Since I keep hearing Republicans tell this same lie, no, a small amount of additional unemployment isn't keeping people from taking work right now.

Employers are seeing a shortage of labor for jobs that don't pay a living wage. That's not a fault of the workers. It's exactly the free market as capitalism designed it.

The free market as envisioned by capitalists says that employees are free to choose whatever job they want and if a job doesn't pay enough, people won't take the job. Sounds like the market needs to adapt to the demands of the workers for fair pay.

Wages are historically low. Corporate profits, on the other hand, have been rising rapidly and now make up a larger share of G.D.P. than in previous decades.

Want workers? Raise wages. Provide benefits. Problem solved.

Is the U.S. suffering from a labor shortage? If so, capitalism has an answer.


@TonyStark As a country, we need to decide if we're going to pay for people's health insurance or not. None of this, some people get it through work, some people don't make enough and have to have Medicaid, some states won't even let the poorest adults have Medicaid -- oh look, coincidentally, the same states that are cutting unemployment benefits right now.

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