capital gains” and can, in some instances be taxed at 0%.

The tax cuts that went into effect in 2018 helped caused this. Republicans gifted the industry with the lowest rates. So of course private equity is gobbling up housing supply and laughing all the way to the bank.

Private equity firms have become a scourge. They remove the competition and leave consumers with no choices. Just another example of why regulation is necessary.

Rising rents were a crisis for tenants. For Starwood, they were a gift-

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Thinking more people are going to engage with you on mainstream social media “because everyone’s there” is like thinking people at a stadium concert are there to listen to you. It‘s only true if you’re one of the ones on stage. Not so much when you’re huddled in the nosebleeds.

Forget the numbers. Forget about “going viral” (leave it to the psychopaths in Silicon Valley to make virus-like behaviour aspirational). Embrace the joy of interacting with one another on a human scale.


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I've been taking a twitter break - twitter hasn't felt the same. And I've been working hard on a series of hopefully useful papers. Worked through the holidays, excited. I'm still doing all I can. I always will.

And Happy New Year! We got momentum in 2022, let's keep it going!

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@TonyStark I’m very concerned about his alleged criminal history in Brazil, where he is a wanted man. Reportedly, he stole checkbooks from elderly patients, and forged signatures to purchase merchandise. Stealing from the elderly? Seriously? There is no way someone like this should be anywhere near our government.

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Democrats flipped chambers of state legislatures in Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania this year. Forward Majority's co-founder says people didn't think those flips were possible, but organizing and hard work by Democratic groups and made it possible. These majorities are fragile, and Republicans are already recruiting candidates to reclaim their majorities in the next cycle. There's never any shortage of work to be done, but if your state is safely blue, adopt a swing state to help.

You don't have to wait until 2024. Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana have elections in 2023 where Sister District will be trying to make headway. Virginia flipped both chambers Democratic in 2021, but in 2021, the state house flipped back to Republicans along with the governor's mansion. Let's help Virginia flip it blue again and keep the state senate Democratic.

It's also important to build resources for the future in other states.

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Also, Robert Zimmerman, the Democratic candidate in 2022, did say that he tried to contact the media about discrepancies in Santos' background, but no one was interested. They didn't think it was a competitive seat.

Tony and I have joked about the volume of articles we've shared about this. Here's another.


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All over the country, there are emergency responders and workers actually, actively taking care of life.

To all the emergency responders, snow plow drivers, utility workers, medical professionals, service workers, and those like the people who showed up here to take care of freezing, mistreated migrants- to all people that had to brave the elements to the benefit of others, thank you. The public owes you debt of gratitude.

On the other hand, scorn should be heaped upon Greg Abbott. Oldest trick in the authoritarian playbook: scapegoat and demonize a racial group. Give your angry supporters--for whom you feel nothing but contempt anyway, by the way--someone to feel superior to. Frees you from the need to actually do anything for them, doesn't it?

It's ugly and wrong.

Migrants from Texas dropped off outside VP Harris' home on freezing Christmas Eve-

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As a suggestion, when being trolled by users spreading misinformation and hate speech, and because these hateful posts will remain under one's post for everyone to see until they're suspended:

"This misinformation and hate speech does not rise to the level of civil discourse, and is not welcome here. Period."

When they reply to this:

"See note above. Thank you."

If they're savvy, they'll delete their posts before I have a chance to report them.

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@TonyStark The American Library Association has an Office of Intellectual Freedom, which puts out a weekly blog to keep us informed of the goings-on in media censorship and harassment of librarians and authors. There's also good news of what librarians, community members, parents, and students are doing to fight back, plus author news. Of course, the ALA overall is a great resource!

Here's today's edition:

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Hello new Mastadon users, and welcome! Believe it or not people on this site are…decent. Kind. Interesting. This will be a shock at first but you’ll get used to it. If you’re looking for a great political place to hang out may I suggest you start with @democracydocket but don’t stop there! @TonyStark is an excellent place to discuss politics with intelligent well informed folks.
Welcome. You’re gonna like it here.

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@DidiQ That’s the plan I like, a good 50-state plan. It’s definitely a long haul but I believe it’s possible.

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@3x10to8mps I’m sorry to hear that. Sometimes, just showing up at the meetings and providing a sane point of view helps. I try and encourage lots of people to attend or get the Zoom link for local school board meetings where I live. It has helped but I know what challenges you have in Florida are also very significant.

I definitely agree with you on the importance of education and reading books.

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We are witnessing the beginning of American fascism. Right wing cons want a country where mass shootings happen regularly and guns are everywhere, but books about the Holocaust, slavery, LBGTQ people, and history are considered dangerous. A country circling the drain allows this.

Whatever culture war is necessary to invent in order to distract, dupe and deceive, the right wing will find. No need to pay for infrastructure, education and a safety net when you can whip this up.

A Fast-Growing Network of Conservative Groups Is Fueling a Surge in Book Bans-

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There has never been a better time in our nation's history for a social media platform like Mastodon to emerge. One that is free from billionaires, government control, and with defenses up against hate and disinformation.

The cause for truth, justice and equality has never been more under attack than it is now; and all signs are that this will continue.

We must continue to be a voice for good, Democracy, truth, equality and freedom.

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#Introduction time: I'm Rick. I've been fascinated by #Arctic and #boreal #weather, #climate and #cultures for more than 50 years. I've worked as a weather & climate professional for 40 years in private, public & academic spheres. I've been fortunate to live most of my life in #Alaska, and most of that time on Lower Tanana Dene lands near Fairbanks. Also, I have a big interest in Alaska Indigenous languages and will support/promote at every opportunity. I'm strongly pro-kindness and anti-troll.

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It's not 'America' coming apart!

Its a schism between Americans who support a multicultural, multiracial, multilingual America that centers fair socioeconomic opportunity for all

& those that want a theocratic Christian evangelical white ethnostate that centers economic elites

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