Recently @SteveRogers told me he had seen some entertainment that he described as a "fever dream."

It seems the script for the fever dream has been on a DoD website all along, and it's Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano's master's thesis. He feared the civilian left is going to take a Hitler-like command of the military. I'm not reading 65 pages of what is certainly some unhinged stuff, though I suppose we all should in order to know what kind of people want to take their state's choice of electors away from them. Other undemocratic actions Mastriano has in mind: making everyone in the state re-register in order to vote and decertifying voting machines in counties he thinks are "fraudulent." I wonder which counties he will decide that about.

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Talk about timing. Joy Reid is talking about that right now. He's frighteningly unhinged, yet not a minority amongst hardcore conservative Republicans.

@MariaHill @SteveRogers it says something about the Air Force that they gave him a master's degree for it

I guess we have the answer to this question now. Thanks, Air Force!

He also claims he's in the mainstream because he was able to serve in government for all these years. I don't know what argument he thinks he's making, since his thesis is about a fantastical fascist regime.


@MariaHill @SteveRogers Sounds like he thinks overthrowing the US government is mainstream :(

While I'm not into prison for drug offenses and I'd prefer community solutions for non-violent crimes, I'm not a complete prison abolitionist. I'm good with all of these people who committed sedition and insurrection on January 6th in prison. We don't do violent coups here, thanks. No non-violent ones either. He shouldn't get any ideas about just stealing the vote.

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After that recently mustered Airman went on a violent murdering spree in a Texas Black church a few years ago, I begged my congressman, Chris Stewart who's a proud Air Force veteran, to do something about the obvious problem in our military, but obviously he ignored his constituent's concern because it didn't align with his.

@MariaHill @SteveRogers I would like to hear a Pennsylvania Republican in office denounce this for what it is: dangerous, unhinged extremism. Not a single party member should back him.

What are the odds of that, I wonder?

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I just watched Ronna Romney, or whatever her last name is, interview of #FauxNews.

It was kind of cute that she associated the GOP with the Dark Side of the Force so I suppose that makes the DNC on the side of good, but related to this thread on the GOP nominee for governor of Pennsylvania they didn't bring up Mastriano's name at all when discussing primary results across the country.

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