Did those eleven vote for John Ratcliffe to be DNI?
Betsy DeVos at Education?
Rick Perry as Energy Secretary?
Steve Mnuchin? Ben Carson?

There’s not a lot of credibility on this in the GOP right now. He has experience and it is meaningful.

11 GOP senators slam Biden pick for health secretary: 'No meaningful experience'

@HopeVanDyne Rachel Maddow and other news commentators have pointed out that the nominees that Senate Republicans and Joe Manchin have a problem with are all people of color: Xavier Becerra, Deb Haaland, and Neera Tanden. Not all nominees who are POC have been given a hard time: UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield was confirmed 78-20 today, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was confirmed 93-2. However, Sen. McConnell tried to get his caucus not to vote for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Sen. Hawley did his best to hold up Mayorkas' confirmation.

@MariaHill @HopeVanDyne it seems to me that they also care about the history of actions, like Deb Haaland; she's too clean so they have no leverage on her.


@SeaMountain So now they're the Goldilocks caucus. Neera Tanden has said too many bad things. Deb Haaland hasn't said enough. Find us someone who's just right! @HopeVanDyne

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