No one of any gender has the luxury of turning out politics, no matter how tired you are, no matter what else is on your plate.

Some women -- the group that did so much to get House Democrats elected in 2018 and Biden and Senate Democrats elected in 2020 -- are just overwhelmed with extra home and childcare responsibilities from the pandemic. Not everyone is able to go to a march for abortion rights. Not everyone can knock on doors. But absolutely everyone in every place where there is an election has to vote. Republicans vote.

Another problem Tumulty mentions is that many Black women, the most loyal Democrats, feel that no matter who is in office, the results are the same. Democrats need to deliver on the promises that will help working people: child care, paid time off, and education. Who is holding these up? Just a few Senate Democrats who aren't up for election now or next year. We need more, not fewer, Democrats.

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