I do blame the founders.

Boot isn't always right, but he has this one.

They were neither demagogues nor demigods. They were flawed men, all men. They had an idea for a modern democracy, but we must admit that other countries have improved upon it, and learn from those improvements we see in other places.

Unfortunately, one party cannot make unilateral improvements, and the party that wants a better democracy is the only one that wants democracy at all. (Hint: it's the one with the name that implies it.) In 1789, a republic meant to the founders what a democracy means to us today(only with fewer people eligible to vote). But Republicans want a country that looks more closely like the República Federativa do Brasil, where the president just creates a new legislative body to write new laws in his favor if he doesn't like the one he has, or the Russian Federation, which is not a republic at all.
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