My brother is getting the J&J vaccine today and I'm relieved that I can stop worrying about him. (I'm up soon!) I don't know anyone who is concerned that it's an inferior vaccine, and he thought not having to make a second trip to the site was a bonus.

Some people may have a reason for needing one vaccine over another, due to allergies to ingredients, or approval for their age group. For most people, take whatever shot you can get.

I do appreciate that sites are letting us know what vaccine they have available though. For some people, a second trip is a hardship, or they do have one of those contraindications.

This video shows why the effectiveness of Pfizer/Moderna/J&J/AstraZeneca can't be measured against each other. The tests were conducted in different conditions.

Thank you, for posting this, Maria! Knowing more about the different vaccination options may help encourage some people in deciding which one would work best for their situation!

Also, congrats to your brother& fingers crossed you'll be able to get yours super soon!

@Cindyjosaitis It will be soon! I'm eligible now but fortunately I live in a place where everyone wants vaccines. That's good because we'll reach herd immunity, but it means that you can't just get an appointment on the day eligibility opens up and either have to go wait in line for half a day hoping to get one (which is a risk in itself, being around all of those other unvaccinated people!) or wait a little while. I'll join the vaccinated before long though!

Everyone wants them here too. But Biden won't send more to our state. We are a Hotspot for some reason. I think cuz alot of young people went on spring break & brought it back home.

@joerebelloharley @MariaHill one of the other advantages of the j&j is ~20/40% less chance of side effects than pfizer/moderna respectively. j&j also reaches full protection 2 weeks faster than moderna.. so even if efficacy were the same, the extra 2 weeks of protection is worth something too.

@MariaHill @joerebelloharley and I must say, the Detroit mayor made a poor choice to boycott j&j. Also consider the ethical angle: Pfizer is an exremely unethical right-leaning company and ALEC member that goes against the values of the people of Detroit.

@resist1984 @joerebelloharley @MariaHill I was happy to get j&j, although technically I got Jassen. Even better imo after the screw up in the Baltimore facility.

@resist1984 A plant (a contractor) that was responsible for filling the vials (not making the vaccines) of both J&J and AstraZeneca somehow tainted some of the J&J supply by mixing up the two different vaccines. I'm not sure of all of the details of how that happened, because all I needed to know was that the vaccine was spoiled and wasn't going to the states. J&J's response was to take over the plant with its own employees and only bottle the J&J vaccine there. @LiliVonShtupp @joerebelloharley

@MariaHill Any one of the vaccines is better than the disease; all offer protection against severe disease and hospitalization. Get whichever vaccine you can, and help us all get back to a semblance of normal. Best wishes to you to get to your turn with no issues

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