How about everyone decide what state they'd prefer to live in, regardless of geography? I bet a bunch of people in Texas would sure like to be residents of New Mexico instead, where no one is trying to suppress their vote.

Let's see, Maryland has top-notch schools and Maryland 8th graders rank significantly higher than the national average in reading (2019 numbers), while West Virginia eighth graders rank significantly lower than average. In math, Maryland 8th graders are average, while West Virginia 8th graders are again, below average. Where do you want your kids to go to school? Oh, that's right, Republicans don't need no education. It's all about the low taxes. West Virginia does have low taxes, and that's what you get for your low taxes.

@MariaHill Cost of living is why I couldn't live in Maryland. Just have to keep working to improve things here.

@RegnatPopulus The cost of living in much of the northeast is ridiculous. There are things like affordable housing set-asides in Maryland, but it's not nearly enough for everyone who needs it. Democratic policies are helpful, but we are going to need more of them on a federal level. States can't do it all alone.

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