14 white male Republican House members voted not to have a federal holiday celebrating the end of slavery. 195 other Republican House members, all Democrats and independents, and all Senators managed to be on the right side of history this time, and as soon as President Biden signs it (maybe on June 19th?), Juneteeth will be a federal holiday.

Here they are:

Rep. Thomas Massie
Rep. Scott DesJarlais
Rep. Mo Brooks
Rep. Andy Biggs
Rep. Tom Tiffany
Rep. Doug LaMalfa
Rep. Tom McClintock
Rep. Mike Rogers
Rep. Matt Rosendale
Rep. Ronny Jackson
Rep. Ralph Norman
Rep. Andrew Clyde
Rep. Chip Roy
Rep. Paul Gosar

Included on the list we have the former guy's doctor, the guy whose own family campaigns against him, the guy actively vying to be worse than Marjorie Taylor Greene, the anti-abortion guy who tried to convince/pay for two of his mistresses to have abortions, and a bunch who refused to certify the vote (these are not mutually exclusive categories). And obviously, avowed racists.

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