In here:

Justice Thomas: "[W]e should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell...SCOTUS has "a duty to 'correct the error' established" in landmark cases on the rights to contraception, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage."

Just for people who think they'll stop with abortion or any other right that isn't enshrined in hyper-conservative, hate-filled Christianity.

They won't stop with gutting anyone's rights, even their own voters.

Get yourself involved.

Just because they are planning on eating you last doesn't mean they aren't planning on eating you too.

Roe is the beginning, not the end. Nobody is safe from what's coming, not even the MAGA-hats.


All these rights are about privacy. Right now, no one but your doctor is interested in whether you have an IUD, implant, get a shot or take estrogen or progesterone pils for contraception, because you have PCOS, endometriosis, bad menopause symptoms, or menstrual migraines, or just don't want to menstruate. What is Thomas proposing? That your doctor will have to keep careful records on why you need these medications to make sure that it's not baby-prevention? Or letting the state outlaw contraceptives and too bad for you if you lose an ovary or have debilitating pain that had been well-controlled until someone brought a court case arguing that you should be forced to either be celibate or carry any zygote you conceive to term.




Also, not one of them had yet explained how it’s anyone else’s business who we have sex with or marry. Against other people’s morals so the state should regulate it? Fuck off with that.


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