The Biden administration is setting up a bank to redistribute to states where demand is greater than supply. I wish everyone in all states wanted vaccines, but since that's not the reality, better that people who want it are able to get it than vials sit on shelves in states with vaccine refusers. Doctors in those communities can continue to work on convincing their patients. The pharma companies will make more.

This is especially important because it's expected that the Pfizer vaccine will be approved for youth ages 12-15 next week. Get those vaccines to where parents will have their kids vaccinated! The more people of all ages in communities who get their shots, the closer we are to herd immunity. I look forward to the middle and high schools in my community being full of vaccinated kids. (Fortunately I live in a place where 80% of people want vaccines.)

President Biden also said once the vaccines are approved by the FDA that the FDA will be asked to approve shipping shots straight to pediatricians for those under 16: "Parents and their children can talk to their family doctor about it, and get the shot from a provider they trust."

That's a great plan.

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