I'm curious @TonyStark what people in the US are making of the two big stories in the UK.
Partygate, where government introduced Covid lockdowns then the same politicians & civil servants went on a spree of multiple alcohol fuelled parties despite gatherings being illegal.
The second, of course, being the Queen's favourite son Andrew facing trial for sexual abuse enabled by his pimp Epstein. He has been stripped of royal position & military titles, before trial starts.


John Adams, the second president of the USA, wrote in the Massachusetts constitution "a government of laws, not of men." Everyone should be subject to the same rules.

I don't really care about the royal family per se, though I've watched a wedding just to see the pageantry. I watch Olympic opening ceremonies too (but not watching Beijing). In the same vein of everyone being subject to the same laws, Andrew needs to stand trial. I don't really care about his Order of the Whatever. I can't decide if it's more offensive that women can't inherit peerages or that you have them at all, but you know, if your compatriots believe some people are more worthy to sit in your upper legislative body than others because of their birth, it would be ethnocentric of me to say otherwise. It's not like it's easy to run for US Senate if you're not from a rich family either, but you don't have to come from aristocratic blood.


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